Oh wait, does the entire Internet still get to laugh at him constantly? Is he still funny? What’s your favorite thing about him? The way that he continues to live with the devastating impact of traumatic brain injury the best he can while local car companies pay him to make absurdist commercials and people ostensibly free of traumatic brain injuries take two seconds out of their day to leave casually tossed off rude comments about him on blogs for no particular reason other than raw and persistent boredom before returning to masturbation? What is the funniest part though?! He’s so weird and crazy, right? Is that the funniest part? Hahahahahah!

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  1. I’m all for helmets, but I draw the line at shower helmets.

  2. Gary Busey is our generation’s Gary Busey: STILL!

  3. Staying inside: cheaper than a helmet.

  4. Gary Busey:Nick Nolte::Charles Durning: Brian Dennehy

  5. I thought I’d made it clear that my favorite thing about Gary is when he was on Celebrity Paranormal Project and he hugged all his female castmates, and then Hal Sparks was left out and looked sad. It’s on Hulu, guys! Check it out so I don’t have to keep repeating myself!

    • I just got access to a friend of a friend’s Hulu Plus account so when I finish watching all 3 seasons on Mob Wives (Big Ang, you guys, Big Ang!) I will try to remember to check this out.

  6. Seriously. Wear helmets, you guys!

  7. My favorite thing about Gary Busey is that no matter how hilarious the James Admonian impersonation of him on the Sklar Brothers podcast is (and it’s pretty damn hilarious), it’s never quite as funny as Busey impersonating himself.

  8. I resent the insinuation that I stop masturbating when I watch Busey Zone

  9. Look what happens when you don’t put a helmet on your comments. Some lunatic swerves in and suddenly you’ve got downvotes splayed out all over the place.

  10. You know what? Right on, Gary Busey. I will never understand why helmets are not MANDATORY for riding motorcycles, when wearing a seatbelt in a vehicle is. My father was in a motorcycle accident, and WAS wearing a helmet and so thankfully he only (“only”) broke his pelvis. It could have been much, much worse. (He was also wearing a proper jacket and boots so he didn’t get all scraped up.) So yeah, HELMETS!

  11. Now I’m going to feel kind of guilty every time I laugh at Gary Busey and his craziness.

  12. Any time you’re on something with wheels you should wear a helmet. Doesn’t matter if it’s a motorcycle or those sneakers designed by the devil. One of my neighbors used to ride a motorcycle and he skidded off the road because of a pebble and practically skinned himself alive. I wonder if he still rides it anymore.

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