Remember when Chevy Chase was under fire for using the n-word on the set of Community not too long ago? He was upset about how racist his character had gotten in the current season and is reported to have said something along the lines of, with the way his character is headed, next thing you know they’ll be asking him to call Troy or Shirley the n-word. Eeek! No! The story blew up, as Chevy was not in a good place with the show already, and obviously YOU DO NOT SAY THAT (especially when you are saying it about two specific people in your presence), but, uh, if he had just said “n-word” rather than making the intensely incorrect choice of actually saying it, he would have been mostly correct. Why the hell is Pierce so racist this season? It’s very distracting! Throughout the season it’s seemed like he has been used almost solely for racist one-liners, and even with more time spent with him in last night’s episode a large percent of what he said was still hardline racist (and sexist, which is also distracting, though is to be more expected with the character). And it doesn’t seem like the racism we’ve seen with Pierce in the past, which was based largely on his own stupidity and could be more easily played for laughs. This season he just legitimately seems like a racist piece of shit, and it legitimately seems like these other people are in the wrong for continuing to hang out with him. Why? Because the writers are mad at Chevy Chase? I understand, but man oh man! Don’t fuck up the show because of it! Relax! An actual racist is not a funny character, especially when all of the other characters seem to treat his legitimate racism with a smile and a shrug. Otherwise it was a fine episode. I binge-watched a few episodes of Community recently, and it has not been bad this season. It hasn’t been GREAT — which is not the result of any staff changes, Community hasn’t been great in a long time — but so few things are. So. “Get your damn hands off my Let’s” was very good. What else? The Mindy Project, boy oh boy. Not a good show, you guys! What were we supposed to get out of that episode? That Mindy’s friends are assholes, but it’s ok because…other people are worse assholes? That she should be with Brendan, Mark Duplass’s guest appearance character who should’ve exited 5 episodes ago? That Mindy will never stop talking about her weight and appearance, even though they are above average and talking about them and obsessing over them as if they are not does a lot of damage?! That show is very bad. David Sims over at AV Club wrote a great recap of this week’s episode, you should read it if you want to. New Girl was good and I am very glad it’s back. I’m also glad that they didn’t draw out the Nick/Jess/Nick’s Boss tension any longer. That would have been exhausting. But I guess they know what they’re doing! Bob’s Burgers, featuring our own Gabe Liedman, was great. When Linda threw up on Bob? ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE?! So great. One of the best shows. Ok what did you think?!?

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  1. I have been saying, “I’m like a baby in a damn meadow” all week, even when my scent is not the topic of conversation. Nick! The things you say do things to me!

  2. I knew the fish tank destruction was coming in that scene but I still completely laughed out loud when it happend. Are there any other shows on right now that are as good or better at physical comedy than New Girl?

    Bob’s Burgers- always the best. Always. (and H Jon Benjamin is doing a coke zero commercial for march madness and I love it)

    • I can’t even express how much I love Bob’s Burgers and what a delight it is every week. Every week the plot is surprising and silly and heartfelt. Every week the characters are hilarious and themselves and quirky and perfect. Even the side characters are great. Can I get a high five for Gretchen? Every week Linda sings something and Bob laughs and you just see how IN LOVE they are! Please someone write a damn thinkpiece about how Tina is the most realistic teenager on TV, or at least the one that comes closest to my teenage experience (although her horses are my sheep). Every Sunday night when it’s over I start thinking about how long it is until it’s on again. I can’t get enough! (This comment was, sadly, not sponsored by Fox, although they can DM me on twitter if they’d like to send me a check.)

      • For cereal. Linda and Bob’s marriage is just the best, you actually understand why they love each other and are together! Bob isn’t a dirtbag with Linda just letting it go. They fight, they dance, they are happy and sad and mad. It’s so the most imperfect perfection ever.

    • I also love New Girl and Bob’s Burgers!

