Norm MacDonald went on Letterman last night and did his Norm MacDonald thing. That’s all anyone really needs to know at this point: Norm MacDonald is simply still the best late night TV interview subject. Here are the two funniest parts of last night’s appearance: Norm’s crystal meth joke and his f-bomb-filled story about old sportscaster Bob Uecker.

Norm on living wills and crystal meth:

Norm’s Bob Uecker story. (Context: Bob is an old man, and John Fogerty was in a hippie band.):

For some reason some bloggers are being like “Norm isn’t going to be asked back because he said the f word!” Respectfully, anyone who says that hasn’t been watching Norm’s outrageous late night appearances for the past decade. This one was actually kind of TAME for him. Norm MacDonald can do anything he wants.

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  1. omg there was 10 minutes of commercials between norm and animal collective, and zero content. unbareable

  2. tom d  |   Posted on May 8th, 2009 +1

    “Uecker” and “Fogerty”

  3. Exactly what my day needed. Long live Norm!

  4. faas  |   Posted on May 8th, 2009 +4

    That Bob Uecker impression was spot on. Norm’s a class act. I thought it was great that even though Dave called Norm out on having to do his act for him that it didn’t take anything away from how funny it all was.

  5. wow. i think dave almost laughed himself to death there for a second.

  6. faas  |   Posted on May 8th, 2009 +6

    Wait a second…fogerty was in an old hippie band? an old hippie band as in creedence clearwater revival? fogerty has one of the most legendary voices in rock. give him more credit than being a hippie.

    • ok, ok. he also wrote and performed “centerfield”. Oh, and he dissed his bandmates @ the R&R HOF induction by performing w/ another band.

    • laughed my heart out of my chest @ the golf story– yeah, you pretty much need to know exactly who j.f. is to get the full impact; if all you know is that one ‘new’ song he had on mtv way back when, you get it, but you don’t GET it.

  7. Videogum Norm Macdonald promise, please.

  8. Josh  |   Posted on May 8th, 2009 0

    Dagwood Bumps.

  9. CCR is really fucking good.

  10. CCR was really fucking good. Props people.

  11. Does anyone else remember when he was on several years ago & clearly indicating that he & some friend had smoked a shitload of mary jane, but since he was on Letterman, he’s all “so we had smoked so much…BEER…uh, I guess,” and everyone laughed but by the time he gets to the 3rd, 4th “cus we’d had so much BEER” everyone was in tears. The guy is just hilarious.

  12. Why does Jimmy Fallon have a late night show, and Norm MacDonald doesn’t?

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