How was your day today? Up-vote or down-vote based on whether it was good or bad. JK! That makes no sense and also up-voting and down-voting are unavailable right now! LOLOL. (Credit to Amanda Bynes.) Rest assured that those functions will be back shortly, probably in the next few days. I don’t know exactly when because I’m not a fortune teller or a technology wiz kid. But soon! In the meantime though, HOW WAS YOUR DAY? Are you reeling from the news that Ryan Gosling is going to be taking a break from acting? Have you heard this news? In an interview with the Associated Press Ryan said, of acting, “I’ve been doing it too much. I’ve lost perspective on what I’m doing. I think it’s good for me to take a break and reassess why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. And I think this is probably a good way to learn about that. I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does.” UHHHHHHH, IF ONLY WE COULD ALL BE SO LUCKY WITH BREAK-TAKING! Do not even talk to me about assuming the audience needs a break from one as much as one does, Mr. Gosling. But sure, take your break. That makes sense. You have been in almost all of the movies for the past four years or so and you are beautiful and have so much money and a beautiful girlfriend. Why aren’t you taking a break all the time? Helloooo. But what about us, the fans?! What will we do without you for however long your break lasts, which I’m assuming will be a nearly unnoticeable amount since you still have two finished movies that haven’t even come out yet under your belt? WHAT ABOUT US? But, so, how was your day otherwise? Already in last place in your pool because you had Pitt going to the final round because your brother goes there, and also you know nothing about anything? Oh, weird! Not me! Not me, that’s for sure!

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  1. Dammit. I almost predicted this yesterday. Right topic, wrong segment.

  2. I am doing so much better this afternoon than I was this morning. And I have tomorrow off, so things are looking pretty good. PLUS I have a pie at home, so unless I die on my commute home, it’ll end well!

    But oh man if I do die I am going to be so pissed. I am looking forward to that pie.

  3. My day was NOT SO GOOD! There is a rum I have been trying to find for 7 years, since I went to the Canary Islands. I did some research, and found out they started importing it to America some time in the last year, and it was in Michigan for a while, but now they can’t sell it here anymore! I missed my window! But they DO have it in Illinois, in the Chicago area. That’s a 3 hour drive! I already packed snacks for the trip tomorrow! Only now I find out, the store doesn’t have it in stock, they’ll have to special order it! MEGA BUMMER!

  4. Today was a-ok! It was Staff Donut Day here at work, so I had one! I’ve been trying to eat really well this year (partly because my wedding is coming up and I am sick of being overweight, and partly because many men in my family had heart attacks last year) and so I honestly think this was the first donut I’ve had in 2013, which is pretty crazy for me. Also, I got to listen to the new Library of Sands LP at lunch (which is the dude from Brightblack’s new solo stuff), and that put me in a good place for this afternoon.

    • You are not overweight (unless you are and just wear it very well)! But I do understand dieting for wedding. I have not started yet, but I have been eating a lot of Trader Joe’s chicken tikka which is only 300 calories a meal. Was it an amazing donut?

      • Thanks Steph! That’s very nice of you, but years of beer, donuts, and pizza have taken it’s toll on my belly, mostly. I’ve actually lost around 15 pounds since New Year’s, and have t-minus 2 months until the wedding, so I think the whole thing’s been successful. I can’t imagine you’ll have much dieting to do before your wedding!

        And yes, the donut was amazing. It was a Boston Creme. (See facetaco’s feelings about Boston Creme above)

  5. Kelly you should get partial credit in your pool because your brother almost went to Bucknell and I heard they are going into the final round. Right? I think that’s how pools work.

    My day was poop because of tax returns.

  6. Well, my bracket is already destroyed and it’s not even the end of the first day. I shouldn’t care, but I tried really hard this year! I read stats and everything. Also, I am organizing the pool at my office and it is the worst. Never organize things, it takes too much effort and also you have to deal with money. I don’t like that.

    In other news I am working on a very big project at work and it’s stressing me out. It’s due next week. It’s going to be a long week.

