• Here’s a sign-in sheet from the first day of Office auditions that Rainn Wilson tweeted over the weekend. (Adam Scott as Jim?! I can’t imagine!) (JK, I can!) (It would have been good and the same!) (LOL) -Deadline
  • Spring Breakers‘ Selena Gomez was on Letterman last night and had a pretty sick Justin Bieber burn after Dave brought up the topic. Was it a planned burn? I don’t know! Don’t think about it! -HyperVocal
  • Kevin from The Week says The Mindy Project is “the best TV show you’re not watching.” I would say that The Mindy Project is one of the least good shows that I for some reason watch every week, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Including YOU! And Kevin! -TheWeek
  • Jay Leno called NBC executives “snakes” in what has become the lowest-personal-stakes snake battle we’ve ever been privy to.  -WarmingGlow
  • The Party Down movie, which is still maybe happening according to so many blog posts, will NOT be using Kickstarter. But what if we want to be in it?! -/Film
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  1. Alan Tudyk would have made a really good Michael Scott. Also, Matt Besser is too good-looking to be Dwight.

    Also: I emailed Rob Thomas through Kickstarter last week to see how much it would cost to get Piz to die in the first five minutes of the movie. His answer? A LOT. (that was literally his answer. all caps.)

  2. Both comments about the Mindy Project just make sense when you think about it. To put into terms that are timely for next couple weeks, the Mindy Project is like a bubble team that didn’t get into the NCAA tournament. The best team that didn’t make it is also very close to the least good team that did make it.. Sorry, Mindy Project, but you got bumped when “Vikings” surprisingly won its conference tournament.

    In the meantime, the Following is actually by far the worst show that I am watching every week, but that’s because it’s the worst show on television period, and it’s made me understand what the term “hate-watching” means.

    • I want the Mindy Project to work, but it just isn’t happening.

      I still watch The Following just so I can see what kind of clusterbuck the season finale will be. I miss Jason Reich’s reviews here on Videogum, because there are moments when you’re watching it that you have to stop everything to tell them how bad it is. Like this week with the harpoon. Add “speargun-diner-death” to my list of irrational fears. If anyone sits across from me at my diner booth unannounced, I will scream bloody murder.

  3. The only link I clicked was the Bieber one. I was intrigued to see how one might burn the Bieb. And truth be told it was a really funny line. It made me like Selena Gomez, who I have known previously only as one of the girls in the atrocious movie “Sucker Punch,” which she might not even have actually been in.

  4. I want an edited version of The Mindy Project that just shows Chris Messina’s scenes.

  5. I swear The Mindy Project is so great! Don’t listen to Kelly! Keep my show on TV!

    (Okay, it went through some weird restructuring but now it is so good. I would put Morgan Tookers up against any other goofy sidekick on TV.)

  6. What was the Bieber/ Gomez joke? I can’t see it from up here in Canada. I’m sure it’s very funny.

  7. Selena Gomez is gonna get death threats from Bieber fans for sure.

  8. Hamish Linklater would have been a fantastic Jim- but I’m glad he didn’t get it. He did and is doing cooler stuff instead. Matt Besser would have been a hilarious Dwight, too.

    I think we can all agree the right people were cast though.

  9. happy birthday mister rogers. happy

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