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  1. That looks like it tastes so good it would make a grown man cry!

  2. I cry foul! That pictures does not have the lattice crust the recipe calls for!!!! What sort of journalism is this?

  3. This recipe will make more sense when the movie comes out.

  4. i don’t see the step where you put the fish in the percolator.

  5. It requires a hearty cup of coffee…..damn good coffee.

  6. Final step: Rescue Shelly from Bobby and Leo.

  7. Apparently the dessert I like is coming back in style. What a stroke of luck!

  8. Aka – a basic cherry pie recipe. I don’t really see anything that makes this the “Twin Peaks” version.

    Also, any pie crust that is made with all shortening is not going to produce anything that tastes ‘damn good.’

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