How was everyone’s day today? I got a text from Kelly a few hours ago saying that there were some pretty good crowd warm up dance contests going on at the Steve Wilkos show taping, so she is doing pretty well, although I texted her back with the BREAKING NEWS that it was announced today that Community is doing a “puppet episode,” so it’s not a great day to be out of the office. Sorry, Kelly. Personally, I had a piece of quiche for breakfast, that is right, you deal with that, put that in your pipe and smoke that, smoke quiche, so I am not complaining. But obviously it’s also a tough day for all of us, as expressed so beautifully by Sean Penn in a statement he released to the Hollywood Reporter regarding the loss of our friend:

“Today the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had. And poor people around the world lost a champion,” says Penn in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “I lost a friend I was blessed to have. My thoughts are with the family of President Chavez and the people of Venezuela.”

Tough day, guys. But together we will get through this, as a FAMILY. It might give everyone some comfort to share their favorite Hugo Chavez stories, if not closure, since none of us will be able to fully move on until we know for sure whether or not the CIA has developed the capacity to assassinate its enemies with cancer. But we will always have our memories. The CIA can’t take those away. They aren’t the Men in Black lol! Two separate agencies lol! And we will always have each other. Until the CIA picks us off one by one with incurable diseases. Yikes! Rest in Peace, Hugo. Hang in there, Sean Penn. Stay healthy, everyone.

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  1. I was doing great until SOMEONE reminded me that Sean Penn exists.

  2. The quality of my work days is 90% the quality of my lunch, and today I Treat-Yo’self-ed myself to extra stewed chicken with my regular meal so it’s been pretty good. Thanks for asking, Gabe!

    ALSO: I’m visiting Toronto for the weekend (grad visit day at UT ahhhhh) and I’ve never been there what are some recommended things to do??? ??

  3. It was so warm here in Santa Fe today!

  4. I’m kind of over my job and I’m weighing the pros and cons of just doing what I’ve always wanted to do and been slowly working towards over the past few years: quitting and become a full-time freelance! Big decision, for sure, but it’s kept me occupied for the past couple weeks. If any of you guys have any wisdom to share, come at me, because I’m on the hunt for good advice! And if you know my boss, please don’t tell him I’m thinking about quitting.

    • i did that about 6 years ago, and it was a great decision. It also turned out to be way more work than i thought it would be. My line of work requires several projects to be run concurrently and leapfrogged, all with serious deadlines, so i haven’t had a vacation longer than an extended weekend for six years. That said, i also had more free time to do what i wanted lots of other times. But look at my comment below, i am considering going back to being an employee. That said, if you can do it, i say go for it. Would you rather look back in a few years and say “i’m glad i did that, even if it didn’t turn out like i planned!” …or would you rather say “why didn’t i do that?’ on your deathbed. What do you think Hugo did? BE LIKE HUGO.

  5. Cancerbomb/schmancerbomb – don’t forget this little gem. U!S!A! U!S!A!

    And my day was/is exciting, thanks for asking. I got a call from my main client raising the possibility of going back to work in an office (but as a partner, not as a worker bee), which is exciting and dreadful at the same time. We meet next week to hash out details, so yikes. AND i have a date starting in about 3 hours, so yay! I would post my happy dancing date gif, but with both a link and a gif in this comment i would probably be pushing it and get flagged for moderation and then Gabe might fire me or send me to the farm where all the puppies and kittens go to watch Steve Steve Steve’s show get taped. Or something.

  6. I painted three paintings while listening to the new Pete Swanson album, Punk Authority. Good stuff.

  7. I have the flu and was home from work and my landlord chose this day of all days to fix our mailbox, which I guess involves a chainsaw and a jackhammer, and my mirror falling off my wall and breaking. So that’s not great! But I am on the mend.

  8. I’m struggling to finish all of my stuff for my Master’s degree. I’m pretty much sick of all things related to my research and just want a job. But I can’t get a job until I finish my degree. IT NEVER ENDS.

    I also wrote a children’s story in French about a kiwi. So goes my week.

