• Recently on his show Last Leg, Australian comedian Adam Hills yelled at Joan Rivers for insulting Adele’s weight on Letterman post-Oscars. It’s good! Headphones up! -HyperVocal
  • DC Pierson made a promise that if 100 more people pre-ordered his book (100 more than how many? I don’t know! But I wondered that too!) (maybe we should MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS!) he would release 30 minutes of stand-up online. They did and he did! -PopCultureBrain
  • The Onion ”The Onion’d” its Oscars joke backlash, proving that you can both apologize and also “stay in character” or whatever the heck people were worried about. -TheOnion
  • I do not watch Enlightened, I know that I should!, but its season finale aired this past weekend and Vulture talked to Mike White about it, as well as his plan for the third season. -Vulture
  • Steven Spielberg is developing Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon as a miniseries. Ha-ha! That’s the only kind of series it COULD be, right?! Ahaaahhahaha. But he is for real, though. -THR
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  1. A mini-series is better than a short film would have been.

  2. Ugh, that first clip.

    “How dare you make fun of Adele for being fat?! You’re fucking ugly!”

    • It was more “You’re so far up your own self-important ass that you have destroyed any resemblence of having a human face through your desperate attempts to continue to look young instead of aging like a natural human, so why not shut the fuck up about someone being an actual human person.”

      • I don’t entirely disagree, but that’s not getting to the root of this. It’s body-shaming in retaliation for body-shaming.

        With regards to Joan Rivers having “destroyed any resemblance of having a human face”, there’s an unfortunate expectation for women past some certain indiscernable age in any entertainment medium to look as young as possible. This is the culture, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

        With regards to “desperate attempts to look young”, I refer to my previous internet rebuttal.

        This is nothing more than two comedians insulting each other (in earnest) in an insulting and dismissive manner to the larger groups involved.

  3. Joan Rivers says this shit every week and shes been saying it for 100yrs

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