• Man, don’t you wish we could get Gabe back here to do the Afternoon Links? He did such a fun job yesterday! Almost too chill. Anyway, Mark Ruffalo — sweet, beautiful Mark Ruffalo — says there will not be a standalone Hulk movie until after Avengers 2. That’s ok! I don’t think there needs to be. But thank you for the update! -Paste
  • Matthew McConaughey was shirtless in Whole Foods one time, obv., and one man survived to tell the tale. Don’t faint b4 you read it, ladies! -FilmDrunk
  • IFC has ordered pilots from a bunch of different people we all love. -Deadline
  • Today we are featuring two ultra-specific movie supercuts that I hope make some of you weirdos out there feel less lonely. Here is the first, a supercut of movie auctions throughout film history! -Film
  • And here is the second: A supercut of people in TV and movies saying “Philadelphia.” “MY DREAM COME TRUE!” – You. -Philebrity
  • Tina Fey hates mommy blogs! Which makes sense, because remember when 30 Rock made fun of them? I hope she doesn’t hate curmudgeonly pop culture blogs, LOL! -Dlisted
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  1. Sorry to not be commenting on any of the great Afternoon Links! LOL, but I have a question for y’all Monsters. Is there really not going to be an NYC meet-up? Weirdly, I knew there was one last year and the year before and so now that I live on the east coast, I assumed there’d be one and I was planning on going! Blah!

    Also, if anyone is interested in having a Boston one then cool! You can all come and join us play a game of “Big City” that we play, unbeknownst to us, as Bostonians in a hiccup of a city: http://www.theonion.com/articles/pretty-cute-watching-boston-residents-play-daily-g,31554/

  2. Kelly please make Gabe do links (for real) when he loses a bet. I like your links bb!! :*

  3. I went into that Tina Fey link thinking, oh of course Mommy Blogs are the worst with the fighting between working mothers, stay at homes, anti-vaccination, attachment parenting, anti-pink, whatever other trendy child-rearing research is saying is making your kid less special. It looks like the specific blog (UrbanBaby) Tina Fey is bringing up is worse on TOTALLY different levels!


    “4. The mom who thinks she’s classy for trashing Coach bags anonymously online instead of IRL.”

    Good -lord-.

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