Leave it to Katherine Chloe Cahoon to grasp the basic idea behind a “Harlem Shake” video, execute it perfectly, and release it to the Internet at the height of the meme’s popularity. That’s our girl. (Via KCC.)

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  1. I would say a characteristic of this video is hot!

  2. The Single Girl’s Guide To Meeting European Men In Cabo

  3. Love you forever Katherine. Fan love you.


  5. The French flag in the background makes everything wonderful.

  6. I would say this is definitely in the top 7.34% of harlem shake videos at Vanderbilt.

    • The guy who did the “Harlem Shake” song is playing at Vanderbilt’s campus music festival this year. I imagine it will look a lot like this video, just even longer.

  7. She made a simply sensible decision!

  8. Is it possible to start out liking someone ironically and then ending up falling completely in love with them?

  9. Inflatable-whale molestation is no laughing matter.

  10. (My) today has been full of awful, sad, and/or infuriating news…and this video turned my frown upside down! Pretty much what I imagine the mom who thinks of herself as the “cool mom” would do with this meme.

    It’s so terrible and I’m so in love with it.

  11. For an awkward white girl who went to Vanderbilt making a harlem shake video, her dancing it is even more uncomfortable than I would have expected. It looks like someone taught her harlem shake dance moves and she is having to count in her head to stay on beat.

  12. I am starting to think she’s a lot of fun to have around.

  13. There is a LOT of humping toward the end of that video. I got a little uncomfortable.

  14. Haha, more of these should end with star wipes on hugs.

  15. The origins of the Harlem Shake will never be found.

  16. I wish I didn’t know anything about KCC. Then I could maintain the illusion that video was actually the most self-aware thing I’ve ever seen.

    Alos, Star Wipe! (I’m taking my name off this.)

  17. Given that the Harlem Shake is an actual dance move and not a bunch of white people flailing around all willy-nilly, is the Harlem Shake meme racist?

  18. i’m getting embarrassment goosebumps

  19. OH GOD, I just figured it out. KCC is Marnie… Marnie is KCC…

  20. Sorry, Katherine Chloe who? Ugh….there are too many painfully boring fake celebrities out there for me to keep track of! Someone start compiling an encyclopedia of them and then give it to me so I can burn it.

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