During the wintertime, some of us get so wrapped up in the cold weather danger that lurks around every corner — ice, hidden ice, hidden ice that might not even have ever existed like the kind that killed the member of Metallica that they talk about on Behind the Music, runny noses, stray snowballs, etc. — that we forget to think about the danger that will be left when all of the snow and ice MELTS. IS THERE NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT IS DANGER-FREE?! Do you know how many people I’ve seen walk on what they thought was solid ground, only to find that it was a puddle and now their shoes and pants are as wet and disgusting as they are embarrassed? MULTIPLE! And what if there were some glass in that puddle?! Or a rat that was still alive and BIT YOU? (Or I guess we can just agree that puddles aren’t really that scary or dangerous, but that if you use your imagination ANYTHING CAN BE!) This puddle surprise isn’t exactly like either of those puddle surprises, but it is still surprising! Just watch it, please! Let’s get on with this! (Headphones up!)

Spring is coming. Human-sized puddles are coming, somehow. You might as well get those new sneakers dirty as quickly as you can. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Hey cool, now I have a whole new fear.

  2. But did the real “friend” actually re-emerge from the puddle, or was it an extra-dimensional doppleganger? Why won’t Obama say something about this? #puddletruthers

  3. Good thing instead of running and jumping and try to extend his legs, like you would over a puddle that is ostensibly an inch deep, he jumped a few inches off the ground with his arms down by his side and his back completely straight. This kid has second sight apparently.

  4. That is the worst puddle surprise!
    I was walking on a big slab of ice yesterday and it started to crack and I barely jumped off in time to avoid stepping through it into 4 inches of freezing water. So I know his pain. Pray for me.

  5. There will be days this summer when I’d probably kill for a puddle like this.

  6. Wow that’s in a parking lot! What if someone parks their car in that hole? Or opens the car door and steps out into it? Family Dollar better have a few dollars saved up.

  7. This is probably a remnant of some prison tunnel.

  8. There is no sound quite like adolescent boy hooting.

  9. Is this a deleted scene from Chronicle, about the discarded character who developed the ability to jump completely through shallow puddles?

  10. Why have I heard the term “sinkhole” like twice in my life before last week and now it’s EVERYWHERE??????

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