• Man, have you guys been watching this season of Burning Love? You should be. It is the best, and I mean it. The best web series that has ever existed. I MEAN IT. Here is a preview for this week’s ep. -Vulture
  • Jimmy Fallon did an “Ask A Grown Man” for Rookie. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that you have to look like garbage in these! -Rookie
  • FilmDrunk would like to nominate Leprechaun in the Hood as the official St. Patrick’s Day movie. -FilmDrunk
  • “Watch Alison Brie Sing About ‘Weed And P*ssy,’ Smoke Out Of Nick Offerman’s Butt Near Amy Poehler” is an insanely unappealing headline to me, but maybe you will like it? Do you like this? What’s wrong with you?! -WarmingGlow
  • Uh-oh, is Jurassic Park 4 going to shoot in Louisiana this summer?! MAYBE! That’s the rumor! Turn on your rumor alarms! -/Film
  • Finally, is it not embarrassing enough watching Netflix with a friend in real life and having them see the things recommended to you based on the garbage you’ve already watched? Maybe share it all on Facebook then! -Hypervocal
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  1. Burning Love is absolutely the best, even funnier than last season. My favorite ep has been the one with the puppets.

    I’m also excited about June Diane Raphael starring in an American remake of Pulling, because Pulling was an incredible show and the cast for the remake is great (Jenny Slate, Kristen Schaal), but I’m also worried because part of what made that show awesome was how dirty it was and this one is going to be on ABC.

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  2. I thought Netflix had a sharing application when it first came out? I definitely used to peruse my friends’ lists for ideas of newer, weirder stuff to watch. Or terrible stuff. Either or.

    • It did but then they either got rid of it or made it really difficult to find on the website.

    • Netflix also used to have a seamless integration of digital streaming and DVD, but then broke it for some reason, forcing people to choose between a deep library via old tech or a shallower/more volatile catalogue on contemporary technology.

      They also had an All New Releases page, which they deleted for two years and then brought back without an announcement.

      Netflix: We’re good at breaking things and then fixing them in weird ways.

      • I kind of foresaw this happening and made sure to create a text file of my queue before I switched to Instant. Then I lost it.

        • The worst part is that Netflix is overvalued because all of their financial reporting assumes they’ll make a lot more off each Instant subscriber. The truth is, if you look at the numbers, Netflix is treating DVD subs like a ‘tailbone,’ a relic that will eventually go away (semi-reasonable), but if they didn’t have the DVD business they would be an empty husk of a company incapable of even supporting their highly tenuous streaming library. Without DVDs, they don’t really have a business.

          • True, but what non-cinephile needs DVD service from Netflix? New releases are much more easily procured from Redbox or On Demand. Unless their original content programming really takes off, I don’t think the future is bright for Netflix.

  3. Leprechaun in the Hood is an amazing movie. That is all.

  4. Um, Kelly, why did you leave out the link to the sexy priest calendar? http://hypervocal.com/culture/2013/sexy-priest-calendar/

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