  9. I didn’t go to work today and instead just slept in really late, caught up on Cougar Town, practiced for my music class, ate popcorn for lunch because I couldn’t be bothered to cook even ramen, and now I’m gearing up to play some video games. I very rarely call in, but when I do I like to cram a lifetime’s worth of laziness into one day.

  10. Ug, you guys, last week was super busy and crazy at work and for days I’ve just been in a funk, and this afternoon, the funk suddenly cleared away! Even though it’s cloudy and gross outside, it’s sunny in my head.

    I think it’s mostly because I’ve been slogging away at a book since the fall and today I had some major breakthroughs in the plot, so I’m just really excited to sit down and write! So I’m going to get off Vgum, make myself a grasshopper because I still have so much creme de menthe, and then imagine my ass off! Go Wednesdays!!!

  11. You guys, never be architects. It’s not nearly as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be.

  12. Holy smokes, a quiche! Way to buck tradition, Gabe! My day was pretty boring, so let’s play “How was everyone’s breakfast today?” instead. I had toasted walnut rye and a grapefruit, which I always peel and eat like an orange and did not realize this was not how most people eat grapefruit until I did it at work a couple of weeks ago.

    • I had some very noteworthy jam on my toast this morning. Spicy Peach-Cranberry. Delicious.

    • I had a toaster waffle which is what I have had for almost every breakfast the last few weeks. I am also very addicted to Jimmy Dean’s snack size sausage and biscuit sandwiches, and I eat those for a late lunch when I get home from work, usually while I watch the People’s Court. I have the diet of an 8 year old child whose parents went out of town.

  13. It’s the ladyblog’s birthday tomorrow, and we started a tradition last year of me making a ridiculous multi-course modernist feast for us. It usually requires two full days of cooking and weird chemicals and stuff. But it’s a lot of fun. One of the dishes I’m making requires three different fluid gels, which are when you gel a liquid using agar agar, then blend it and strain it. The result should be a stable fluid emulsion that holds its shape better than a traditional sauce. I used recipe’s from Grant Achatz’s Alinea cookbook, because I figured “hey. who’s better than this guy?” Once the sauces gelled I discovered that my blender is in no way capable of blending things that solid. I mean, it “blended” in the sense that it splattered the sides of the blender with little chunks of gel that would refuse to get blended any further, leaving me with a grainy, gross mess, and having to redo everything with a different gelling agent. So I only lost about 2-3 hours, but it still feels stupid. However, the new sauces are totally dope. And I’m totally registering for a VitaMix for my wedding.

    • Man this sounds amazing. I LOVE food, and I used to be pretty into cooking, but the gentlemansteph (that doesn’t work, huh) is a strict burgers and pizza guy, and the only thing we cook is pasta with tomato sauce, once every few months. I just don’t have the energy to make something cool for a party of one (with dog jealously looking on).

      • I’ve managed to bring Mr. ArtDork out of his food shell a bit. He was strictly a meat and potatoes guy too, but gradually he’s accepted a small number of veggies, sushi, oysters, indian food, etc. But this was over the course of 14 years so…..

        • This gives me hope!

          Things gentlemansteph (it’s here to stay) will not eat:

          - vegetables (exceptions: fries, ketchup)
          - mayonnaise (that includes anything that’s touched mayonnaise or any aioli, which he considers a tricky disguise for mayonnaise)
          - mushrooms
          - eggs (in pure/breakfast form)
          - ethnic food
          - peanut butter with jelly
          - meat sauce or meatballs (burgers, though, are his favorite food)
          - clams, octopus, squid, anything chewy

          You can extrapolate from there, but the list is truly endless.

          • what kind of maniac doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly? peanut butter and jelly is literally the best thing.

