I don’t know what it is about me that makes me want to watch a video that follows a headline like “A Mountain Climber’s 100 Foot Fall, Captured On His Helmet Cam.” No brain disease? Broken thinking part, no good feel-y for what good and what bad? Stupid stupid dumb-y dumb disorder? Hate self compulsion? The same kind of thing that makes me watch some spider videos, when I know they are going to be scary and gross but not TOO scary and gross, like that one that someone tipped to us one time that featured a spider exploding and stuff coming out of it that we did not use on the site because it was an actual nightmare? This one wasn’t too threatening because we do know that the guy didn’t die since he gave the footage to the British Mountineering Council, who had this to say:

During the rescue, the [Mountain Rescue Team] noticed he was wearing a helmet-cam on, and afterwards he offered the footage to the team, and the BMC, to help others understand just how accidents can happen. Sharing such an intense and personal experience online is pretty brave, but Mark felt other climbers might learn from his experience.

Might learn to NEVER CLIMB A MOUNTAIN, I HOPE? Let’s see!

AHHHHHHH! AHHH AHHHH! AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought he’d never stop falling! And then when he looks down at where he would have fallen if he did keep falling? GIVE ME A BREAK! STAY SAFE! STAY OFF MOUNTAINS! STAY IN BED! (Via Gawker.)

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  1. Gravity’s a bitch.

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  2. That felt like so much longer than 100 feet.

  3. No way am I watching this. Nope, no way. Not gonna happen. Nope!

  4. I’d say my bucket list just got shorter, but let’s be real, this was never on my bucket list.

    • After reading Into Thin Air, not climbing a mountain was bumped up to the coveted No. 1 spot on my list. This video just brings me one step closer to reaching that dream. That flat, flat dream.

      • You know, you may be on to something: a bucket list comprised of things I don’t do. Man, I could bang that shit out in like a week! Life would be so fulfilling!

  5. That made me very for real motion sick, I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting it. On a scale of one to barf it was worse than The Hunger Games but better than Beasts of the Southern Wild. I can’t watch ANYTHING anymore.

    • I hear you. I got motion sick at Rachel Getting Married.

    • i used to throw up on the merry go round. kids would tell me that i had to go on, and i would be like (very serious) “no, i am going to throw up.” and their reply would be “no you won’t, it’s not that bad.” and then i would go on the merry go round and barf on them. i knew i was going to barf, but their refusal to believe me when i told them i would barf is what really drove me to put myself in that situation more than once.

      • I got motion sickness when I switched from a manual to an automatic transmission car. It was weird.

        • if i focus on the lines while driving i will vomit. also, if i go fast enough in a circle on my bicycle i will upchuck. if i go on any sort of ride that involves circular motion i will barf. if i do too many leg raises to quickly without the proper form i will also spew my guts out (if i do them with proper form the odds of spewage drop considerably). if i swing i will ralf.

          but, if i go on roller coaster i am totes able to enjoy the ride.

        • I get motion sick if I ride in or drive a car that is at all a “nice” car. The smooth ride that luxury cars offer will just make me so sick.

          • A family member bought me an old cadillac in college to drive around. Why? I’ll never know, he had access to a wholesale car auction, so I guess he just bought cars as a “joke”. driving that thing made you feel the vertigo you feel when you wake up in the middle of the night hung over and go to pee. Your brain is like whoooooaaa, this activity is really too important to be feeling this unstable.

  6. I have a friend who is really scared of falling into a cave and getting stuck and dying. Last week he got really scared because of the Florida sinkhole. He was like “ANYTHING CAN BE A CAVE NOW! THE CAVE CAN COME TO YOU!!! IT CAN COME GET YOU!!!”

    Life is a scary horrible nightmare1

  7. ABC: Always Be helmetCam-ing

    • A-I D-A
      Attention – do I have your attention, now that you could fall 13,000 feet?
      Interest – are you interested in getting down because it’s fark-or-walk at this point!
      Decision – have you made your decision to Christ…that you will go up or down this mountain alive?!
      Action – get off this horrible, dangerous place

      Truer words never spoken.

  8. ahhh, so THAT is why i don’t mountain climb.

  9. “That fuckin hurt.”

    Understatement of the year? Or understatement of the forever?

  10. This should be the 100 foot SLIDE captured on his helmet cam.

    • by the by, not sure what was to be gleaned. I still have no idea how or why this happened aside from CLIMBING AN ICY MOUNTAIN

      • It looks like it happened right as he got hit by a random falling piece of ice (who threw that?) right after stopping to pick his nose a little bit. My guess is that it was caused by one of those two things, but who can say which one for sure?

  11. “Did you guys hear how BRAVE Mark is? He fell 100 feet down a mountain and showed footage of it online? I hear his fall was very personal but he was still willing to show video proof of surviving a fall down an icy mountain. Now everyone will be able to see Mark surviving a pretty cool accident that I would totally brag about to everyone for the rest of my life and probably want engraved on my tombstone. So brave.” – Absolutely no one ever

  12. This didn’t freak me out as much as staring into the chasm of the Columbia Gorge when I was doing a normal little hike two weeks ago and realized how incredibly steep everything is and that the top of where I was going had a ton of ice and snow and was only a few feet away and I was wearing my normal trail running shoes not serious hiking shoes and I got terrible vertigo which led to tunnel vision and I was literally holding on to the trail “walls” as I walked down. My hands were kind of cut up for a few days because I was grabbing at rocks and exposed tree roots for safety.

    It wasn’t even that high… like 700 feet or so, but the optical illusion of it looking like a sheer drop made me so very very dizzy.

  13. I can’t get that song out of my head now “Come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you”

    • I heard a peice on On the Media the other day about the history of elevator music, and they mentioned the film trope of having elevator, or pleasant vanilla music playing during violence of crisis, and pointed to an actual event where an embassy under attack was playing elevator music the whole time, as that was just the music they played. In short a) Kate, this would make an awesome re-soundtracking to this video, and b) a supercut of crazy movie scenes that have elevator backing tracks should also probably be made.


  15. Was he alone? Why was he alone? should he have been tied in to somewhere? I love normal mountain hike climbing, but not this axe shit.

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