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  1. Seems likely; if you’re the type of person who thinks Obama is the devil, you probably think they all look alike, anyway.

  2. I want to build a Matrix where only Glenn Beck is in it. He’ll tweet and stuff and think he’s talking to people but it’s just a computer program.

  3. I don’t know why, but this is really funny to me…it’s just such a bullshit non-story that History had to release that stupid “Really?” press release and someone somewhere is like “Obama is the devil because TV” and someone’s aunt on facebook is going to say something ridiculous and I don’t know, this whole thing just strikes me as a new Dada art piece.

  4. When I saw this on the Today Show this morning, they showed a picture of just Satan first, and I thought it looked like Tommy Lee Jones.

  5. I don’t know about that, but they sure seem to believe that jesus was white

  6. Why is the History channel covering The Bible? It’s fiction not fact.

    Also – FYI – the Vikings series on History is REALLY good.

    • Spoiler alert for the second episode: the ritual where they wash their faces with snot-infused water, was that actually a thing? Calling all Scandanavian history experts.

    • Also, the History Channel is just looking at a mythology that’s more accepted than “Aliens built the pyramids”, so it’s a step in the right direction.

    • Well, to be fair, the history channel also ran a special on the 2012 apocalypse.

      In 2011.

      • True. I guess it’s marketing Lilbobbytables – maybe it’s paying for Vikings
        @noclevername yes it’s real. I have had a huge fascination with viking culture for a LONG time and hence my obsession with Iceland (and my name here). They are portraying it pretty accurately as far as I know. I mean I’m not a viking historian. Some of the things are a little hokey like the conversations between Ragnar and his son, but the overall things like the sun stone helping them sail west and the feudal societies pushing them to raid elsewhere are pretty accurate. They are not getting into the polygamy thing yet which was also a problem and led to further explorations as there were fewer women so they had to go steal them from elsewhere but I suspect they’ll get to that.

    • This kind of thing almost begs for there to be a lobby to protect concepts from advertising abuse. Akin to the movement to ban McDonald’s from using the word “meal” to describe their overgrown snack-binges. Lord knows it a slope so slippery it might as well be covered in viking snot, but somewhere in the murky waters of copyright and trademark it seems like there could be a small corner for protecting the integrity of words like History…

  7. I hope I can live to be 2000-years-old so I can watch Harry Potter on the History Channel and read spaceblogs about how their depiction of Voldemort looks suspiciously like our first grey alien President Of The Galaxy.

    • I was watching H2′s America’s Place of Secrets marathon for part of yesterday and caught the UFO one. The map connecting Area 51 to Mt. Shasta, A KNOWN REFUGE FOR GREYS, was just too much. Also all these places are connected by a high-speed rail that transports aliens from one giant are to another. Also, WHAT WAS INSIDE THE UNNAMED BASES????

      H2 is kind of my favorite channel.

  8. Kelly’s one sentence response is perfection. I give it two Pulitzers way up!

  9. Let’s start a petition to change the name of The History Channel to The Evangelical Conspiracy Network.

  10. Aaaaaand that was the day my head exploded and I died. RIP, me!

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