Oh boy, this public marriage proposal is such a treat! A SINCERE TREAT! One thing we don’t complain about enough when we complain about public marriage proposals is how the videos are very rarely any fun for anyone to watch. Sure it is nice to see people in love I GUESS, and watching a bunch of spectacle is whatever, but the only public marriage proposal video I would actually enjoy watching would be one of people that I know. (ASIDE FROM THE ONE WE ARE ABOUT TO WATCH.) (Even then I would be upset, though, that people I knew decided to do a public marriage proposal.) (Would send a very nasty FB message.) (JK.) Who cares about these strangers and the people they got to dance with them at Disney World to a Bruno Mars song? Shut up and get married, jerks! But not so for these jerks, who decided to get engaged in the ocean.

AAaaaahahahahhahahahahahahha. That poor lady! DO YOU THINK THEY LOST THE RING?! God, that would be a nightmare. SHOULD HAVE JUST DONE IT QUIETLY AT HOME, I GUESS! Just kidding, you did a perfect job. Please never get divorced, your wife seems like a good sport. Thx4 this. (Via HyperVocal.)

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  1. ahahahaha nature hates you.

  2. “Could I have made it any clearer that I wanted you to say no???” – God

  3. I was expecting a loose seal

  4. DAMN Poseidon trying to hit that LOL

  5. I bet it’ll be a wet wedding! Right, Billy Idol?

  6. Not a dry anything in the house.

  7. That was low, tide.


  8. Who proposes at high tide? Tacky. Everyone knows you propose at low tide, when the tide pools give you super cool stuff to look at when you get bored because ugh just get on with it.

  9. When my mom was in university, they were out celebrating her roommate’s new “fiancee” status and came home drunk to 2 feet of freshly fallen snow in their building’s parking lot. They OF COURSE had an epic snowball fight, and OF COURSE at the end of it discovered that the ring had fallen off. It was around 5 in the morning and as people woke up for the day they noticed these girls frantically digging through snow, and eventually they had about 20 people helping them sift through all of this freshly fallen snow and actually found the ring! Someone had called the paper (small town) and they ran a story on it, but took a picture of the roommate with a random guy who had been helping, saying that was her fiance, and her real fiance was so angry about this mistaken caption that he called off the wedding! So she was for sure 100% much better off NOT marrying the guy, and actually dated the fake fiance for a bit after (they had met in the ring search). Not sure what the moral is here. Always lose your engagement rings to find out if your future husband is a tool or not? I dunno. I like the story anyway.

    • This’d make for a great existential movie. Where in the end, the woman doesn’t know what small moment in her relationship with this new guy will make him seem like a tool. LYFE?! AMIRITE?

  10. Do it at low tide! Sure it might smell bad and you may accidentally step on a jellyfish enshrouded by seaweed, but you won’t be swept up by Neptune’s ocean hugs.

  11. I don’t really see myself getting down on one knee to propose. Is that something ladies are really into? Would I be making a huge mistake to ask you while standing? Like, would your friends be all, “Tell us everything!” and you’d have to go, “O [secretly withholding certain humiliating facts like how he did not get down on one knee, also how he asked me during a commercial, and how none of this was a surprise because I've known him for years] K”? Please help me understand which parts of the nonsense are mandatory.

    • I’m with you, hotspur. If it’s a surprise I think you’re doing it wrong.

    • The idea of a huge public proposal caused me so much anxiety that I was afraid I would just vomit all over the guy at some expensive restaurant. When I knew we were heading in that direction, I just asked him myself (actually sort of TOLD him), then had a honest talk about a ring budget, and then proceeded to pick out my diamond ring. Grand romantic gestures have never impressed me, and more importantly, something as important as when we were getting engaged and/or married I wanted to help decide. It kills me that so many women are captive to when the guy is ready to propose, not when you are ready to actually say yes. It should be mutual.

    • this is all my opinion and it totally differs from person to person so here’s my 2 cents for what they’re worth: The down-on-one-knee thing is weird because I have no idea what it means, but I’m still glad mr. truck did it. why? i have no idea, but it was a thing that i felt like was just part of it. not to say I wouldn’t have accepted without it, but still. Sort of similar to asking my parents beforehand. Not asking permission, cause that’s some bullshit, but just a heads up kind of thing, I guess. Also, the surprise, most ladies in serious relationships know it’s coming at some point or at least hope it is, but the when/where/and how are what make the surprise element special.

    • Proposing in public is gauche, but so is daring to ask me without first bringing me the heart of a sea dragon.

    • My proposal story is the best. The future Ms Flask and i worked at the same company, we had been dating a while and she was very pregnant with the future Smallest Flask. She walked up to my cube one day and we had the following exchange.

      Future Ms Flask: What’s your workload like today?
      Flaskie: I just have this package to get out, should be finished before lunch. Then just tying up odds and ends. Why?
      FMF: Want to get married?
      F: Today?
      FMF: Sure, why not?
      F: Yeah, just let me wrap this up. Can you call the county or whoever and see what we need to do?
      FMF: Yep.

      About four hours later it was official.

      THAT’S TRUE ROMANCE. Fuck that bended knee and youtube stunt with expensive rings and waves shit.

    • I dunno. If I was proposed to, I kinda would like it if we were both sitting. As long as it’s not in public, the ring in not in food, and we’re not chilling on the shore during high tide.

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