One of the best things about rumors is that half of the time you don’t even hear the original rumor, you only hear the official response to the rumor, which is great because it’s a real time saver. Oh, that thing that probably sounded fake in the first place turned out to be fake and now we can all move on with our lives as if that didn’t even suck up too much time already? Perfect. This happened again over the weekend, when someone circulated a rumor about Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving The View after test audiences purportedly didn’t like her and disagreed with her politics. This morning, Barbara Walters debunked these rumors, saying that Elisabeth Hasselbeck would continue to appear on The View and that her opinions gave the show balance. Oh, so nothing happened? Good story. And yet here we are still! From the New York Times:

Such a suggestion is dangerous for “The View.” Ms. Walters, who both co-hosts and produces the show, denied its accuracy on Monday, saying, “We love Elisabeth” and “We value and appreciate her point of view.” She said Ms. Hasselback “helps give this show perspective and balance” and added, “We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show.” But co-hosts can choose to leave, Ms. Walters pointed out — leaving the door open for Ms. Hasselbeck.

“Right now, the only person who cannot leave this show is me,” Ms. Walters added, implicitly denying online speculation that she might also be thinking about departing.

Poor Barbara. Trapped in an overly opinionated prison of her own design! Hey, remember how Elisabeth Hasselbeck was originally a contestant on SURVIVOR and now we all have to pretend that her poorly formed opinions on our national politics have value and add “perspective” and “balance” to anything whatsoever? LOL. She’s bunk! But it was a weird rumor in the first place. Test audiences have only just decided they don’t like her? Where have you been test audiences? Why the silent treatment for so many years? Snopes.

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  1. I say let the dopes have their day. If Hasselbeck and her garbage opinions and misinformed ‘wisdom’ are the right side of the view, well, I think that’s accurate in America today.
    If the (admittedly dumb) idea of a roundtable to discuss society on a daily gab show is something to which you turn for your news, well, you deserve the shit sandwich you choose to consume.

  2. Let me also put to rest rumors that I was planning on getting a pastrami sandwich for dinner tonight. I will, in fact, be getting a Cuban sandwich. I hope this clarifies the matter.

  3. Seriously, how can you replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck? It’s not like you can go out almost any bar, street corner, subway car, hair salon, coffeehouse, garage, office, park, office park and find someone with a fully formed opinion based on a scant knowledge of the facts that they are willing to backup, loudly, to the death. This is America.

  4. i was thinking the other day about how rosie o’donnell used to have a talk show and people used to love her. member that? she would call people cutie patooties and tell tom cruise how attractive (?) he was?

    • And she was always doing crafts! Decoupaging a new lampshade each week! The 90s were a crazy time.

    • Let us never forget the glory that was John McD and the McDLTs.

    • I took Kelly and Packy to see a taping of that show. LL Cool J was one of the guests. Packy got one of those things she shot into the audience. And since he had a “Tigger” outfit on, Rosie sang the Tigger song for him. Good times.

  5. In other news, despite rumors to the contrary, Mark Wahlberg did not, in fact, stop 9/11.

  6. Why is this show still on? I will admit that I’ve left it on as background noise, but I’ve always had to turn it off because just the sound of it is annoying.

  7. This is unrelated to Elizabeth Hasselbeck and The View but the woman in the cube next to be is sleeping. I can hear her snoring! Fun Monday!

  8. The View is one of those shows that I’ve only seen clips of on other shows like The Daily Show or whatever. It’s like one of those fictional shows that is inside another show. In my mind The View is no different than “Pawnee Today”. Hasselbeck is just a character from Mad TV, right?

    • Elisabeth Hasselbeck is our generations Perd Hapley. Except, Perd is ill-informed AND hilarious. Not just the former.

      • Yikes, I meant “generation’s” implying ownership. Geez, manners is our generation’s Romney 2012 Campaign app that spelled America like “Amercia.” Unforgivable.

  9. she’s printed out evidence!

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