• The New York Times wrote about Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens’ transition into adult acting with Spring Breakers and doyoyoy it’s about Spring Breakers & ur gonna read it. -NYTimes
  • After Fede Alvarez‘s Evil Dead remake premiere at South by Southwest, it was announced that they are already working on an Evil Dead 2 script, and that it will most likely be a trilogy. Your favorite movies, again! -/Film
  • Speaking of your favorite movies again, Danny Boyle says he has plans to film a Trainspotting sequel in 2016 with the original cast. -Indiewire
  • The next Simpsons movie is still far away, though! -THR
  • Brooke Shields is probably going to join The View after the other ladies leave. Barbara Walters might even leave! Noooo, OUR PRECIOUS SHOW! -Dlisted
  • Finally, here is Will Smith leading a London girls’ high school in a Fresh Prince theme rap-along. “Do not talk to me until I watch my morning Fresh Prince rap-along.” -Your mug. -HyperVocal
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  1. I can’t help but feel that a Trainspotting sequel is a bad idea. Even with the original cast, it’s just been too long. And while it’s a great movie, I never felt the need to know what happened to those characters. Could just be me.

    • Nope, it’s not just you. I’m kind of worried about this, as well as whatever movie is going to replace/be the remake of Army of Darkness.

    • There is a sequel, though, by Irvine Welsh, called Porno. It wasn’t bad, but I also really like* Irvine Welsh

      *when I am not puking uncontrollably. I’m looking at you, Filth.

      • I read Porno. Yeah, it was pretty good. I’m still dubious though. But hey surprise me!

      • I feel differently about the book though. Trainspotting the novel had a lot of loose threads that a sequel makes sense (at least that’s how I remember it, it’s been awhile). Fun fact: Trainspotting was my most stolen book in high school. I would loan it out and never get it back. It happened 3 times before I learned never to trust people with things.

        • Bastard book thieves. For some reason everyone stole my copy of On the Road. That’s when I started coating my books in time-release poison, to which only I hold the antidote. Muahahahaha.

          In all honesty, I think a Trainspotting sequel (in film) is a long shot. They are aiming for 2016 which is 20 years after Trainspotting came out (which I share because oh god that hurts), and while I do remember the fanbase being fairly rabid, I am not sure there is a lot of interest at this point, unless maybe Filth does exceptionally well later this year. I mean, Porno is 10+ years old. I mostly wanted to humbrag about my knowledge of Irvine Welsh’s literary oeuvre, because I am insufferable.

        • That happened to me with my Postal Service CD. LIKE 5 TIMES! One guy left the country with it!

        • These so-called friends should be dead to us now!

        • Also, ugh. Twenty years. I don’t want to think about it. I was a senior in high school when that movie came out. Now I’m just sad.

    • I just kind of assume they would all be dead. Like Tommy. #toxoplasmosis

  2. The new Evil Dead looks super serious. I can’t see Army of Darkness being a serious movie.

    • “Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun and I am conflicted about why this firearm provides me with such a station. I have some serious ruminating to do.” — Ash.

    • Serious Army of Darkness would make me very sad indeed. Then again it’s probably not going to be great because Bruce Campbell would not be Ash and that would be meh itself…

  3. “it’s about Spring Breakers & ur gonna read it”

    NO U R :-| |

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