    And my office manager ordered Friday lunch for the office from a BBQ place. She somehow decided that we’re all celebrating Lent and only ordered catfish and a bunch of sides. She also failed to order mac n’ cheese. So basically she ordered all the worst things from a bbq place.

    I need a drink.

  7. My awful upstairs neighbor had been suspiciously quiet for the last two days, so I was not totally surprised to be woken up at 5AM today by what sounded like him drunkenly coming home and loudly stumbling around. So it has been a very sleepy day. I fell asleep on the train on the way to work. At one point I more or less fell asleep between dialing a client’s phone number and hearing the start of their voicemail message. I expect to fall asleep on the train on the way home. But there is a bottle of this waiting for me that will cure all of my ills.

    • It might be because he’s moved in above me. I haven’t slept through the night in weeks. Ear plugs bother my ears, and my friend suggested I take melatonin. I felt like a sad housewife taking it.

  8. My friend gave me a haircut, then we went and got beer and burritos. So pretty great so far.

  9. Today was pretty good, but this week in general has not been so great.The last few times I’ve tried to wear my contacts, my left eye has burned like I got something spicy in it. I tried putting in a brand new pair, but the same thing happened. I went to the eye doctor on Monday, and it turns out there is a problem with my cornea, so I have to put in eye drops that cost me over one hundred dollars for a tiny bottle. And there is a chance that this won’t work, which is frustrating and makes me worry.
    There are a lot of other things that have built up to a crummy week (disappointing news, insomnia, stress), but there have some bright spots too. We had a LEGO program today at work, and a kid built a man falling into a trap door and a robocop with a banana gun. I ran my kid’s book group yesterday, and it was really fun like always. And I ordered the DC Super Heroes Ultimate pop-up book, and I am so so excited about it! Best of all, I am off work tomorrow!

  10. Today I got a t-shirt that displays a cafeteria-style bottle of ketchup and one of mustard, so today is going GREAT.
    I also went to a “kirtan” last night, which was surprisingly lovely despite the fact I have 0 beliefs in basically anything. It took place after a dance class that involved a prodigious amount of booty-shaking, so maybe that added to the atmosphere of 30 somewhat sweaty and tired ladies singing Sanskrit chants together. I’d recommend it.

  11. It is so hard to be in this thread and not upvote!

    Today was pretty okay. I’m completely over my job, which means that I am commenting a lot of Videogum, sorry. And I getting increasingly over Boston and want to move closer to my family in Michigan, so I spent a lot of time these past couple of days researching jobs closer to home and then daydreaming about having one of these jobs and how I could drive to Steak N Shake with my niece and drink pop.

    But I actually really like the no voting thing! It feels like a snow day! Takes some pressure off! Who care what you type, no one’s judging these things! But I do hope it comes back soon.

    • Michigan! What part of your hand are you from? (I’m from the middle of your palm, below the heart line).

      • I just googled “palmisty” so I’m going to try to tell you using this new knowledge. I guess I’m from the Mount of Venus and I went to college on the Mount of Luna. (I’m from Pontiac and went to college in Kzoo.) My pointing at my own hand, I guess you’re from Grayling? Am I close?

        • Mt. Pleasant! My hand-map was probably distorted by the fact that I kinda squish my thumb in to look more like the state when I do it.
          I live in LA now, and sometimes I’ll end up behind someone with MI plates in traffic; I always want to wave at them and then start pointing emphatically at my hand to remind them of home.

          • Ah, I once spent a very lovely afternoon at the Soaring Eagle Casino buffet.

            My old coworkers laughed at me the first time I pointed at my palm. They’re just jealous!

          • Michigan people! I am originally from Battle Creek (by Kzoo) , but now live in Maine and go down to Boston quite frequently :)

    • Don’t leave Boston just yet! We have yet to get drunk together!

    • This is where Monster networking comes in! Any job in specific you’re looking for, or are you just generally wanting to be employed here?

    • What are you not liking about Boston? Have you ever been to Flann O’Brien’s? They have trivia every Tuesday night and the emcee and I are buds and he plays all my favorite tunes. You should come by sometime!

      • I’ve just been in Boston for a while and I’m sick of having to pay $400+ every time I want to see my family.

