I’m not sure if you’ve been following the drama going on with NBC’s comedy Up All Night, but it would make sense if you were not, because as we know following drama behind a TV show struggling with its ratings is an express blog 2 snoozeville. But, uh, the stuff going on with Up All Night is totally insane! Someone call Up All Night‘s parents and force some time-out from their favorite extracurriculars, or something! It began when NBC made the decision to change Up All Night to a multi-cam show with a live audience, leading to the exits of both creator Emily Spivey and showrunner Tucker Cawley (who had just recently been brought on to help save the show). Linda Wallem was brought on to replace Cawley, and that’s when the fun (and not super boring Hollywood) stuff happened. From TV Guide via Vulture:

Wallem and the writing staff began brainstorming ideas for the multi-camera version. One pitch placed a portal between the two worlds — the single-cam and multi-cam versions — that only baby Amy could see. Another idea put Wallem and her real-life partner, Etheridge, in front of the camera, perhaps with the action taking place in their living room.

Ultimately, a script was written in which Applegate, Arnett and Rudolph played actors portraying the characters Reagan, Chris and Ava on a fictional show called Up All Night. Off the show-within-a-show, Arnett’s character would live at home with his mother, and Applegate’s would be dating. Rudolph’s real-life pregnancy was being written into the storyline — and included a “who’s the daddy?” twist.

AHHHHHHHH, THOSE IDEAS ARE BRILLIANT! Hahahaha. Oh, to be a fly hallucination on that drug-induced wall. So good. “Another idea put Wallem and her real-life partner, Etheridge, in front of the camera, perhaps with the action taking place in their living room.” WHAT?!! Man oh man. Why aren’t these ideas on TV right now and why isn’t Up All Night retroactively receiving all of Big Bang Theory‘s Golden Globes? Huh? Answer me that, TV GUIDE! Anyway, let’s help out these guys with some more Up All Night-saving ideas. (Not like they need it!) (They clearly do not!)

  • Every character is a possibility of what the baby could be in its future, depending on the choices it makes. The whole show is just the baby’s fortune is being read by a fortune teller (Melissa Etheridge).
  • Reagan has been dead the whole time. Chris is in a mental institution. Ava is his nurse. The baby never existed.
  • Reagan and Chris are like the couple from The Americans somehow — come back to idea later.
  • All characters are puppets.
  • The baby is a pre-teen and the whole series has just been her playing with dolls and acting out the scenarios she wished had happened when she was young. Reagan and Chris had an abusive relationship and divorced soon after she was born. Her life has been very, very difficult.

Now your turn! It’s not like you will ever come close to what the professionals did, but you can try!

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  1. • The baby was Dan Humphrey the whole time.

  2. Maya Rudolph was Bruce Willis the whole time.

  3. There’s a new baby in the neighborhood, and Will & Christina’s baby wants to be friends with it, but for some reason her parents don’t approve. It’s very Romeo & Juliet. So the two babies (they’re actually teenagers) have late night phone calls. And the new baby is like, “I have to see you now, I love you so much.” And the original baby is like, “You can’t! My parents would be so mad!” And the new baby says, “I want to come over. To hell with the con-se-quences.”

    And that’s how you have a super long build-up to an amazing Melissa Etheridge reference. Peace out! *drops the mic*

  4. • Will Arnet and Amy Poehler get back together in real life.

  5. Reagan Brinkley can enter people’s minds through their dreams and thereby learn their secrets. She is a thief for hire but international businesswoman Ava Alexander has a somewhat different proposition for her. She wants Reagan to enter the mind of Amy Brinkley, who is about to inherit her father’s massive business empire, to plant a simple notion: to break-up her father’s conglomerate and sell it off. In return, Ava will make it possible for Reagan to freely return to the US where she is currently wanted by the police. Reagan accepts and assembles her team with a plan to plant the idea deep in Amy’s mind by generating a series of dreams within dreams so that she eventually thinks she came up with the idea herself. As the intended deception grows ever more complex, Reagan has to deal with the eventual question of what is real and what is only a dream.

