Got it? Just on Fridays, though — otherwise it’s cool. Let Claire know. (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. That kid looks so bummed, like dad totally blew up his spot. Ruined all his plans for the day.

  2. Something tells me Al Roker missed these kinds of lessons when he was growing up.

  3. “No poopin in the tub” is our generation’s “No sex in the champagne room.” Our generation sux.

  4. The next step is to get him to stop peeing his bed at night.

  5. On a personal note, this is my favorite type of videogum post. In my VG utopia, it would be all recaps and fart/poop/pee stories.

  6. Show of hands: who’s gonna wait to take their bath tmrw?

  7. This kid has been listening to the Circle Jerks!

    “Innocent, until I’m proven guilty! Deny everything! “- Circle Jerks

  8. Lace Curtain toddlers pick up the bath toys before pooping in the tub.

  9. He didn’t saying anything about not pooping in the sink though.

  10. Wooo friday! Though this is less poop related, and more dance related!

    (Thanks forever, Lawblog)

  11. It’s always kind of unsettling when somebody is talking about somebody who has the same name as you. Especially when the person is being accused of something like pooping in the tub.

  12. also Cave Idus Martias everyone! that’s what he should have told that baby!

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