Let me begin by saying that I do not know when “Spring Break” is. Is it now? I know Spring Breakers comes out on March 22 — is it then? I tried to find out on the Internet and on some message board a guy said that if you want to avoid spring break youths on your vacation you have to block out the entire month of March, so I am going with that guy. SPRING BREEEEEEAAAAAAAK! I can’t remember a time when I was so relieved that it was almost spring. (Only because I have a terrible memory? I’m sure I’m this relieved every year.) I’m staring out my window right now, which is RAISED, and the sun is STILL IN THE SKY! R U SERIOUS? THE SUN? AT 5:30PM?!?! That is more than enough reason to celebrate with a party game, if you ask me. SPRING BREAK MOOOOVIEEEES!

  • The Princess and the Señor Frog
  • Sunscreenshine
  • Jennifer’s Body Shot
  • The (Super Gross) Beach 
  • Do Drink the Water, Seriously, and Be Careful

Fun fun fun! Now it’s your turn, yay! (Sand image via Shutterstock.)

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  1. Rock of Underages

  2. The Hangover

  3. Big Daddy Issues

  4. Barfthur

  5. Catch Me If You Cancun

  6. Dial M for Mai Tai

  7. Where The Girls Gone Wild Things Are

  8. Paul(y Shore)

  9. The Rum Diary

  10. Wet Hot American T-Shirts

  11. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jägerbomb

  12. What’s Up, Tiger Lily (aside from your blood alcohol content)?

  13. V.D. Warshawski

  14. 28 Shots Later

  15. Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead And Can’t Afford To Go On Spring Break

  16. The Rum Cryeries

  17. Silver Patron Playbook

  18. The Intoxication of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

  19. About Schmidt (Beer)

  20. To Catch a V.D.
    I Got the Hook Up

  21. Breasts of the Southern Wild

  22. Natty Ice Age

  23. The Skeleton Keystone

  24. Pan’s Lab-of-Drinks

  25. You Can Cover-Charge Me

  26. The Lake Havasu City House

  27. My Spring Break (from NYU) starts the 18th of March. I’ll be in Brazil. This will be my motto:

    • my spring break started this week but I could only get half a week off work, but as soon as I leave work on Wednesday I’m heading down to New Orleans to drink myself into oblivion

  28. The Tailor of Panama City

  29. Argo back to bed

  30. Drincoln

  31. Trash Humpers


  33. The Maltese Fuckin’ (no? no)

  34. Zero at Ten, a Dark Thirty at Two

  35. The 400 Blow Jobs

  36. Transformers: Dark Side of the Poon

  37. Good Night and Good Fuck

  38. Breakfast at Sharky’s

  39. Up(chuck)

  40. Drink (it would be like Drive but with drinking, you know? because they start with the same three letters?)

  41. The Man Who Did Shots With Liberty Valance

  42. Marvel’s The Bingers

  43. The Fast and The Blurriest

  44. American Spender

  45. Crewless

  46. The Holiday

  47. Horton Hears a Woooooooooo!!!!

  48. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Up Chucker.

  49. The Bourbon Identity. The Bourbon Ultimatum. The Bourbon Supremacy. The Bourbon Legacy.

  50. No Country for Old Men

  51. The Drunk Knight Rises (at 3pm)

  52. Beasts Gone Wild

  53. Get Boardshorty

  54. Spring Breakin’

  55. I Am Plastered

  56. 70,000 Psychopaths

  57. Trouble with the Cuervo

  58. Everclear and Present Danger

  59. The Kids Are All Drunk

  60. The Lady’s Bra Vanishes

  61. There Will Be Bud

  62. The Wages of Beer

  63. Acapulco Now

  64. Do the Wrong Thing

  65. A Clockwork Screwdriver

  66. (Pussy) Posse. (sorry, gross)

  67. 500 Days of Summer

  68. Long time reader, first time commenter. Let me just say I love you videogum, you are the only palatable place in this crazy web.

    Sophomore in the Grass

  69. Django Unchained from Midterms

  70. Lord of the Toe Rings

  71. Legends of the Fall (from the hotel balcony)

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  73. You are all brilliant and wonderful people!

  74. There Will Be Bloody Marys

  75. The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

  76. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to STD’s

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