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  1. I stopped watching when she used “making a list” tone and only named two things.

  2. Do you think this counts as “a woman helping other women?”

  3. I broke my oath to not listen to videos with sound at work just for my girl Katherine. But I played it real low and so I think I might have misheard some important details. For example, did she say that her college friends say that fat thighs and short-shorts are a new trend for spring? If so, woo-hoo!!!! SPRING BREAK FOR LIFE!

  4. i don’t really have a good comment about whatever it is i just watched. i just have the need for someone to know that i watched this.

  5. With videos like these, who needs brains?

  6. “I like to do stand-up paddle”

  7. Does her voice soothe anyone else? It’s like I could fall asleep to her so easily.

    Also KCC: I doubt anything there is unique and hand-made, unless you mean hand-made by an 11 year old Philippine.

  8. Also for a straight girl she’s talking an awful lot about tops and bottoms! ZING!

  9. New Froggy Fresh AND Katherine Chloe Cahoon videos in the same day?! My day just got so much better!

  10. Going on a Hawaiian vacation with her must be delightful. “Ladies, always make sure to bring at least two extra suitcases for the 200lbs of shell jewelry you will be picking up at ‘the carts’”.

  11. til I saw the check for $4980, I didnt believe …that…my brothers friend woz like realy earning money in there spare time from there pretty old laptop.. there friend brother haz done this for less than 17 months and resently paid for the mortgage on their cottage and bourt themselves a Toyota. I went here,………

  12. her reasonably priced and my reasonably price are two very different numbers. For example my beach bag was 4 dollars

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