  6. The baby is kidnapped and they hire Veronica Mars to find her.

    • Veronica Mars just moved down the street and had a baby (using Kristin Stewart’s real life pregnancy as a plot device). Her dad moves in a few weeks later when Veronica is struggling to raise the child on her own, especially after the horrible accident that led to the death of her husband, Logan Echolls and forced her to leave the 909 for GOOD. She thought all was going well in her new town, until she realizes that she accidentally moved next door to Dick Casablancas and Vinny Van Lowe, who are roommates and work at a catering place together. In order to figure out the truth about her husband’s death and to get her kid into the preschool of her choice, she has to solve tiny neighborhood mysteries… mostly to get on the good graces of the preschool headmistress played by Lizzy Caplan. Wallace drops in every few weeks, which is sweet because Keith Mars needed help coaxing Veronica out of her Logan-centric hallucinations.

      Also the show is an hour long and is on the CW.

      Also, we only see the other people for like 2 minutes in the pilot.

  7. What. The. Fuck. is going on with this show? I have not heard of any of this and now I’m blown away. My first reaction to the news that they want to make it a multi-camera sitcom in front of a live audience was like, “Whaa! That’s a horrible idea!” and then I saw that they wanted to blend the two sitcom styles and I was like, “Whaa! That’s a unique idea, for sure!” and then I saw that they wanted to make it so that the baby was only one who could see one of the sitcom styles and no one else could and then I was like, “Wait, what is this? The premiere episode of season 4 of Community?” and then I saw that my head exploded from all the ridiculousness that is going on.


    • I’m pretty sure Applegate officially left the show, Arnett has been asked to join some CBS sitcom, and Rudolph is preggo, so it sounds like none of the main cast are going to be available or just don’t really care to deal with this nonsense anymore.

  8. I had such high hopes for this show, but it has become kind of a chore to watch.

    The pilot was really funny – especially Will Arnett running away from the old lady in the grocery store – but the focus on Maya Rudolph really dragged it down for me.

  9. • Harlem Shake video.

  10. i was dead the whole time.

  11. the baby as shia lebouf. maya rudolph as alec baldwin.

  12. Will Arnett is just GOB Bluth now, the baby is BamBam from The Flintstones (the ’90s movie version), Christina Applegate reprises her most famous role, Dana Scully, and Maya Rudolph reprises her role of being in The Rentals! The show is now called “Friends of P”

  13. The baby (Maddox Jolie Pitt) is on track to make a homophobic rap on youtube sometime in her mid-teens. To stop this, they must go to North Korea to calm Kim Jung Un (Amanda Seyfried) the fuck down, but to do that, they must pretend to run a fake show about Oprah (Maya Rudolph). But in order to do that America (Will Arnett) must pretend to be remaking Mr. Mom, while secretly being in love with the camerawoman (Applegate) who is Fauxprah’s bff. However, Fauxprah has a flatulence problem and laughs ensue!

  14. The whole thing is a fever dream of real-life actor Will Arnett, caused by his new, weird sideways hair plugs getting clogged with too-dark spray tanner and giving him a life-threatening infection (seriously, I can’t be the only one who has noticed this, yes?)

  15. I don’t want to help it. I want it to die.

    I want its mortal coil to be shed so that these amazing character actors can go find some real f-ing work for their REAL-ASS talents instead of dumbing themselves down and stuffing their amazingly hilarious souls into these soulless “normals”. ARRRGGGH every sitcom that puts amazing character actors into vanilla-ass shells of generic characters with mild senses-of-humor upset me a great deal. I’m looking at you Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair! you guys are so frig-buns hilarious, but BFF was so VANILLA. Why wouldn’t they just do a show as Marissa Wompler and Miss Listler?

  16. It was all Bob Newhart’s dream

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