OH NO! MIIIIIIIKE! I can’t say I’m not surprised about how quickly James’s criminal tendencies have progressed from stealing bikes to murder, but if there’s any jerk who could make the jump from A to Z like that it is FOR SURE this jerk. Fuck you, James! I’m so sorry about your mom, Mike! I wish you’d listened to Froggy and not gone after this monster! I hope you’re ok, though it looks very much like you may not be! MIKE!

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  1. Why is he telling Mike not to cry after his mom died? Fine, don’t go shed/draw blood – but cry? Froggy is hardcore tough.

  2. When the most important member of your crew goes on a mission to avenge his mother’s murder at the hands of your arch nemesis, YOU GO WITH HIM.

  3. Money Maker Mike’s Mom Murdered? I’m not condoning James’ actions, but how could he resist that alliteration?

  4. 1. When the hell did their production quality get so good. Did they hire actors for the cops?

    2. Why are Froggy Fresh the only ones not affected by the increase in production quality? Can Mike get new clothes? Does Froggy have to be in a basement?

  5. This is why I don’t take the bus: it’s full of strung out orphans hellbent on revenge.

  6. I’m beginning to think “James” is meant to symbolize the evil Krispy Kreme conglomerate. “Killing Mike’s mom” is a metaphor for eviscerating Froggy’s original nom de plume.

    Also, it could simply mean that James killed Mike’s mom. What a dick.

  7. I knew this guy before he was famous his name was Krispy Kreme and his website is http://KrispyKreme4eva.net/shopmy friends bought alot of his t-shirts and we gon sell them when Emin3m signs him lol but naw we luv this kid! but “James” is an allegory for “Krispy Kreme Donut” addict and by killing Mike’s Mom he killed the old Krispy bcuz dont you think its weird he is always obsessed with Krispy and Mike?

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