“I’m a hustler. I don’t get tired. I’m 26, chief.” Hahah. We’re all on Shia LaBeouf’s side, right? We’ve first decided that we definitely have to pick a side here, and then decided that it’s 4sure Shia’s? Right.

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  1. I WAS on Team Baldwin, but the more I think about it, I think I’m just going to stick with Team Live Theater Sort Of Sucks. That’s where my heart has always been anyway.

  2. I was unable to read about Shia’s responses because I sprained my eyes rolling them at Alec’s “theater actors” humblebrag.

  3. Is anyone else really tired? This is just exhausting.

    • I mean, between this and the nauseating Swift/Poehler/Fey nonsense, if it weren’t for Jennifer Lawrence I would think that this* is just a garbage world filled with garbage human beings.

      *this being Hollywood and the media industries in general. This may be because I’ve been reading old editions of WMOAT and so far American Beauty, Chasing Amy, and Garden State have reminded me that filmmakers (and other creative people) can sometimes just be garbage jerks with an OBSESSIVE interest in their own thoughts and an inability to translate that to art that isn’t completely self-indulgent and delusional about real problems in the world. Bummer thing is that I saw American Beauty when it came out (I was in high school, obv) and LOVED it and haven’t seen it since but reading WMOAT (and all the comments below which basically say the exact same things that I am saying) just made me realize how young and naive I was and how garbage Kevin Spacey’s character was. Also Kevin Smith said that he doesn’t need to watch classic movies because of Joel Shumacher? Fuck that! This all sounds very depressing, but the fun fact is that old editions of WMOAT are HILARIOUS and we all lament the end of them. The joke about how we shouldn’t talk about Garden State because it’s for children? priceless. And totally how I felt about it when I saw it and ALL of my peers LOVED it.

    • Fun fact: someone referenced this scene recently in a meeting I was in and I had one of those “I’m going to finally watch that movie I know I should have seen already” so I just watched it for the first time and of course it’s great, but now I’m making all these “coffee is for closers” jokes that are totally dated or “retro” if I’m lucky. It’s pretty funny to me, anyway, people who hear them must think I’m a real weirdo who regularly makes dated references. WASSUP!!!

  4. Shi-orry Alec Baldwin, you got ReBeouffed

  5. these two are loopers of each other, but instead of fighting over the fate of the world they’re fighting over something i don’t understand.

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