          • I had a similar list myself, no mayo, no mushrooms, and I just hadn’t eaten much food other than Stuff Regular Mainers Eat (except lobster and Mussels, I didn’t do those). Lady Candy [that works a little too well?] went on simultaneous shock and awe and clandestine campaigns. She slipped mayo into my sandwiches little by little, then made the big reveal. With fish, she just called me out repeatedly in front of her hilarious, but intimidating New Yorker sisters… I eat everything now and am grateful for the boot camp.
            Tl;Dr; There is hope for us limited-pallettites!

          • I know! And I listed that because it is something you’d expect him to eat, but NOPE he doesn’t like when they’re mixed together.

          • I understand. Mr. ArtDork’s list includes: condiments (except tabasco sauce), pickles, salads, shellfish (called sea bug), casseroles, brown rice, wheat bread, and he swore off sugar about a year ago (except the sugar in whiskey. that is acceptable sugar). I used to be vegetarian. Then I got tired of cooking two meals.

          • It’s the no food should touch other food rule.

          • artdork, that is what he calls that rule, and I didn’t realize it was an Official Title.

          • Jesus, that is so much stuff! I don’t have a lot of patience for people who refuse to try new foods or foods they didn’t like as a child. I think pumpkin pie is the grossest thing in the whole world, but every single year for Thanksgiving my mom makes a pumpkin pie and I always try a piece because it smells to god damn good and I love pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg so what’s the big deal, me?? Anyway, it hasn’t happened yet but every year I say to myself “This is the year I like pumpkin pie!” because as I grow older I find that I love love love so many of the foods I used to hate. Pumpkin pie is stubbornly holding out on me, but I will climb that mountain one of these years.

          • natures candy – I have thought about sneaking aioli, but he would be so mad at me. I am convinced that half of that list is just psychological. On the other hand, I once saw him gag on a burger with onions in the patty that I wouldn’t even have noticed.

          • Oh man, I am the pickiest eater. And I have very oddly specific tastes. The food I will not eat:

            Burgers, or any ground beef
            Potatoes in most forms (chips and fries are the only exceptions I can think of)
            Mexican food
            Corn off the cob
            Mac n Cheese (but I like both noodles and cheese a lot)
            Any other food that is wet
            Tomatoes (but ketchup I like)

            Ironically, one of my favorite types of foods is sushi.

          • It’s exhausting to keep up with, but I blame 18 years of church potlucks and a family of people who didn’t know how to cook for a lot of his pickiness. I mean, the man won’t eat lasagna for god’s sake! Because it’s a CASSEROLE!

          • I go through weird mayo kicks and I am in one right now. Legitimately crave mayo. So I sort of frown on those that don’t like it. Also, what is “ethnic food”?

          • What’s in a casserole? I don’t think I’ve ever had one.

            I won’t eat:
            seafood (and anything that lives in water) for a variety of reasons (seaweed, fish, crabs, scuba divers, seals, etc.)
            mushrooms as burgers (the texture, oh god the texture!)
            gelatinized pig bits (the native Hungarians in my family eat it, but us Hungarian-Americans thinks its a jello nightmare)
            some meats (pretty much animals that aren’t chickens, cows, and pigs)

          • To be fair, aioli (surprisingly hard to type correctly the first time!) is basically a tricky disguise for mayonnaise. A tricky, delicious disguise.

        • neverabadidea I had originally written Indian food, Thai food, Chinese food, Mexican food, and then figured out that the only ethnicity of food he likes is Italian so I just decided to go for brevity? He will eat Korean barbecue but no other Korean food.

          • That is 100% my mom. She came to visit me in Chicago and there are all these amazing places to eat and the only places I could take her to were Greek or Italian. Boring.

  14. Two more sleeps till vacation! Except I probably won’t have time to sleep because I have so much work to finish first. I won’t be around to answer this question next week (hopefully because I’m in Palm Springs, not because I’m dead) so just assume the answer is “I am great today but I miss you monsters!”

  15. i am astonishingly lazy today. more so than usual, somehow, which is saying a lot, since i am a REAL bag of garbage most days. i don’t want to go to work. i just want to continue laying sprawled out on my living room floor listening to split enz all day, thinking about how i should really start committing to the diet and exercises i’ve been half-assedly attempting so that i can be a cool, skinny indie band jerk instead of a pudgy, lays-sprawled-out-on-the-floor-listening-to-split-enz-all-day indie band jerk.

    i probably should go to work, though, since i spend like ninety dollars on comics earlier this week, because in addition to being a doughy “musician” i am also a GENIUS.

