For real, I would watch a show (or 24-hour “news” network) where you just saw people going about their business while five-time NBA all star Chris Webber explained what was going on, pausing the video, drawing circles around people’s stupid eyes and crazy hands. There is a world behind this one. (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. I like how he’s learned to say “Stop that!” rather than “Time out!” #sportsjoke93

    • Bo knows baseball. Bo knows football. Bo knows how to keep his ice cream away from his girlfriend. #sportsjoke89

      • Used to have a handheld Tiger electronic game that had Bo Jackson Baseball and Bo Jackson Football on the top and bottom and you’d flip it around depending on what game you wanted to play and it was maybe the greatest handheld console ever created.

  2. 10 minutes earlier.
    Dude: Honey, I’m going to get ice cream. Want any?
    Lady: No, thanks.
    Dude: You sure? I really want ice cream. Like, I’m going to order ice cream so I can eat that ice cream and not have to give half of it away because you suddenly regret not getting ice cream.
    Lady: No, I’m good.

    Now, let’s go to the tape.

  3. I scream.
    You s…leep on the couch tonight.

  4. Whoa he’s really icing her out.

  5. WHY CAN’T I UPVOTE THINGS? What kind of fascist dictatorship are you guys running here?

  6. To the uninitiated, know that Chris Webber is the best commentator in basketball. He’s a better analyst than he was a player, and he was a very good player. Unlike Charles Barkley, he actually breaks down the game with insight and clarity, yet still has the wit and expansiveness to be engaging. He actually makes me want to watch halftime shows.

    Also, points for Eddie Murphy: Delirious reference. Double points for busting out yiddish.

    • I really enjoy the whole NBA/TNT in-studio crew. It’s a mix of actual sports analysis/commentary with genuinely funny guys…I’ve seen no other sport show pull it off. Even Shaq is starting to grow on me…EVEN SHAQ!

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