You spin, and spin, and spin. You think, “Someone who loves me would never put me in danger. Someone who loves me would never hurt me. So this must be safe.” You let down your guard and have fun for a brief moment, and then? Then you fall on the god damn ground because OF COURSE THAT WASN’T SAFE. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. so is up/downvoting back? I guess I’ll find out in a second

  2. This is what happens literally any time I get excited about anything.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see that video end without a speck of vomit. Also, what was that thing he was on? I’ve got to assume he wasn’t using it right because it seems incredibly dangerous, but I can’t think of another way to use it!

  4. Playground injury story –

    When I was a kid (about 4 years old?), I went to the playground with my dad. I wanted to go on the seesaw. So we go over to the seesaw, and before I was able to get on it, my dad hopped on the other end. While I was not sitting on my end, I was standing very close to it. That damn thing came up and full-force whacked me right in the face. Man, he was one sorry dad that day.

    • One time in 3rd grade I was chilling on top of the monkey bars at recess. The bell rang signaling the end of recess, and I needed to get down quickly, so instead of jumping off the side I thought, because I am a Genius, that it would be quicker to slip in between two of the bars. I hit my forehead on one of the bars so badly I literally saw stars and had a massive goose egg for a week or so.

      • In first grade me and my friends stole the kickball from another group of boys in another class who were bogarting the kickball. We took it back to the center of the monkey bars because we felt it would be the best defensive position, but unfortunately I knocked myself unconscious trying to slip in between the bars. When I woke up the ball was gone : (

    • The first time I ever even heard of my dad crying was when I was around 13 years old. He left a razor blade out while he was fixing something in my bathroom, and my brother (who was maybe not even one at the time) found it and cut his finger. They rushed him to my dad’s friend’s place (doctor) and apparently my dad was just sobbing the whole time. Brother was fine. Didn’t even lose the finger.

    • Like many children me and my brother my cousin and some friends tried to see just how fast we could spin a merry-go-round, turns out its pretty fast. My cousin decided it be a good idea to grab onto it while at full speed and he was lunched across the playground into a metal fence.
      To this day I swear that I saw sparks fly from his shoes as he tried to plant his feet while being slingshoted.

  5. I imagine this might be similar to my emotional trajectory if I ever made it to the Monsters’ Ball. Afraid I’ll never know, now.

    • Unfortunately Monsters Ball is a thing of the past, now that we are in a voteless future, adrift on a raft of not-knowing-how-much-people-like-what-we-say. However, I have noticed an uptick in the total number of comments, so maybe it was simply an experiment to see how we would adapt?

  6. Chute Tourniquet, new band name! I called it!

  7. “Totally worth iiiiiiiiiiiitttt!!!” – This Child

  8. This is pretty similar to what happened when I started fiddling around with my wine glass last night.

  9. You know what else happens when you have too much fun? Herpes.

  10. Thank you for not posting a video of a kid puking. I just assumed this would end in puking, but it didn’t and that made my Friday.

    • I too was predicting puking at the end of the video. I will take a helicopter propeller coming loose type flailing over puking any day. If only that was what happened when you drink too much…

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