  16. The wedding is about 6 months out now, so after a couple months’ hiatus from planning, I got to work today and ordered our save the dates. We just got our engagement photos back and our photographer charged us for the computer files, which I think is total bullshit, but at least I negotiated a bit and got the price down? Anyway, I was always planning to put them up on Facebook, because I truly enjoy seeing other people’s, but now I feel like that would be so awkward. Maybe I’ll just put up like a few non-kissy ones where the dog looks great.

    I just finished The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach and it was really good, guys. And now I’m reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple and it is also really good, and probably the funniest book I’ve read in years. I feel like this week has been kind of worthless so far. I did wedding stuff, administrative book stuff, and read a bunch, but I’ve written almost nothing (except for what I think is a very good Yelp review of a taco shack this morning) and I’m starting to feel like I need to exit the Internet forever.

    • I really want to read both of those books! Where’d You Go, Bernadette also has one of the best covers, and I love a well-designed book jacket. I am reading Them by Jon Ronson right now, and I really don’t know I feel about it. I’m 100 pages in, and it’s interesting, but I feel sort of blah about it too. I read The Psychopath Test a while ago, and I really liked that. I’m also going to start Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan soon because a.) I’ve heard great things about it and b.) the cover glows in the dark!

      • READ THEM BOTH. I also read Southland last week, by Nina Revoyr, and that is another amazing book, about Japanese and black families growing up in a historically mixed neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s a sort of mystery that takes place in 1994 after the Northridge quake, and it covers Japanese internment, the Watts riot of 1965, and a whole lot of racist bullshit. I’m on a roll with good books right now.

  17. I just spent thirty minutes looking at take out menus and still have no idea what I want. Also, I’ve been screwing up dates/appointments a lot lately, and I realized my trip home for spring break is off by a few days and I will miss a couple of classes. Which sucks, because I always feel behind.

  18. Why am I awaiting moderation?!? That’s it! I’m ordering pizza….

    • I’m getting moderated a lot too, and my guess is that we’re fighting off the spammers, who I will not imitate for fear of getting moderated.

      • Yeah. Perhaps I shouldn’t have opened with my early evening search for take out when I eventually settled on pizza anyway. I suppose if this is the price we have to pay for constant vigilance against the spammers, so be it.

        The other part of my post was basically how, since I no longer have a real job, I cannot keep dates straight for the life of me. I mis-booked my spring break trip home so that it overlaps with school because I looked at the wrong calendar? Or just made dates up? Plus, I’ve blanked on meetings and things too. I write them down, but then they just drift off into the ether somewhere. It’s really stressing me out!

  19. Quite frankly, I am disappointed. There was supposed to be snowfall in this region today, and I was really looking forward to it (I wouldn’t get a snow day, as I work from home, but I would have taken several breaks to play in the snow). Instead we got a bunch of slush and rain. Oh well. I may just head to the mountains this weekend to get my snow fix.

  20. Got up. Went back to bed. Got up. went back to bed. Remembered I needed to move my car, and also the new Hellboy issue came out today. Got up. Bought Hellboy. Grabbed my laundry. Went and did laundry. Read Hellboy. Pretty good Hellboy! Re-watching Game of Thrones now while folding laundry.

  21. You guys remember how I have to go to court for that traffic violation? Well I might be out of it. Here’s the story:

    They asked for the wrong amount of bail money along with my “not guilty” plea. So they returned my check, plus a letter saying they were accepting my plea but in order to set a court date I have to mail a new check by ____ date.

    And that line is blank. So… I think I am innocent until proven guilty in court, and I have till after the heat death of the universe to request a court date??

    I’m no lawyer but this seems excellent. It’s a small piece of good news, anyway, on a day that has witnessed a disconcerting avalanche of work at work.

