Almost TOO seamless! People watching this scene were like, whoa. WHOA. Honey! PAUSE THE SHOW! I HAVE TO CHECK OUT THESE PRODUCTS! Guys, I have never actually watched Elementary, so maybe it is the greatest show that’s ever been made, but first of all no it isn’t, second of all why is Lucy Liu wearing a sports jersey, in fact, why are they BOTH wearing t-shirts if they are supposed to be serious professional adults, and third of all SHERLOCK HOLMES DOESN’T USE BING ON A SURFACE TABLET TO LOOK UP RESTAURANT MENUS. The good news, though, is that filming started today on series 3 of the BBC’s Sherlock, which IS the best show, and Benedict Cumberbatch has already confirmed that he and Martin Freeman have signed contracts for a series 4. Yeah! Argo fuck Elementary! (Oh, I also watched Argo yesterday. Pretty good! I’m an incredible critic, I’m like the Sherlock Holmes in Elementary of insight on Argo now.)

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  1. “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. And the truth is this Microsoft Surface is phenomenal! Watson, call LeStrade. He needs to see this
    HD Playback.” — Sherlock Holmes.

  2. The least believable thing about this whole scenario is that Sherlock Holmes chooses Internet Explorer as his search engine.

  3. Remember that time they used a Zune in Where in The World is Carmen San Diego in the 1950′s? This is this generation’s that.

  4. “Bing Tablets; good enough for an obsessive compulsive opium smoker to look up rapists, good enough for you.” -21st Century Don Draper

  5. I really like this show. Also, this bugged me when it happened. Also, I would watch Johnny Lee Miller read Bing searches all day if I were allowed to do that. Also, Lucy Liu is a very good Watson. Also, they are cute pals without the will they/won’t they bullshit. Also, the art heist caper episode was the best episode bc no duh, art heist caper.

    • When I first heard about Elementary I was all ready to hate it, but I actually kind of love it. Not as much as I love the SurfaceTM* but an awful lot.

      * Dear Microsoft,
      Please pay me for my fantastic and subtle product placement in the form of sacks with dollar signs on them. In case it is not clear, those sacks should be filled with dollars, not Surfaces. What do I need with a Surface?

      ** Dear Internet,
      I do not know how to make the TM smaller. I bet sacks of dollars would solve the problem.

      *** Dear Elementary,
      Sorry, I got sidetracked. I do really like you and am glad there is a new episode this week.

    • Yeah, it’s a good show although it’s also *completely understandable* that anyone watching the above clip would think it looked kind of hokey and stupid.

    • Don’t let the product placement fool you – this show is fantastic! It started out a little slow, but the characters have been built up really well, and it improved over the course of the season.

  6. Bing product placement like that pisses me off, because its to the point where it sacrifices believability for marketing purposes. Its like if there was a car racing movie where everyone drove a Prius. Come on with that nonsense.

  7. ABC is trying to beat Fox for “least subtle product placement.” I’ve been rewatching Fringe and yikes, is it bad. Also, hilarious because one of the advertisers is Sprint and they no longer exist.

  8. Johnny Lee Miller is so hot he can gross me out by using that stupid machine any day.

  9. “It’s all coming together, much like this Microsoft Surface.”
    “Things are beginning to click, a lot like the sound made by the Touch Cover when I clip it to the Microsoft Surface tablet.”
    “Well, that case was a snap.” “Did you say snap? That makes me think of the cool new tablet from Microsoft…”

  10. CBS is the master of this. I was watching Rules of Engagement last night, and one of the characters pointed out that he learned something from The Talk, and proceeded to justify its quality by saying that it’s “like The View, only it’s on CBS.”

    Also, stop judging me, my hands were covered in sauce and couldn’t change the channel!

  11. He’s a bing man, man!

  12. Does anyone else think that Microsoft is trying to sell us tablets using the principle of the dog training clicker?

  13. My elderly coworker opens up his browser which is set to (which has a search bar powered by Bing) then opens Google from his favorites and then googles Bing to search for stuff and it’s awesome.

  14. Could this product placement BE any more obvious?

  15. Lucy Liu appears is just recycling her character from Lucky Number Slevin, huh?

  16. Don’t make me pay for anything, let me skip all the commercials and DO NOT put product placements in my shows!*

    *Listen, this was severely clumsy, but TV writers are still probably figuring out how to handle integrations — plus, they may not have much of a say in the final integration edit. And, honestly, what the fuck else are they supposed to do to fund our entertainment?

  17. Whatever, Grandpa Delahaye. This is Sherlock Holmes for the Mobile Generation.

  18. Hooray Sherlock season 3, though! I know it’s not actually going to air until next winter (maybe? I think I read that somewhere) but it’s nice to know that they’ve started at least! Plus this means our beloved B.Cumbs won’t have the scary Assange hair anymore.

    • They posted a picture of the table read yesterday and my (in my head) boyfriend is thankfully free of Assange hair. Troublingly, however, he is starting to dress like Martin Freeman. I’m just excited to find out they’ve signed on for series 4, frankly.

  19. my favorite awkward product placement is still when castle ubruptly had a windows phone for one episode despite having an iphone in every episode before and after it.

    and i’m too lazy to look it up, but that thing of when cbs (or whatever?) digitally altered posters and shit in the background of big bang theory (OR WHATEVER?) reruns and updated them into posters for upcoming movies and junk? (VERY good sentence.)

  20. I’m not proud to say, I was buying a new computer around the time this aired and I looked into the Surface because of Elementary…

    Don’t worry, I just got a new macbook air instead.

  21. Mark Ampersand  |   Posted on Mar 13th, 2013 +1

    You think that’s bad? Did anyone see the Surface when it was featured on Suburgotary?

    It was… not good.

  22. I have windows 8 and I don’t really get how the new start screen is supposed to be easier or helpful. I just use the desktop, it also took me 15 min to figure out how to set up my second monitor and I’ve been using a computer since I was 3.

    Also there was serious windows 8 and windows phone placement in Gossip girl.

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