  3. I agree about the Community stuff. I’ve never had much patience with Pierce, and now it’s even worse. Especially because the lesson of the episode seemed to be that Pierce isn’t so bad and Jeff should hang out with him more so they can make gay jokes together? Nope, sorry, not on board. That being said, I thought this was probably the funniest episode of the season so far, though not the best. The bit with Abed and his fake frat was funny. Annie seemed a little out of character, but the Dean was pretty great. And I really enjoyed the Shirley/Troy part! I’m glad those two finally got a storyline together.

    New Girl was great, of course. I gave up on The Mindy Project after the Christmas episode and am not regretting the decision.

    Cougar Town was very good, too! The stuff with Bobby and his new girlfriend was a little forced, but it’s nice to see something good happen to him. I was a little annoyed with the “Jules is mad because Grayson isn’t religious” thing at first because nobody on that show has ever talked about being religious before, but it ended up being a nice way to show them working through their marriage. Jules winning the dodgeball game by getting hit in the head repeatedly was pretty funny.

    • I really liked Cougartown a lot. I laughed out loud at the moon question… and I adored the montage. I think the show is doing quite well again. Plus the weird mean girl teen girl stuff was great.

  4. So Archer was absolutely hilarious last night. Between all the shit Archer gave Lana in the beginning and the comically large dog, that might have been the best episode of one of this show’s better seasons.

  5. If I would trust any show to handle the classic “peeing on a jellyfish sting” situation, it would be New Girl.

  6. Has anyone else been watching 1600 Penn? It’s good (not great) but I really enjoy the skills of the actress who plays Becca, the young pregnant daughter. I know Skip (the goofy son) is supposed to be the focus and he’s good too, but the Becca character is so great at projecting her ambivalence about her baby daddy. She can do it just with her facial expessions. So funny. I predict we’ll see her in lots of other things.

  7. Bob’s Burgers was great as always. I loved Linda faking drama to get the real middle school dance experience. Zeke had some really great lines too.

    RuPaul’s Drag Race was great again too. So happy Alaska finally won! I think she’ll definitely be in the top three because she can do glamour and a great sense of humor. Jinkx’s commercial was great (I wonder what Delusion smells like), and her storyline with Ivy Winters was so sweet! Even though Ivy was not the most interesting queen, she was so nice to Jinkx and I want them to be happy! I will also miss RuPaul saying her name. I am ready for Coco to go home. Her concept this week was so weird and I am tired of her bad attitude. Next week is a telenovela challenge which I am sure will be great!

    • Coco needs to shut it and go home. Just because it’s a different kind of drag than she does doesn’t make it any less valid. Frankly, all the pagent queens can go home. Give me funny and quirky any day of the week.

      I also thought it was adorable when Jinkx started blushing after talking to Ivy. So cute!

      • Couldn’t agree more. The queens with a sense of humor have always been my favorite. I am hoping for a top three of Alaska, Detox, and Jinkx. I would love the season to end in a tie between Jinkx and Alaska because I like them both so much. Alyssa Edwards has been unintentionally funny the past few episodes. She just seems a little clueless, and I love it when she cracks up about her weak material. Instead of an upvote, I hope you’ll accept this gif of Latrice Royale. I miss her laugh!

  8. Ugh I missed everything this week because my boyfriend is away and we have to watch together. So my dog and I got baked last night and tried to watch The Bible but it was stupid.

  9. When Schmidt exclaimed, “You peed in the ocean? Disgusting!” he sounded very much like Billy Eichner.
    I’m still watching The Mindy Project, i can’t quit Ike Barinholtz, pray 4 baby Daniel.

  10. Wait, so I never comment here but I love this site and the commenters and for once, I have a relevant point! So I have to say it. Here’s the thing. I have heard the same story that I think everyone has about Chevy using the “N” word in front of his two African American co-workers on Community. The version of the story that I heard was from Joe McHale on the Howard Stern show and it basically was that Chevy was expressing displeasure about having only racist one-liners this season. As I understood it, Chevy said something along the lines that they may as well just cut out all the bullshit and have Pierce call Shirley and Troy “niggers.” Then McHale said:

    “He was protesting his character’s racism. He didn’t like the way his character Pierce was going…. But he had also said in the past that Richard Pryor said it was OK for him to call him that. He literally used that.”