  22. Taxes being due is closing in at work and I’m in a little bit of a panic. My bff and bro are coming in 10 days and i’m V excited, I’m not sure what were going to do though besides drink and partake in legal marijuana. I wanted to start eating healthy today but then i ate a danish.

  23. Today was good. Nothing much to say really. Work has been good. My boss gets annoying, but no more than any boss would I feel like and generally I am really happy at my job. Saw Kendrick Lamar in concert last week, so that was probably the most major thing that happened to me recently.

    Also I watched The Seventh Seal this past weekend and that movie is incredible. The more I think about it the more it reveals itself despite how simple some of it seems at first. Definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a good movie to watch.

    • I originally watched that movie only to get the reference from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, but I sure was glad I saw it.

    • saturnian’s new girlfriend is like, “MAN, FUCK boombox lincoln.”

      • “What does a boombox have to do with Abraham Lincoln?” – saturnian’s new girlfriend who doesn’t read Videogum.

        But ok fair enough, you got me. I know that is a glaring omission, and that is definitely a more major development than going to some concert, but that happened two weeks ago, and sometimes I can’t remember whether or not I commented in this thread each week and so sometimes things fall through the cracks and SO there you have it case dismissed.

    • Along the same lines, check out Bergman’s “The Devil’s Eye”. I rented it when I was an artsy fartsy teenager trying to show how much I didn’t care about modern pop culture by only watching (mostly really boring) old black and white or foreign movies, but holy smokes I was so impressed with how fucking HILARIOUS it is! Very deadpan, Nordic humour, but so funny.

    • Yes! I watched it because I wanted to know more about it other than the chess scene, and I have no words to properly express how great the whole film is. Also, it helps to watch it to get the ending of Woody Allen’s Love and Death and Monty Python’s Meaning of Life

  24. Pretty OK. Had to work a ten hour day, but was able to go to Toys R Us to look at remote controlled cars and Star Wars toys for upcoming library programs and kill an hour.
    And then I helped my manager come up with passive aggressive ways to get back at the building manager for harassing her for asking him to do his job.

    Has anyone heard any good jokes lately?

    • Two men, Jeff and Pete, have been asked to measure the height of the flagpole for a new rope. After stading around for a few hours trying to figure out how to climb the flagpole, a dumb blond shows up. “What are you guys doing?” she asks. “We need to figure out how high the flagpole is so we can cut a new rope for it.” Pete replies. The blonde tells them to stay put and returns a few moments later with a screwdriver and a measuring tape. She unscrews the flagpole, lays it on its side, measures it, and screws it back in again. “15 feet” she tells them. As soon as she leaves, Jeff and Pete burst out laughing. “Oh man, can you even believe that woman??” howls Jeff. “What a dumb blonde!” agrees Pete, “Giving us the length when we needed the height!”

    • One day, a duck walks into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist, “Got any beer?” And the pharmacist replies “Are you kidding me? We don’t sell beer here, duck! Get out of here!” So the duck leaves, and comes back the next day and asks the pharamacist, “Got any beer?” and the pharmacist replies, “I told you yesterday we don’t sell beer here! This is a pharmacy! Now if you come back and ask me that again I’m gonna nail your feet to the floor!” So the duck leaves, and returns the next day and asks the pharmacist, “Got any nails?” The pharmacist replies, “Nope.” So the duck asks, “Got any beer?”

  25. Today was fine. I watched some more Adventure Time, and it was great. Friday, I get to go to a conference about library programs for children and teens, and I can’t wait! It is always a lot of fun. I love sharing what programs have worked for me and hearing about the exciting things other libraries are doing!

  26. Sean Penn tries too hard to be a Humanitarian. I bet, if he was around at the time, he’d be giving a eulogy at Hitler’s Funeral.

    Yes, Sean Penn would go back in time to be Hitler’s friend.

    • remember that time sean penn brought a van to coachella and just straight up kidnapped people to go help new orleans after hurricane katrina?

