• If you have some time and the desire, here are a bunch of deleted scenes (20 minutes of them) from The Master, never before released online. -SlashFilm
  • We’ve talked about this FaceCake CLUELESS CLOSET that uses Kinect to let shoppers try on clothing and be Cher from Clueless before, but this video is much better! Look at it again! -Mashable
  • “I’m 6ft 5. Today I went to the GoT food truck, met Bran Stark, and he called me Hodor and climbed on my back,” says some guy on reddit. And there’s a picture! Winter is coming! -WarmingGlow
  • Apparently Charlie Sheen is NOT going to be Lindsay Lohan’s life coach, which is not a thing that I knew was maybe going to happen but is good to hear in any case. -Dlisted
  • Slate has a chat every week about certain TV shows (they did the last season of Parenthood and I CANNOT believe that I was not asked to come and chat with them) and they’re currently doing a chat series about girls, and here is their chat about last night’s Hannah/OCD ep. What did you think about that? I know we usually talk on Fridays, but tell me. -Slate
  • Jack the Giant Slayer didn’t do very well! Oh noooooooo, JACK! -FilmDrunk
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  1. Listen, I don’t really want to know how the Videogum sausage is made, but was Mary let go because her links opened in a new tab? If not, can we make that happen again. I’ve tasted of the sweet nectar of links opening in new tabs and I can’t go back again.

    • This man, he speaks the truth. If Mary was let go because her rebellious links opened in new tabs, then I say bring her back! The revolution will open in a new tab!

    • You can always right click and select open in a new tab or window. I’m literally having a discussion at work right now about functionality and tabs/windows. Most users are used to opening in new tabs on their own so it’s falling out of favor to install as a whole… especially as multiple windows of many different pages can crash an older computer if too much is running with not enough RAM. Others like it a lot, especially if you are opening a window to support information from the first. Depending on how you code the referring URL, it also allows user tracking behavior on data reports so you can get a better grasp of what works how and when (calls to action, changes in characters that refer to the tags, animated or “loud” notices, etc.)

      This being said, the HTML code to open a new window is target=”_blank” after the a href= url and before the closing bracket, though it’s a built-in thing on the WordPress CMS.

  2. As someone who struggles with OCD, I always enjoy seeing a character I can relate to. Sometimes it can be hilarious because I like laughing at myself and other times it can be heartbreaking. Girls had a nice blend of both.

    I’ve found most of the characters on Girls somewhat unbearable, but I really think Dunham knocked it out of the park with her portrayal of someone dealing with their anxiety. The empty, defeated look in her eye, the aggression towards your loved ones who are trying to help you, etc.

    It seems rather out of left field that all of a sudden this is something her character has to deal with, but I’m sure major life changes can bring about a relapse. I wouldn’t personally know about this since I am always struggling with it, and while it does get worse with stress, I wouldn’t go from 0 to 60 like it is seen in this episode. I guess we have seen her becoming more depressed, but I wasn’t expecting her to have OCD.

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