• Ed Schultz interviewed the 47% videographer the other night. Did you watch? Wanna see, if you didn’t? Why not, it’s Friday! -Mediaite
  • Do you know that Danny Boyle won’t direct James Bond movies, as if anyone is asking, and also almost directed Alien 4? You don’t know those things? Well then why don’t you READ ABOUT THEM! -/Film
  • This is the absolute last thing I want to watch right now and I refuse to do it, but in case you want to see: here is a mashup of people vomiting in movies! -FilmDrunk
  • Aww, poor Matt Lauer. Nobody likes him! Poor little jerk, all he did was be a jerk on TV and off TV and now nobody likes him, what a cruel world. -Dlisted
  • The Week, on how Hollywood refrains from hiring female directors for super hero movies. Uh-doy, girls don’t know ANYTHING about comics. #boysrule #jk #hollywoodblows -TheWeek
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  1. My work blocked that Matt Lauer article for being “Tasteless and Offensive and Glib.”

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  2. (I would have added more, but I got bored of my own spite :( )

  3. I have always liked Bryant Gumbel, but everyone else seems to hate him so much. Now that the tides of popular opinion are turning against Matt, am I actually in the position of liking the nicer male co-host of the past couple of decades? Is now the time to start a campaign to bring Bryant back? #bringbackbryant

  4. The absolute best thing about that 47 % article is the fact that they felt the need to explain who Mitt Romney was in a footnote. Great stuff.

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