  27. Today was good, thanks for asking. I test drove some cars, my hair looked nice, and work was pretty good! Not much else except I’m glad videogum fixed the malware issues I kept seeing!!!

  28. I had a REALLY frustrating day at work today. Just a tip guys: don’t ever send a sound designer a youtube link and suggest they use a snippet of audio from it. It’s insulting for a number of different reasons.

  29. I totally missed this because I left a presentation until the last minute and was scrambling all afternoon to finish. Then I went to a super girly craft night where we all drank wine and knit and had an amazing time. And now I am sipping whiskey and lying in bed trying to finish this damn presentation.

    On the surface, very good day. I do so hate it when outside things make you worry, so even if you have a good day it still isn’t the best because your mind is on other things.

  30. Oh hi I missed this again! My yesterday was okay. I got off work and decided that I would go to the mall because I just got my tax return money and I’m going to Brooklyn this weekend so I wanted to get some new looks, but instead I just bought 2 shirts and a sweater that look basically like every other article of clothing that I already own because I thought “Oh I like these” and didn’t realize that of course I like these because I’ve already bought basically the same thing five times. Lady problems, am I right?

    Another lady problem that I’ve been having is that I really really really want to buy a plain brown cardigan, just a brown fucking cardigan that has two long sleeves and some buttons and is a normal length, but apparently clothing manufacturers have decided that brown cardigans don’t need to exist anymore or I guess that it’s “spring” or something now so instead everything is like 20000 shades of ivory or 10000 shades of mint. LADY PROBLEMS.

    Also some people at work have been getting on my nerves for normal spending-40-hours-a-week-within-4-feet-of-someone reasons, but like I said I’m going to Brooklyn for a long weekend, UNC is playing Duke on Saturday and they’ve actually been playing well for a couple of weeks, I got tax money and a couple of new shirts that will ease easily into my wardrobe, so life is good overall.

    • I know your pain. I wanted something blue-violet, but when I went to the store, the color scheme shifted to pink pastels and ivories.

    • I have about 5 brown cardigans (that’s my lady problem), I’ll trade you?

      • Sure! Would you like a plain gray pullover sweater? I have a few different of those. Also anything in the plum/dark purple family.

        • I have no pullovers, so that’s perfect! I have a lot of plum/purple in my wardrobe though. I identify very much with the scene in 30 Rock when Liz is looking through her monotonously colored closet and is like “Navy, Gray, Maroon, Gray… am I depressed?!”

    • I only buy shapeless dresses and giant sweaters, so the last couple times I went shopping with gentlemansteph he’s said, “You already have that” when I tried stuff on. So I kind of am sick of all my clothes but don’t really shop because what is even the point.

      • The absolute worst thing about shopping is when you find something in your exact size and color and it’s so pretty…until you try it on. Retail heartbreak.

  31. Yesterday was okay. I realized Starbucks hazelnut macchiato and caramel macchiato are the same thing with different flavored sauces. Are macchiatos in real life supposed to have sauce? I think that’s gross. Also the hazelnut sauce is disgustingly bitter. Then I kind of when on a rant at work because of a project where everybody needs my information and help but won’t ask me directly. I blame the macchiato.

    Today is okay. It’s going fast. I just hope the weather causes my evening class to get cancelled so I don’t have to see this professor for another 3 weeks instead of 2. I dread coming because I learn absolutely nothing academically, even though the syllabus says we’re supposed to be learning applicable things necessary to the field. That and the boys club mentality.

    I can’t wait for the weekend because I need new clothes and because the days are getting longer and warmer.

  32. i had a pretty okay day yesterday. long day at work but it felt positive and like my work campaign is going somewhere, and then a collective meeting for the art space i work with, followed by band practice, followed by drinks with a person that i really like who i don’t get to see too often. which kinda bummed me out in this weird way because i’ve had a torch for him for years now but he’s in a really good relationship so it is definitely hands off / can’t even remotely be upset about it, you know? and now just one more day at work before i head off to a long weekend traveling with friends!

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