Having a job that demands scrolling through the Internet (I was going to say “scouring” the Internet, but we can relax) for the dumbest and best and worst videos we can find, we (and I say “we” because I assume that this is also true for Gabe, though who even knows with that guy) come across a truly unfortunate amount of prank-for-Internet stunt videos every day. One that is making the rounds right now is this video called “elevator murder prank,” which I will never ever watch, not in one million years, not if it were the last video on Earth. NO THANK YOU, ELEVATOR MURDER! ELEVATORS ARE SCARY ENOUGH! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! But for whatever reason I felt compelled to watch this stupid “scary drive-thru doll driver” prank video, and I actually kind of enjoyed it? No one got anything thrown in their face, no one was scared too seriously, no one was annoyed for too long. It mostly just seems like it provided a brief shock and a little bit of fun to someone’s boring work night, and also it is just so stupid. We love stupid! (I love stupid.) (I’m WITH stupid.) Let’s watch it.

CHUCKY THE DAMN DOLL! Hahah. Very good. Drive safe, Chucky. Stay stupid, Internet, and plz stop doing prank videos. It is very rare that they are ever this kind-of fun! (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. At one point in my teen years, I worked night shift at a 24-hr. doughnut shop (great motivation to go to college!) the “pranks” consisted of drunk people asking for free extra doughnuts and one drunk guy who very calmly asked out of the blue if I wanted to go into the parking lot and fight (wha…?) so as pranks go, this one is okay. Certainly nicer than that “fire in the hole” crap!

  2. I found this so funny that even with the sound off, I was snorting with laughter. I have to try to maintain my dignity at work, so I turned it off. It was reminiscent of the time I read the August Rush WMOAT at work and had to flee my desk because people were staring. (You guys, go back and read the August Rush WMOAT! I don’t know if the “music face” gifs still work, but boooy howdy, it’s good.)

    • I just reread it! I’d forgotten how amazing that write up was. Poor Gabe. No wonder WMOAT is gone (but still in our hearts!)

    • The Lake House also always gets me. I used to re-read WMOAT at work, but had to stop due to laughing too much. I have to at least LOOK like I am doing work.


  4. One time, I won a Chuckie doll in a crane game (cool crane game prize), and being a reasonable human being, I had absolutely no use for it. So I took it to the mall and snuck it into a kiosk where they sold these fancy-ass dolls nobody but old ladies would ever want. I sat there for like three hours, watching people react to seeing Chuckie in there, while the old man working there remained utterly oblivious. Then I got a Cinnabon. It was a pretty good trip to the mall.

  5. This is nice prank. No one got hurt. Everyone thought it was funny. Good prank.

  6. This reminds me of a prank my friend and I were planning, wherein one of us dresses up as the Hamburglar and hides outside of a drive-thru, so when they go to hand someone food we can run up, grab it, and run away. We were planning to give the food back, though, we’re not assholes. We totally would have done it, too, except we lacked the necessary resources.

  7. “It’s not about food. It’s about sending a message.” — Facetaco as the Hamburgler

  8. Guyz, at the end of the “elevator murder prank” it said, “DEAD MAN DOWN” which is a new movie coming out. So… what the heck?

  9. I really like this prank. It reminds me of the stupid things that I would do when I was a stoned teenager. Plus everyone seems to have gotten a good laugh from it. Also, I miss getting stoned and prank phone calling people. We never said anything mean, we’d just find someone with the same name as a famous person and compliment them on the famous person’s achievements. There was a guy who had the same name as a silver medal winning Olympian. We’d call a lot and ask about the silver medal. Teenagers are dummies.

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