By a show of hands, who is actually pretty excited that Quvenzhané Wallis is taking over the lead in the Jay-Z/Will Smith reboot of Annie? Everyone? Are you raising your hand? HELLO? Everyone who isn’t raising their hand is a liar and/or walks this Earth without a heart. “Ugh, it’s going to suck when my family drags me to see this adorable movie when I’m home over Christmas or whenever.” – Liars. There’s a BIG RUMOR going around (around this one source) that Jay-Z’s new best buddy Justin Timberlake, so sorry Kanye, is going to be playing DADDY WARBUCKS! Not your daddy’s Daddy Warbucks! That’s for sure! From the NY Post:

Justin Timberlake could team with Jay-Z yet again. Hollywood sources are buzzing that JT’s being considered to star as Daddy Warbucks, opposite Quvenzhané Wallis, in the upcoming Jay-Z and Will Smith-produced remake of “Annie.” JT, who has the single “Suit & Tie” with Jay, and an impending tour, has been honing his acting chops with roles in the Coen Brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis” and the Ben Affleck film “Runner, Runner.” But a rep for Sony said of JT’s role, “Not true.”

Butt out, Sony rep! We’re going to believe whatever baseless, stupid rumor about the Annie reboot we want, because THIS IS THE INTERNET AND THE NEW YORK POST! What a disappointing thing it would be if Justin Timberlake were given that role, though, which he certainly will not be, but let’s entertain it while we can. Yuck. Does not sit right with me, no thank you. The idea of Daddy Warbucks is “yuck” already, we don’t need to yuck it up anymore. WHY NOT JAY-Z?!! Because he isn’t an actor? Fine. WHY NOT BEYONCÉ, THEN!? Mommy Warbucks. Beyoncé as Mommy Warbucks or bust, for real. (“Bust” = Still going to see it, though.)

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  1. Oh man I am pretty stoaked for this

  2. Justin Timberlake should probably just do all the parts in all the movies from now on. I mean, the parts that don’t go to Jon Hamm.

  3. Kelly, you are greatly overestimating my capacity for getting psyched about a reboot of Annie.

    • I’ll be psyched if they retain the flavor of the cartoon on which it is based. By which I mean if they make Daddy Warbucks an insane rightwing blowhard who rails against taxes and FDR and makes cracks about how people who DON’T run businesses are his moral inferiors.

  4. Daddy Wilkos. (STEVE STEVE STEVE)

  5. I am excited that Quvenzhané Wallis is taking over because that means it will be someone who has recognition for their acting talent and not one of Will Smith’s shitty kids.

  6. I won’t see this because I absolutely adore Carol Burnett and Bernadette Peters and Tim Curry in the 1982 Annie and I refuse to let anyone take that from me.

    • Who would be the 2013 equivalent of those three? Tina Fey? Kristen Chenoweth? Gosling?

      • I was actually thinking Chenowith. Timberlake would make a good Rooster, actually. Or Craig Ferguson. Ohhh and Kristin Bell.

        Only if those three are cast will I see this movie.

    • No one would be taking anything from you – you’ll get to keep your copy of the ’82 film (which was also my first exposure to the property, and I have a lot of affection for it still). Personally, I’m eager to see this new take on the show.

  7. Quvenzhané Wallis is our generation’s Willow Smith.

  8. #birdie4Sandy

  9. I smell a line of custom Sandy purses being designed. #synergy

  10. As long as we get an Annie-themed hip hop single outta Will Smith for the soundtrack, I’m in. Can’t wait for the VMAs, you guys!

  11. Clooney for Warbucks? Can he sing? Maybe not.

  12. Eh. Kanye’ll be fine. He’s got that sweet smelling flowery vagina to look forward to. (Gross, sorry.) (There you go, Superglue!)

  13. By virtue of being the only rapper I know to refer to himself as “Daddy Warbucks”, I nominate Cam’ron as the only appropriate Daddy Warbucks. I really mean it.

  14. “The idea of Daddy Warbucks is “yuck” already, we don’t need to yuck it up anymore.”

    Aw, come on, now. I played Warbucks in high school, and the only “yuck” there is what anyone brings to it or wants to see in it. “Annie” is really, for my money, the story of how this grumpy old billionaire learns to open up to other people – as hotspur says, above, this is very different from Harold Gray’s conception of the character; but it makes for a really great musical. Warbucks is the only character who really changes over the course of it!

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