“Close your eyes and just fall down” is not the WORST advice I’ve ever heard, though. (Thanks for the tip, Tracey!)

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  1. More like trust FAIL, amirite?

    I’m so sorry.

  2. This comment is no fun: I’m really worried about her face. The floor doesn’t look 100% clear and what if she landed on the corner of something? I’d like to see the facial consequences of this trust fall.

  3. “What was meant to bring them closer together ended up tearing them apart.” —from the movie trailer, Trust Me Because I Catch You

    • Ah, the prequel to Kelly’s favorite movie, You Can Count on Me as well as the sequel to Catch Me If You Can. This movie will be awesome.

  4. Popular movies and television programs have so conditioned me to expect a particular result when watching a trust fall that I must admit, I was fully suckered and Shyamalaned on that one.

  5. The moral of the story is: if you have to trust someone, keep your eyes open.

  6. This could also be video evidence of the other girl’s telekinetic powers. What say you, Russell Crowe?

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  8. great dad you guys got there, good luck

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