    So here’s the thing, I know that there are a lot of younger people on this site who may not be familiar with Chase’s early work. But here’s the thing, Pryor and Chase were in a very well know SNL bit which you can watch here. That’s a famous sketch and Chevy was clearly referencing it when he used the word “in character” as Pierce. And to me, that’s not racist. That’s a creative person, on a set, speaking comically and using strong language who immediately steps back from the line and tries to explain it to his fellow comedic actors all of whom SHOULD KNOW THAT SKETCH BY HEART. And what is most annoying to me is that McHale is using that to mischaracterize Chevy as some crazed racist to a younger generation. And that’s bullshit because Joe knows better and I think he’s a better person that that.

    On the other hand, I know that Chevy Chase is a terrible person an McHale has a hundred other reasons to hate him so maybe he’s entitled to get even. I don’t know. I just know that it’s not fair to hang Chase for that exchange because it really was not racist.

    • From what I’ve seen of reactions from people who have worked on the show, it’s entirely likely that Chase rejected to do anything that wasn’t racist one liners specifically so he could complain about it and then quit, because he’s a megalomaniac and was unhappy on the show because it wasn’t The Pierce Show Starring Chevy Chase, With Very Brief Appearances By Other Characters Sometimes.

    • With all due respect, I feel like Chevy’s “no, it’s totally okay for me to use the n-word, I used it once in a sketch with Richard Pryor 37 years ago!” was a pretty lame attempt at backtracking. By every account, he wasn’t making a reference to that sketch when he initially used the word — it’s not like they were talking about crazy word-association games, and he suddenly busted out with the run of words that he said to Richard Pryor. (Which, even then, would be a weird and inappropriate thing to do.) I feel like he used the word, and then — when he saw how badly everyone reacted to it — he reached back for the one and only instance in his life when he’d been given sanction to use it, as if saying the n-word once in a socially-acceptable super-specific context amounted to a lifetime pass to use the n-word whenever he felt like it.

      (Having said that, I do think there’s a half a case to be made for Chase that he was using the word to make a point about how crazy-racist his character has become — that he was saying, “the way you’re writing me, next thing you know, you’re going to have me say [the most racist thing imaginable]“, and the n-word filled the blank for “[the most racist thing imaginable]“. Which is different than him straight-out calling someone that word. But even in that context, he — as an adult human being who exists in the world — should’ve known that maybe you can make that point without associating that word with two of your coworkers.)

      • Yeah, I didn’t really see what was wrong with him using it as an example of something bad that he didn’t want to have to say, but if he really gave the argument that he’s “allowed” or whatever that makes me think he really is a weird old racist, because why would anyone even want to be allowed to call people that?

  11. I feel like shit just because I have a huge backlog of Bob’s Brugers Episodes that I have DVR-d. Anything with that many episodes to watch, no matter how good the show, just seems like a chore.

  12. How I Met Your Mother was terrible! It probably has been for 3–4 years, but it really is now. Might be an idea not to watch it but then I’d DIE not knowing who the mother is.

  13. New Girl has become my favorite show and definitely the one I most look forward to each week. Plus it’s nice to spread out the comedy and have something to look forward to on Tuesday instead of waiting for Thursday every week.

  14. I’m really sad about Community. I loved the first three seasons so much and rewatch them on DVD often, and this week’s episode didn’t even hold my attention while it was airing. Everyone sounds like a caricature of themselves. Jeff’s speeches are really forced and tacked-on, and they’re giving him more weird egotistical moments (which we previously only saw in the Bar Mitzvah episode). Britta has devolved into a one-note stereotype of how we all feel about psych majors. Get rid of Chang already! He should have been gone forever after season three. How is it that the Dean is starting to feel like the most relatable character on this show??? Troy, Abed, Annie, Shirley…it’s like the writers picked out the most recognizable traits in each character (weird, dumb, naive, mom-ness) and are now focused on branding each character, which makes it feel less and less realistic that all these people would find each other and hang out FOR YEARS.

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