        I’m always on the lookout for new trivia! I’ll see if I can get a group together for this week! Yay!

        • I have black hair, I wear a wristwatch, and I’m a white male. I will be wearing a “Fur Sure” shirt from Workaholics on Tuesday at trivia in case you are having trouble finding me. The shirt will have a huge picture of Blake wearing a long fur coat. Like this:

          • I don’t know what I’ll be wearing yet because I don’t know if I’ll have done laundry, but I’ll be with artdork and probably screaming with excitement! (JK, don’t expect too much. I’m probably going to be super awkward.) THIS IS TOO MUCH!

          • Well our group is very welcoming. We’re all a bunch of nerds from the medical school. But I can’t wait to meet you and artdork! My first VG meet-up! And it ain’t in New York!

          • Sweet!!!! I am so stoked!

        • I wish I lived in Michigan so I could join the newly-formed VG trivia group!

  12. I have been gardening and now I am paying the price. The price is being sore and filled with allergies. Gardening is hard work, you guys!! My dog likes to supervise and by that I mean he throws his toy in the holes I am digging. My adorable next door neighbor has been supervising my dog, which is great because now whenever he sees or hears her, he brings out the toy that they played with on Monday so she knows that he’s ready for more lawn work. I don’t think a first grader enjoys anything more than supervising a dog.

    If stuff actually blooms, I’ll take a picture. I only planted blue and white flowers, which I think will look neat because I have lots of red and orange irises in other spots on the lawn and my house is kind of a slate green. Later, I’m going to add some sunflowers (sorry FLW) in one patch and some morning glories in another. If this works out, I’m going to try to grow tomatoes… but I’m not investing in anything more than seeds right now because I have a black thumb, which is one of the reasons why I am so excellent at weeding.

    • Oh man how I wish I could upvote you, badideajeans! I will add that growing up, I was so good at weeding that when I wasn’t helping my mom in the garden, it didn’t necessarily mean I was done weeding for the day. I would eventually find weeds to pull and soil to loosen at someone else’s house. I miss weeding. No garden in Boston!

    • Morning glories are so lovely. And they basically grow like weeds, so you’re set!

      • I just bought some morning glory and American poppy seeds. God I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer to plant these babies.

        • That’s the one thing I miss about being in the city. I had so many morning glories, azaleas, irises, etc. There was always one weekend every spring when I ruled the neighborhood.

    • Cherish the work! And the food! It’s awesome and super rewarding. Probably the thing I miss most about my old home in PDX is our garden. We don’t have room to do anything out here in HR, and I’m missing it now more than ever.

      t’s nice to not worry about how your broccoli is coming in, but I still daydream about being covered in dirt and scratches from our neighbor’s neglected blackberry vines and coming back inside with handfuls of food that I helped nurture that will in turn nurture me.

  13. I’ll tell you one thing: I was pretty weirdly busy yesterday at work which I’ll admit is the dumbest phrase, “I’m so swamped today! I can’t talk.” But you are talking! To me! Right now! Which is all I need. Bye! Because really, you can’t be so busy as to not talk. Unless you’re Stephen Hawking and you are trying to compose a line of dialogue, then I get it: you are busy TRYING to talk to me. Otherwise, hush up, Nelly!

    But so back to the busy part, I was busy and I was bummed ’cause I couldn’t hop onto VG for a minute to check the headlines (which, let’s be honest, aren’t headlines in real life, but headlines of my dreamlife). So when I got home I did and found there were only four posts! And that even though I was signed in I couldn’t upvote (or downvote — whatever, I said it) and that really took me down a peg. I guess the moral of these unnecessarily long post is that I have learned this of myself: I can actually miss a website. #sixyearsofbloggingandamovie!

  14. Going home is so weird you guys! We got to see just about all of our friends and hung out with them, got far too drunk and smoked way too much. I went to see that Oz movie with one of my bff’s, and brother, is that movie not that good! Then I went to get sushi with my other bff and she found out she got into grad school! My dad was not happy because we treated his house like a hotel and didn’t really see him all that much. Plus, his dog slept with us every night and apparently spend last night sleeping in the spare bedroom and waiting for us to come back. : ( Despite all that, I’m happy to be back home and going to work tomorrow.

