Sunlight streams through your window and wakes you up, warmly, before your alarm has a chance to go off. You feel well rested and ready for a full, productive day. What’s that — do you smell coffee brewing? Ah, you knew that coffee machine with the automatic timer was a good investment! You walk to past the mirror and notice you’re having a particularly good hair day, but on closer inspection…oh my god. Spiders coming out of your eyeballs and mouth! Spiders coming out of your ears! Why hadn’t you felt all of this?! Spiders are crawling all of your body! You are wrestled to the ground by spiders! Goodbye, world! Goodbye, day! NOOOOOOOOOOOCYRIAK! (Via Cyriak.)

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  1. So Wilkos was that bad, huh?

  2. I went to bed at 7 pm and woke up at 8 am. So… not to shabby.

  3. Can I play the Nintendo game that this music was originally set to?

  4. Is this from Pink Floyd The Wall?

  5. That’s great and all, but have you guys seen this? It haunts me!:

  6. Kelly’s fear of bugs and spiders is making me more aware of my own problems with them.

  7. EAR SPIDERS, OH MY GOD. That’s it, I’m going to just construct a bubble for myself and never leave it and then die in that bubble, mercifully ear spider-free.

  8. Kelly, I was not aware I was going through heroin withdrawals this morning, thanks for the heads up.

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