This week’s Bob’s Burgers, “O.T. the Outside Toilet,” was one of my favorite episodes of anything in a long time! ARE YOU GUYS WATCHING THIS SHOW? Each of the plot lines — Bob having a suit that made him look good, and the E.T. inspired Gene-finds-a-toilet-in-the-woods — was strong, focusing more this time on straight laughs than on laughs+familial love. Teddy thinking Bob’s name was “Bob Burger” was so funny. Gene dropping all of those flour babies was so funny. Jon Hamm as the toilet was so funny. A+ great show, the best! Portlandia had its season finale this week, which showed all of the show’s characters dealing with a city-wide blackout. Because the Mayor has resigned and the temporary mayor was rejected, the city has been left without anyone in charge leaving Fred and Carrie to have to find the mayor, blah blah, you saw it. Peter and Nance help out with Birdman, Dave and Kath have a bunch of supplies, Toni and Candace fill out the forms, Alexandra moves on, and the Mayor comes back. ALL OF OUR PALS! It was a nice (“rewarding,” is what I think some people would call it) end to the (pretty good) season and Portlandia will be missed. RIP. Girls is very frustrating sometimes. The characters — especially the male characters — seem to have no strict personality traits and act only however the show needs them to in the scenario in which it puts them. I’m more talking about Adam’s behavior, but Hannah’s OCD fits that criticism as well. Though it was mentioned once in season one, I think — Marnie referenced something about her masturbating seven times or whatever? — adopting a mental issue that will be dropped fairly quickly in a TV series never really seems like the right idea. Maybe I’m wrong, though, and it will be treated realistically, in which case I suppose it is fine to have introduced it in this way! But I’m BETTING that the OCD will only be used until it needn’t be used anymore, as that is the Girls way. Kroll Show had its season finale this week, as well, but I didn’t see it unfortunately! I really wanted to! But I haven’t had the time since it aired! DID YOU SEE IT? WAS IT GOOD? TELL MEEEEE

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  1. Bob’s Burgers is seriously great. Girls, ugh. Lots of other shows were repeats :( Also, Workaholics was great this week and although this week did not feature the phrase, they coined one of the greatest phrases ever which is “butthurt” which I love. As in, “You don’t have to get all butthurt about that.”

    • Workaholics did not coin that phrase. It has been around for a while. I think it originated on 4chan (shudder). Just thought I would let you know so you don’t embarrass yourself at parties not knowing about the proper origins of butthurt.

    • I don’t know if it’s because I was delirious, but I laughed so hard at Bob’s Burgers this week. It was so great. This is easily becoming my favorite show on TV.

  2. Great season for Portlandia! Milk advisory board was perfect.

  3. Ru Paul’s Drag Race: What are we feeling? Ivy Winters reminds me of Matt Smith. I dug Alyssa’s Legend of Zelda Shirt, but I am kind of sick of the Coco/Alyssa feud that I am kindof convinced they arranged for drama. Or I could be reading too much into it.

    • I’m sick of Coco. I just find her unpleasant, but I do think their feud is staged. I’m still team Alaska.
      Is it just me or does it feel like RuPaul is becoming a more relaxed host? I think she’s been hilarious this season; and much less stiff.

    • I’m still enjoying Coco (not so much the “feud”) — she makes a much better Vegas queen than Shannel. Jinkx Monsoon is the best.

    • Alyssa is winning me over – her faces are hilarious and amazing. I want so badly for Alaska to shine but I feel like she is not “bringing it” to the runway. She seems like a washed out version of herself.

    • I feel like Alaska needs to break away from the trio or else they will send her home. Also, I am completely over Roxxxy. I feel like all she does is the breastplate deal and doesn’t offer anything, plus treats Jinkx like crap. The Alyssa/Coco thing is boring. They both just need to let it go.

  4. I’ve watched Bob’s Burger on and off for the past couple of years, but after Sunday’s episode, I’m sold as a regular.

  5. Cougar Town was very good this week. The stuff with Jules and her dad was very heartwarming. Travis trying to hit on chicks Grayson-style was very awkward, but funny. Sad to see Wade go, but not surprised. I’m resigned to Laurie and Travis becoming a couple but I still think it’s weird.

    The best part of the episode was obviously Ellie on painkillers.

  6. Chloe Sevigny was pretty great on Portlandia, did you hear she’s going to be on The Mindy Project? That’s kind of weird but The Mindy Project is starting to show it’s potential as a pretty great show

    • I gave the Mindy Project a shot for the first few episodes and then I decided Morgan wasn’t enough to keep me going. But now you say it’s getting good! And a friend of mine is saying it’s getting good! Argh, should I give it another chance?

    • No no no, Mindy needs less characters not more! That’s their problem, they keep introducing more random people instead of letting the core group establish themselves.

      I’ve given up at this point.

      • I think it’s been great the whole time and trust them to do whatever they want going forward.

        I even love that silly little theme song (trivia: written by BJ Novak’s brother).

      • We are so on the same page about this show. I almost always love the Mindy-centered cold opens, which usually revolve around some hilarious observation being turned on its head (for example, Josh putting on Mindy’s pants). However, the rest of the show is barf. It’s like, between siphoning half The Office guest stars for her cast of friends/potential boyfriends and surrounding her pretty-decent main character with a smattering of totally annoying stereotypes (oh, the innocent office assistant in conservative sweaters! Oh, the weirdo Dwight Schrute/Gabe hybrid male nurse! Oh, Penelope from Gossip Girl with the worst accent this side of Ben Affleck!) we are all just waiting for her to bone Chris Messina, which is inevitable, and I like more of a challenge from my TV shows. Mindy, I love you (I know she’s personally reading all of my thoughts on her show right now) and I want this show to succeed. But the formula–and the type characters that keep us engaged–just isn’t there.

  7. I didn’t hate last night’s Community! A step up from the terrible Germans episode last week!

  8. When younger my friends used to hang out at a Pizza Delight owned by a man named Dave. Back then we called him Dave Delight so often that during a recent bout of drunk nostalgia we got into a heated argument about what his real name was.

  9. Archer was great too! Especially their discussion of Archer’s weird social issues. I also enjoyed Krieger’s moment on the intercom.

  10. i think i read somewhere that lena dunham had OCD as a kid/maybe still has it?
    even though i’m not a brain doctor, i think it a little bit makes sense in the context of hannah’s character – like she’s so hyperfocused on some stuff that she’s too exhausted to be anything but lazy about other stuff.

    as far as the male characters changing unpredictably… i don’t know. people at this age change unpredictably all the time. my biggest problem with the whole charlie is an internet mogul thing is that marnie showed up at his office without a purse on! you’re not even in your home borough, where is your handbag??

    god i love talking about girls.

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