The big trailer this week is the trailer for The Hangover III, but there is also a trailer for that Joss Whedon Shakespeare movie and also a new Noah Baumbach movie and also the new Sofia Coppola movie so actually there’s plenty of trailers, really. It’s a wolfpack of TRAILERS! Hahaha. Do u get it? Tell us in the comments if u get it.

The Hangover III

Are you guys excited for this movie? Haha. Wait, are you?! I think this movie trailer really captures the way that the world has changed since the first Hangover came out, which is to say that in just a few short years this franchise has turned Zach Galifianakis into such a movie star that the trailer focuses almost entirely on him, but this franchise has also turned Zach Galifianakis into such a movie star that fans of Zach Galifianakis no longer feel like they have to pretend to like the Hangover series in order to be supportive of his career! He’s doing really well!

The Bling Ring

I think if you watch the Bling Ring back to back with Spring Breakers you turn into a puddle of liquid cocaine. Of course, this is a Sofia Coppola movie, so the real question is: WHAT HOTEL DO THEY JUST CASUALLY HAPPEN TO LIVE IN AS IF ALL OF US LIVE IN HOTELS AND THAT IS WHAT REAL LIFE IS LIKE LOL?!

Frances Ha

This movie looks real ’90s but that’s fine, there were lots of good movies in the ’90s. More often than not, I find these movies pretty boring and tiresome and self-indulgent but I’m always interested in giving them another chance to prove me wrong. Best of luck to all the movies!


Remember when there was that rash of copycat disaster movies where every six months an asteroid would be heading towards Earth that a team of oil rig workers would have to learn how to be astronauts to destroy, and two different volcanoes would be about to erupt in Times Square and all that stuff? It’s funny that we’re in a similar phase now but with low-budget end of the world comedies. Things that make you go HUH.

Stories We Tell

This is supposed to be a good documentary, I guess.

Behind the Candelabra Teaser

Ugh. You are seriously going to make a Liberace biopic in which Michael Douglas and Matt Damon get gayed up to the rafters and do a raw-dog sex scene together and then release a trailer with some fucking PIANO KEYS? SHAME ON YOU, MARKETING TEAM! #art


Oh, cool, said the person who had always wished they would remake Crash but about Instagram or whatever.

Much Ado About Nothing

I’m sorry, because I know that there is nothing more powerful than a Joss Whedon’s fan’s unquestioning love for anything Joss Whedon farts out of his brainhole, and I am sorry because this movie might even turn out to be delightful and fun, but I have to say that this trailer at least looks corny as fuuuuuuuuck. I’m totally fine with being wrong about the end result, I just felt like that needed saying.

Jay And Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie


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  1. I really despise Noah Baumbach movies and I saw Lola Versus on a flight and it was dull, so Frances Ha is not for me.

    Actually, none of these movies are for me, except maybe Much Ado because it’s my favorite Shakespeare play of all time. Except I wish this was just a recording of the David Tennant/Katherine Tate stage production, which I didn’t get to see because I do not live in London.

    • I am just going to rewatch the Kenneth Branaugh version. Because I am an admitted Joss Whedon fan (in that I like more of his stuff than I dislike) but this seems dullsville. And Michael Keaton was a delight in the Branaugh version (well everyone was except Hero and Hero’s man friend but it’s hard to make them not irritating)

    • I loved Kicking and Screaming when I was in college and it had just come out. I still relive lines from that movie in appropriate scenarios, especially now that I really do live in a place where people would already rather be bowhunting… but once people started taking him seriously, his work got terrible.

    • I really like The Squid and The Whale and obviously The Life Aquatic is great, but I feel like everything else by him is just the same “rudderless, incredibly privileged post-grad can’t decide what to do with his/her life” nonsense over and over.

  2. The only thing that Hangover 3 trailer has going for it is that it looks like it has a different plot than Hangover 2 and thus Hangover 1. Kind of like Red 2, whatever, it’s paying talented comedic actors and you can’t make me see it.

    Let’s be honest about that Much Ado About Nothing Trailer. It could be as simple as “Joss Whedon is doing Shakespeare, and Wesley and Fred are together again. You’re going to watch it.” And I will.

  3. the bling ring trailer was too loud. Damned Kids

  4. Why is everything is black and white? Have I gone back in time? Is Calvin Coolidge President?

  5. Jesus, does Todd Phillips own stock in Wolfmother?

    • That’s their name! I was like “It’s that band! I think they’re australian! They were super relevant in 2006!” but I didn’t care enough to look them up.

  6. I feel like Joss Whedon was having a party with his friends who are also actors that have all been in his productions and they were talking about the play and they were all like “yeah that’s a p good play” and then Whedon was like “Yeah well I mean it’s already written obv, want to film it rn?” and then they did.

    • That’s actually pretty much exactly what happened. He would do readings of different shakespeare plays with his favorite actor friends like bi-monthly or whatever. Then he was like “Want to film one of them?” and so they did.

      • As you do. That’s basically a normal weekend for me. Just hanging around with my rich and famous pals, reading Shakey, filming it and then throwing it up onto big screens across the country. NBD. Where’s my grey poupon?

  7. I do not get it.

  8. More like Jason Oscar-Bateman! (Disclaimer: this movie will not win an Oscar, it looks like garbage without the veneer of faux-prestige.)

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  10. I love Greta Gerwig even though I don’t like any of her movies that I’ve seen and I detest Noah Baumbach. So maybe that means they will cancel each other out and Frances Ha will be wonderful? Not holding my breath though…

  11. Nice to see Sam Weir getting work, even if it looks terrible.

  12. Props to the overpass by my office for decapitating a giraffe in the Hangover 3 trailer. You’re a movie star now, pal!

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