• I sent this video of the nervous and very charming BBC Radio 1 personality Chris Stark interviewing Mila Kunis to Gabe and pretty much all he had to say about it was that it was “unprofessional,” which is I guess fair enough because he does ask her on a few different dates and 0 questions about the movie, but also it is wonderful and I think you’re going to enjoy it! -Gawker
  • “A Fan’s Notes on Gilmore Girls.” -TheAwl
  • Speaking of Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel has signed on to star in a a Fox pilot with Jason Ritter, meaning Jason Ritter will have dated both “Gilmore Girls” back-to-back. Worst boyfriend ever, after Dean! LOL. -Deadline
  • This is a supercut dedicated to the art of the steadicam, which is similar to things we’ve seen before on the ‘net, but also it’s still great? Always worth a watch. -/Film
  • Harrison Ford is going to be in Anchorman 2. Actors be acting! I hope there aren’t any SNAKES on set, LOL. Lots of laughs 2day. -FilmDrunk
  • You should turn your office vending machine into a TARDIS, but make sure it’s a vending machine with snacks rather than drinks. “How do we know what snacks we’re getting?!” “Doctor WHO CARES!” -HyperVocal
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  1. Links that open in new tabs! You guys do care.

  2. I would only drink Pepsi versus the rest, and since the machine is a Tardis and David Tennant is Pepsi, I can die a happy woman.

  3. As a proud member of Team Logan, I take offense to the “god forbid Team Logan” slight in that Gilmore Girls article. He had me at “talking in an old-timey journalist voice in his first episode,” and he never let go of my heart.

    • NO! Logan was no good. Dean was the worst, but Logan was a close second. Jess was the best, followed by (poor) Marty.

    • Me too. Plus Rory was fun with Logan for the first time in her whole life. Non-Logan Rory would have never thrown a kick-ass London party. Dean was the corrugated cardboard of boyfriends, like when Buffy dated Riley. Ugh. I didn’t like Jess either, but mostly because he reminded me of a guy I knew that got on my nerves.

      Also, that think piece made me sad because I initially and begrudgingly started watching that show because my friend was on it. Then I realized it was fantastic. This happened many many years after I had graduated college.

      In conclusion, pass me my Boniva and get off my lawn!!

      • Do you think Rory is still blogging about Obama for that startup?

      • Logan just reminded me of all the entitled jags I went to college with. Dean will always be the worst for the reasons you listed above, not to mention that he was whiny and petulant and possessive. He really was just one vampire hooker away from being Riley, but also with a hefty dose of Xander (minus the somewhat-redeeming sense of humor).

        • Very good point. But I was okay with Xander after Anya decided to like him like like him. If a revenge demon can make room in her heart for that werido, a future revenge demon can make room for that character. Plus Cordelia liked him. My two favorite people in Sunnydale were both big fans o’Xander (and they were both impervious to the love curse).

          • Yeah but then there was that whole thing where he left Anya at the altar. And the whole thing where he convinced Buffy that it was her fault that Riley went to vampire hookers because she wouldn’t let him feel like a man or whatever. ihatexander.com

          • Xander was totally a creep. And he was a super creep to Willow in the early years. Of course, his awfulness was made less awful if only because Anya was the best and watching her deal with heartbreak with her demon friends was kind of fantastic. Loved her family, too. Pity she didn’t get to meet Lorne and sing for him and avoid that whole mess. Oh man, I need to watch the Pylea eps over again… those were the best. Lorne was my favorite.

            Also: Cordelia’s stupid Pylean fiance was Riley/Dean levels of awful. He wasn’t Conner, but UGH. How do you get raised in a Game of Thrones style dimension and still come out super boring?

      • Let’s go back to how your friend was on the show…

        Also, I love that this turned into a Buffy/Angel discussion.

    • I actually really enjoyed the Rory/Logan eps before they started dating (despite those also being the Dean affair eps). Their flirting was fun and light. Once they started dating Logan kind of became the worst. Well, all of GG kind of became the worst.

  4. I hope everyone caught the awesome phrase “massive lad points”.

    (I’ll be using that one.)

  5. Ahh I loved Gavin and Stacey (although I still haven’t gotten around to series 3) and I love Alexis Bledel and I think Jason Ritter is goofycute BUT I don’t think this show will be great.

  6. But if the second GG *also* dumps adorable, sweet Jason Ritter for barf-worthy Ray Romano, I am seriously going to Lose. My. Mind! What is WRONG WITH SARAH!

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