• Someone created a bunch of floor plans so now you can design your homes like Gilmore Girls home or Friends home or Seinfeld home. Finally! A HOME YOU CAN ENJOY! -BuzzFeed
  • First Dates with Toby Harris with Lizzy Caplan -FunnyOrDie
  • Want to watch a SNEAK PEEK of the final season of Breaking Bad? I don’t want to get your hopes up — it’s mainly the cast telling you that the next season is going to be “crazy” and “great.” But. Do you want to watch that?  -AMC
  • Tina Fey told a photographer to go fuck himself, which is appropriate. -Gawker
  • Uh. A stuntman who was used in the filming of Ghost Rider 2 is suing Sony because he got into an insane accident and Sony should stop doing movies like this and also give him a billion bucks. -FilmDrunk
  • Redbox and Xbox Live want to create original programming to compete with Netflix. Will Arrested Development do another season on one of their platforms?! PLZ ASK MITCH @ THE NEXT PANEL! -SlashFilm
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  1. I wish Tina Fey would tell me to go fuck myself :(

  2. Ah yes, the comically large Manhattan apartments of the characters on Friends.

  3. That stunt footage is insanity.

  4. Please say “Paparazzi.” Calling him a “photographer” makes it sound like it’s a dignified career.

  5. I maintain that the Simpsons floor plan is inaccurate until someone can explain what the back right corner is.

    Also, since when did Gilmore Girls have a guest room upstairs? LIES.

    • AV Club had written this up last week, and one of the commenters linked to a video that figured out it’s a “rumpus room,” and screencapped an appearance from Lady Bouvier’s Lover.

    • No, they had a guest room. Rory was on the bottom floor, Lorelei was on the top floor and there was another room bc it was an old farmhouse.

    • The person who made the floorplans commented they created the floorplans with information from across all seasons. I think with the Gilmore Girls house, the creator of these has the “guest room” to represent Lorelai’s original bedroom, and the master suite is from when she and Luke remodeled the house in the last couple of seasons, I would guess. I don’t have an obsessive knowledge of this show, why do you ask?

  6. Didn’t they do that stunt in one of the Jackass movies? Also didn’t he know what he was getting into as a stunt man? is this some sort of long con?

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