  15. I’m stressed and feel rotten but CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME THE COVER OF THE NATIONAL’S NEW ALBUM IS? Ugh so good. Love that band.

    • I hate when bands release covers but not any of the actual music. I WANT EAR CANDY NOT EYE CANDY

      • But they released a track list and have been performing some of those songs, at least! They’ve been performing I Need My Girl for like a year and I can’t wait for a studio version.

        But yes. More ear candy please.

  16. I am okay…I just fought some serious traffic and some days I have very bad road rage…it’s like everything I’m even a little mad about gets focused on other drivers. So it probably actually makes me nicer to be around in general but man, some days the drive home is not great. Otherwise things are good even though it is always very busy and I haven’t gotten much time to chill out and relax but I think I’ll be able to do that this weekend.

    Also it’s weird how much of an impact upvoting or not has had on my videogum experience…so much of what everyone said today was great and I only got to recognize it a couple times (what I would call the Super Upvote – the comment!) So I hope you all know that you said great and funny things today and that I really enjoyed reading it all!

    Also I’ve got the madness…the march madness…so that’s been fun today! My team won its first game and I’m very happy for them even if it is in the NIT and not the championship.

    • I also have occasional bad road rage! Which is weird because otherwise I’m a pretty low-key person, and I worry that it’s like some sign that deep down I’m really rotten.

  17. I climbed a mountain, very refreshing.

  18. I have done shit today because gentlemansteph is out for the night and I figured I’d get stuff done later in the day. Then my friend gchatted me and asked if I wanted to get a beer and I JUMPED at it because I am a huge worthless shirker! So I’m going to go put human clothes on now.

  19. My day has been pretty good! I am growing out my pixie cut, which is kind of torturous, but I’m getting a trim after work to get at some of the mullety pieces in the back.

    • Growing out pixie cuts is the worst. I have done it way too many times. But then at some point you’ll have a random golden week where your hair looks perfect and you don’t have to do anything to it, before it turns into an awkward mullet again! Live for that week.

      • I tried to do it years ago, and failed hard. But that was during college when I didn’t have a reliable hair stylist, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time around it won’t be in a perma-awkward phase.

    • I’ve been growing mine out since September. It has just got past my ears and I can do a nub of a pony tail. Since it’s been so cold I’m still committed to this, but the second it gets warm I will probably impulsively chop it all off. No regrets!

  20. My cat Cruddy is in the cat hospital with jaundice. She’s a total sweetie and hope she’s going to be OK. Her liver condition is of course due to overeating and sedentary habits, which she had when I had this tiny place in Greenpoint, but she actually lost weight when I got a bigger apartment in Williamsburg. But it was too late. I wish I had policed her better. I will accept cute animal pics in lieu of positive thoughts.

  21. I had to take my car to the shop today just to get the battery re-charged. It’s a battery that I had replaced about six months ago. The thing is, I still think the battery is pretty good. But I got an oil change on December 5th, and I checked the mileage thing on the little sticker that they put on your window to remind about your next oil change, and it turns out I’ve driven like 50 miles since December 5th. Seriously, 50 miles in over three months. I also don’t think I’d driven in about three weeks. Part of that is because I was back in L.A. for a few weeks over the holidays, as I am every year, but still, I hadn’t realized I’d done so little driving. That’s the great thing about living in Chicago and being a five minute walk from apartment to the train, and train to office. Also, there’s like 300 bars within a mile of my apartment, which is nice.

    Of course, in the summer I’ll make about 6-7 trips to northern Michigan to play golf, which is why I still need to own a car. And yes, it is that important.

