“C’mere, sit on this balloo–” “No!” “No, it’ll be fun, we’re just gonna jump–” NO!” “What’s your deal? It’s going to be fun! Just sit on this Rio beach ball balloon thing and we’ll jump on it and you’ll go flyin–” “NOOOOOOOO!” (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Where did they think she would land?

  2. The is like the opposite of a trampoline accident. Some sort of beach ball intentional outcome.

  3. The beach ball is the size of my apartment. :(

  4. This is why I hate friends.

  5. Also did they really need both large dudes to jump on the ball? That’s like trying to kill one bird with two stones.

  6. “No, seriously, watch Walking Dead.”
    “No, really, it’s gotten good again.”

  7. At my summer camp we got a 6 foot beach ball every year and it was GREAT! (it sometimes knocked kids over but it was still great)

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