NO. (Via NOPE.)

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  1. The N in Norway stands for NOPE

  2. Can someone save me a week-long cringe and tell me if this video goes terribly wrong at the end?

  3. So basically this means she is an android. If I learned anything from Aliens, it is that androids are very good at this game.

  4. Oh, not this stupid game! It was the only thing keeping me from 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption

  5. She’s clearly not the sharpest…uh, oh wait, I had something good for this…

  6. How does one become a pro at the knife game? Practice with crayons, then pencils…when do you take the leap to knives…

  7. Glad she was able to throw some dumb American Idol style vibrato in there

  8. My favorite thing about the linked article is all the Gawker commenters who are suddenly knife-handling experts. SO MACHO YOU GUYS.

    My second-favorite thing is the Scandinavian take on a “country” accent. See also: First Aid Kit.

  9. This game is awful, but it does remind me of this:

    Marge: No knife games at the dinner table!
    Homer (wincing in pain): I didn’t hit your precious table!

  10. I heard her practice vidoes put a couple of guys through medical school.

  11. I’m gonna try this with a gun!

  12. I tripped and fell on my friends drum set this weekend (drums are fine) My leg was punctured though whooopz

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  14. The Knife Song Video, aka Darwin Award Nominee Submittals

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