  22. Back in College, circa 2003, a friend of mine discovered this song called “Frank Lloyd Wright” on the school server. It was this dude with an acoustic guitar playing this uptempo rock song and singing drunkenly. It appears he was making up some if not all of the lyrics. Here’s a sample of some of them:

    Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect/ Check out that girl. That girl is stacked!/ She’s like the Guggenheim/Goin up baby… lookin like that/ The Guggenheim is like a salad bowl/ But baby I’d roll. I’d roll with you


    You’ve got some nice curves like the Guggenheim/ Like Fallingwater I’d enter you from behind

    By the end of the song he’s abandoned all pretense of singing about Frank Lloyd Wright and just starts singing about his penis. Needless to say we listened to this song literally dozens and dozens of times. It was credited to a guy, we’ll call “David Sherman” (not real name) The thing was, there was nobody at our school with that name. It was a mystery! Who is this guy? What is this song?

    Flash forward to two weeks ago. I was near Taliesen West and I was like “oh yeah! That song!” Unfortunately it had disappeared, evidently when I moved computers several years ago. Bummed out, I facebooked the guy who introduced me to the song, asking if he still had it. (Also, I hadn’t spoken to this guy in like 7 years) Last night he gets back to me. Not only does he have it, but he found three other songs of his, all of which are amazing, called “The Beatles” “Nazi Island” and “The Odyssey.” Not only THAT, but he tracked the guy down! It turns out he went to a different school, but had recorded them when drunk his freshman year and had uploaded them onto an inter-school server. He is now a Yiddish scholar. Also, it turns out he grew up in a neighboring town to me and went to elementary school at the school my mom taught at. I found him on facebook, and I’m debating sending him a message thanking him for the hours of enjoyment from that song, but I feel like it might be weird.

    Anyway, the internet is pretty amazing sometimes.

  23. I was doing pretty well until I realized I could no longer upvote/downvote!

    I’ve been on a health(ier) kick this week, so it’s going well. I think it started when my ex-bf that I haven’t seen in 3 years emailed me out of the blue to let me know he was both engaged and expecting (thanks for the update!) and I started freaking out about turning 30 soon. Also I finally got The Master from Netflix!

  24. I have a cold which sucks, but I got today off, so it’s not a total loss. I had planned to clean out my closet and reorganize my bookshelves, but laying around in the living room with pizza and ramen is just as good.

    I finally got Love Actually and I’m going to watch it in a little bit. I only saw maybe the last 40 minutes on tv, so it’s going to be great watching Rick Grimes be charming and not covered in greasy grimy zombie guts.

    • I’m also trying to figure out how to graduate when I hope to even though nobody told me that I needed to take 2 extra classes for my masters. Then there’s the issue of specialization which probably isn’t going to happen because the classes lately aren’t there but I’m going to try anyways.

    • Ugh, I think I’m coming down with a cold myself. However, I REFUSE to submit to it. I have a lot planned this weekend, and plan on doing all of it. My zinc regimen starts… now.

  25. I just got back from a 24 hour trip up to Vancouver. It was fun, I like that city a lot.

    • I used to live in Vancouver. Just passed through there a few weeks ago too, en route to somewhere else. Had to take the bus because my flight got cancelled. Eleven hour bus ride, from 6 pm until 5 am. Listened to Doctor Who radio programs for the first three quarters of the trip until I realized that the bus was making me hate Doctor Who, so I stopped and looked out the window at nothing until we got to the lights of Vancouver, which had me almost bouncing in my seat with excitement. But at 5 am nothing was open, obviously, and I had nowhere to go for three hours, so I wolfed down a Sausage-ish ‘n’ Eggesque McMuffin and got a cup of coffee (not McDonald’s coffee, I have standards) and then just wandered around downtown for three hours taking pictures of things while the city woke up around me. It was pretty awesome. The pictures aren’t as amazing as I thought they were in my sleep-deprived state but it was still one of the better mornings of my life.

  26. For years I have been saying my neighborhood needs an Indian restaurant, and last night one opened right around the corner from me. I am super psyched and meeting a friend there for dinner tonight. It’s going to be hard not to order everything on the menu to test it all out.

    But as psyched as I’ve been all day, I’ve also been worried. Last night I read the menu in the window and it was very expectations-lowering, as it included “Buffalo Wings — Indian style!” We got a pho place in January that is really weak and I don’t think I can handle another culinary disappointment in that strip mall.

    (I can handle it. But I’d rather not.)

