Hey, quick question, where were you on the morning of February 25th? It’s definitely no big deal and you’re not in trouble or anything, but– wait, what’s that? “Not in East Yorkshire,” you said? Hah. Uh, well, let me first make it clear that I’m not in the business of calling people liars. I like to trust people, I just find that outlook much easier, life it too short to be so suspicious, but the fact that you said that you weren’t in East Yorkshire, the exact location I had in mind before I even said it, rather than the place where you “were” — you understand how that seems a little odd, right? Well, let me as you this: Do you currently own a batman costume? Yes? No, sure, lots of people have Batman costumes from past Halloweens. I don’t think it’s an unfair question, though. You seem a bit hostile! Aren’t you friends with this criminal, though? Did you bring him into the police station dressed as Batman for some reason? ARE YOU THE EAST YORKSHIRE BATMAN?

“SHOW YOURSELF.” – Christian Bale Batman voice. (Via i09.)

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  1. Sadly, there was one foe the Yorkshire Batman couldn’t best: Type-1 Diabetes.

  2. In England they call him BatLorry

  3. Guy Dressed as Batman: I would like to buy these watches from you.
    Other Guy: Why are you dressed like Batman?
    Guy Dressed as Batman: It’s my kid’s birthday party.
    Other Guy: Are you sure you’re not going to turn me in, in some sort of elaborate vigilante sting?
    Guy Dressed as Batman: Don’t be ridiculous.
    Other Guy: So if I sell you these watches you aren’t going to bring me to the police.
    Guy Dressed as Batman: Nope
    Other Guy: Ok… Here you go.
    (he hands over the watches in exchange for cash)
    Guy Dressed as Batman: Thanks! You mind getting in my car real quick? It’s for a thing…
    Other Guy: What thing?
    Guy Dressed as Batman: The thing where… we go get ice cream!
    Other Guy: I love ice cream!
    (he gets into the car. they drive to the police station)
    Guy Dressed as Batman: Here we are!
    Other Guy: Hey! this looks like the police station.
    Guy Dressed as Batman: No. It’s a brand new ice cream store. It’s called…uh… Pol-ICE Cream Station
    Other Guy: Oh, that makes perfect sense, guy dressed as batman.
    (They walk in, and other guy gets arrested)


  4. Yes.

    How did you know my only weakness was asking me directly, Kelly?

  5. Shouldn’t the British Batman be dressed for cricket?

  6. No, I am his archnemesis, The East Yorkshire Penguin.

  7. ee by gum

  8. no question about who Tap-Man and The Catch are, though.

  9. Jon Ronson’s thing about real-life superheroes is really interesting: http://www.gq.com/news-politics/newsmakers/201108/real-life-superheroes-phoenix-jones
    They have their own conventions and stuff!

  10. Or as Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber refers to him, “The BattingGentleman.”

  11. Of course he appeared to be brought in “fairly willingly.” A petty criminal like that isn’t going to run from Batman.

    • Can you imagine how impressed the other criminals are going to be? “How’d you get caught?” “Oh, my old lady called the cops on me while I was sleeping one off. You?” “I got taken down by the mother f’ing BATMAN.”

  12. Christian Bale just got impatient for the Justice League Movie / Batman re-boot. FUCK THIS! I’LL DO IT MYSELF! WHO’S SHOOTING IT!? THAT CCTV!? FINE! GET ME ANOTHER PIE! CHRIST!

  13. “It’s hard to tell from the series of stills what the sort of cordiality there was between them.”
    English Batman is, of course, politeness itself.

  14. Batarangers and Mash

  15. AHEM.

    (this is the second of two unplanned knight-and-squire-related comments from me today. living the dream, you guys!)

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  17. “It falls into the category of news that you couldn’t make up…” Ooh sorry to spoil the news but that costume he is wearing is a reference to a comic book crimefighter that was made up 70 some years ago. They’ve even made up movies and tv shows about him.

  18. On Ilkley Moor Baht’man…

  19. Hahahahaha FATMAN or BATMAN?

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