• Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby will open Cannes this year. What time are you guys thinking about getting there? We should see if we can get on the same flight. -TheWeek
  • Emma Watson isn’t going to be Cinderella anymore. That’s why we should never follow exciting Hollywood news! It just breaks our hearts!!! -/Film
  • “As the cooks rush to beat the arrival of the takeout, Carla says, ‘I hope he lives far away.’ Yes, because delivery guys generally leave from their houses.” Max Silvestri is great at recapping. Are you all reading his Worst Cooks In America recaps? -Grantland
  • Last night I watched the entire Parenthood panel from Paleyfest even though I had other things that I needed to do and even though it was kind of boring because I’m a dedicated fan. ARE YOU? (PS: Fix Peter Krause’s hair.) -Hulu
  • Want to watch two new clips from G.I. Joe: Retaliation? I’m sure some of you must! It’s ok if you do! We all like different things! For example, I watched that whole Paleyfest thing. -FilmDrunk
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  1. I’m staying at The Courtyard By Marriott Cannes., located at 123 Cannes Rd, Cannes if anyone wants to bunk and go see The Great Gatsby.

    • I have some extra spaces in my room, too.

    • Sweet! I can score us some wine coolers and like, 4 cigarettes…

    • This super rich friend of a friend has a place in Cannes and the ladyblog was going to be there with a friend last summer so she asked him if he had any recommendations of places to stay and he was like “just stay in my apartment. Noone’s using it” and she was like “omg thank you.” So anyway flash forward she gets to the airport and gets in a cab and gives the driver the adress and he’s like “the Chanel building?” and she’s like “uhhh… I guess?” So they go and the apartment is literally in the Chanel building on the main row in Cannes. Like with all the fancy shopping and whatnot. She could look out from one balcony and see the beach, and from the other balcony LOOK OVER THE FUCKING RED CARPET. But every year he goes to the film festival because he can. I would hate him except he’s the nicest dude. WHICH IS SOMEHOW EVEN WORSE!!!!!

  2. I have been waiting for a good time to post this but there hasn’t been one come up yet, but I want to share with you guys because it’s great and you’re all great. Mr. Truck made this and it’s great:

  3. I might be wrong, but hasn’t The Great Gatsby been delayed forever?

  4. More like the Great GAS-by amirite?

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