proposal I haven’t seen The Grey because from what I understand it is about a man who has to live in snow and kill wolves with a knife, and that is not a thing I want to have to experience. Is that right? It seems terrible! God knows we all love Liam Neeson, but there’s only so much one person can take! (Though it’s possible that my “man who has to live in snow and kill wolves with a knife” idea of what the movie is about could be partially incorrect or at least missing a few ideas. Who knows! None of us will ever know.) So when I think “movie trailer you mash up with a few scenes from The Bourne Ultimatum trailer in order to propose to your wife in a movie theater” The Grey is not my first choice. What would be my first choice? Good question. I don’t know. Funny Face? Hahah. The Smurfs? The Pursuit of Happyness? I’m sorry, I’m not taking your question seriously enough. Spy Kids? I don’t know, but not THE GREY, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! It worked well enough, though. Whatever.

Congratulations to the scary couple! (Via Hypervocal.)

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  1. If I ever did a public marriage proposal*, I would hope she says no, because I would never want to marry someone who doesn’t think these types of things are just incredibly tacky.

    *By public marriage proposal, I mean like jumbo tron sporting event type shit, not a marriage proposal that happens to be in public (like at the park or a restaurant or something. That’s fine, just nothing that demands everyone around you to take notice.)

  2. I knew this kind of thing would happen once they started legalizing grey marriage.

  3. Who else thought she was hugging him to wipe the nacho cheese off her hands?

  4. I first read this as a ’50 Shades of Grey’ public marriage proposal. So now I’m fine with ‘The Grey’ theme.

  5. Hate to be the hardass here, but bringing a camera into a theater is illegal and makes this engagement null.

  6. What if you played the scene from Willy Wonka where he sings that “World of pure imagination” song, and then the guy who wants to propose hobbles down the isle of the movie theater with the cane and the Wonka outfit on and his head down so no one knows who it is. Then when everyone is looking, he does the sommersault thing and pops up right in front of the girl with the ring out?


  7. I saw the grey because I would watch Liam Neeson knife fight a phone book, but holy cow is it ever a terrible movie. You’re right to not watch it. It’s very very silly, and at the end he tapes broken bottles to his hands so he can FIST FIGHT THE ALPHA WOLF, and then they don’t even show it to you! Just cuts to black when the wolf shows up. I like to pretend that he won and is now the alpha and rules this wolf pack in Alaska or where the hell ever, and the sequel will be when his son’s plane crashes and Neeson attacks the survivors and then father and son have to battle for supremacy.

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that sounds ridiculous. Does anyone kind of want to make a shot for shot remake but replacing all the wolves with CGI chickens?

    • Lemme get this straight, the whole premise of this movie involves him fighting a wolf?

    • I love the Grey. It’s not about fighting wolves, it’s about the inevitability of death and how we cope with that and other kinds of profound loss. It’s about grieving for the end of yourself and everything you know in a hostile and indifferent world. There’s also some action stuff. It’s like if Deliverance were more of an on-the-nose existential nightmare.

      The marketing really hobbled that movie by telling people it’s all about Liam Neeson punching wolves in the face. The ending is perfect and I think another wolf battle would have been terrible. The pack surrounding and creeping in at the end is what death is. There’s no way to stop it, but it’s useless to just lie down and accept it. “Live and die on this day.”

  8. If I were going to give or receive a public marriage proposal, I would most definitely use Alien. And hope that the proposing party arranges to have a faux chestbuster pop out (complete with screaming and writing and fake blood) with a ring. Because romance!

  9. I would like to be proposed to through the scene from Gattaca, where Ethan Hawke is testing Jude Law’s pee for his job interview, but all the pee has a really high alcohol content. They’ve gone through practically all the packs of pee and Jude recommends using Thursday’s or something. And Ethan Hawke says, “There’s only Wednesday left.” And Jude says, “Wednesday, that’s the one.” And then Ethan pours a little bit of pee onto the tester and instead of reading out “OK” or whatever like it did in the real movie, the pee tester says, “Marry Me, Flanny.” And Jude turns to me in the theater (because we are dating) and says to me, “Flanny, she’s the one.” And then I cry SO HARD.

  10. I would like to be proposed to through that scene in The Princess Bride where Westley dressed as Dread Pirate Roberts rolls down the hill yelling “As you wish.”

  11. So when Benedict Cumberbatch proposes to me it will be in my home as god intended. (Cause Sherlock’s on tv, you see)…

  12. I would like to be proposed to in Jurassic Park when they’re sitting in the cars waiting for the power to come back on and all of the sudden they realize that the goat is missing and they’re like “where’s the goat?” and then the leg falls on the top of the car with a loud noise and everyone is startled except it’s not the goat leg, it’s an engagement ring! And the TRex comes out and says “Mr Truck has something to ask you!” and then Mr. Truck sings a song about dinosaurs and marrying me.

  13. I like his “Proposal Jacket” that he makes sure the guys has waiting for him. cool proposal. REALLY cool jacket

  14. My favorite movie of all time is Porco Rosso, The Flying Pig. Me and the lady Candy were married at BK city hall and the proposal was a frank discussion after 8 years of cohabitating bliss, BUT we never had a honey moon. So if porco would fly us out to his private island in the baltic sea and we could drink wine and listen to edith piaf crackle over his amazing little radio, I would just die.

    P.S. watch Porco Rosso (may not be necessary to say, but watch the original japanese, no dubs, the voice actors are amazing)

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