  27. Ugh, you guys, I’m still at work, editing a document. I have a coworker who inserts commas seemingly, at random. Or maybe it, is not random as they often seem targeted to do the most, damage.

    A separate coworker believes that periods only go at the ends of paragraphs, inside paragraphs to separate sentences you use a comma not periods, you don’t put a period until you’re at the VERY end.

    When did commas become hard for people?

    • Oh man, I am so sorry you have to fix periods and commas. But I have a joke for you:

      “Kids’ names these days are getting really weird. Next thing you know, you’ll meet a kid name Colon. And he’ll have a half-brother named Semi-Colon.”

    • For realsies, man. For realsies. The best is when people who don’t understand grammar try to get fancy with their punctuation. Like they don’t even know where to put their commas but they feel totally confident that they understand what semicolons are for.

    • I have the biggest comma problem! It just gets very confusing where the pauses in a sentence should go. Especially since I tend to write run-ons.

      But also I am madly in love with the Oxford comma and no one can convince me it’s useless.

      • You are right to love the Oxford comma. Also, I would like to slap the teacher who told every kid in America that commas go where you pause. “Put a comma where you pause” is not a rule of English grammar.

  28. Preparing to go to Brazil saturday. Will be missing you guys next week as I let Sao Paolo swallow me up but then I’m off to Rio for a few days of relaxxxing.

  29. I’ve been waiting DAYS to comment about how I’m doing. First of all, something was wrong with my computer earlier this week, and although I could read and watch the Gary Busey piece on here, I wasn’t able to comment. IT WAS HORRIBLE. But I got over it. Today has been fine. I got this totally big sub sandwich for lunch today, and it was really hard to eat. It looked so pretty–like it should be in an ad or something–but I could barely take a bite out of the thing because the innards kept falling out. Sometimes I think places should just give you a fork and be done with it. Otherwise, a fairly quiet day at work, I exercised for the 5th day in a row, and enjoyed an entertaining episode of Project Runway tonight.

  30. Oh, and I forgot to say that I’m off work tomorrow (yay!) and am planning to be a slug all day. I hope to finish reading Gone Girl, which is turning out to be really interesting.

  31. I laid awake in bed for most of the morning. When 9:30am happened, an alarm went off. It was my alarm clock, set to some random obnoxious rock station that plays church sermons on Sundays for some reason. I leapt up and turned the alarm off. Donning outdoor clothes, I walked around the block to my car and got in. I drove the block and a half to the parking structure that is employment parking for my job, because I live really close to work and street parking becomes limited to 2 hours after 8 o’clock. Walking the block and a half back to my apartment, I unlock the door, stepped inside, and headed to the bathroom, turning my shower on because it takes a while for the hot water to start cranking. I took a shower. Then I went to work. I was five minutes early. The first two hours were like the first two hours of any ‘Monday’ back at work: sifting through 600 emails of various progress reports, file statuses, and commands from my supervisors. I worked all day, listening to podcasts and sorting through all that bullshit. Then I went home and drank my weight in gin and tonics. To be continued…

  32. Back at the article content. It wouldn’t affect much of your life if your favorite actor decided to take a break.

  33. So I’m going to talk about Wednesday, because fucking-A. I got flagged down on the street by a guy who was having a heart attack. Called it in, stayed with him until the ambulance came. Managed to be somewhat encouraging and touchy-feeling even though I am usually not good at that at all.

    The ambulance sat there for like 15 minutes while all of the EMTs worked on him, so it must have been pretty serious. Then they were gone.

    Now I am

    1) glad I was there to help
    2) mildly regretful that I could have maybe shaved a minute off the response time
    3) sad that the guy possibly fucking died :( :( :(
    4) though I guess he probably didn’t? I really have no idea. :(

  34. Wow, devil. What an experience. Do you by any chance know which hospital they took the guy to? Could you call there and find out any information? Not knowing something like that would tear me up.

  35. up to I saw the paycheck that said $5643, I have faith …that…my neighbours mother woz really bringing home money in there spare time from there labtop.. there brothers friend had bean doing this less than six months and by now repaid the dept on their place and bought a great Renault 4. go to……… BIT40. ℂom

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