I apologize for everything I’ve done today to turn this website into a den of gross, but just count your blessings that you didn’t watch this over breakfast this morning, as I did. There is certainly nothing wrong with two pregnant women dancing. There is, however, probably something wrong with two pregnant girls, which they appear to be, dancing, and at any rate, there’s something wrong with anyone dancing to the song “Fergalicious.” This is both creepy and mesmerizing, and if I just think it’s gross because of my puritanical hang-ups, I’m totally fine with that.


At least something (intentionally) funny happens at the 1:02 mark. (Via that mean site Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid? via tipster Justin. Thanks, Justin!)

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  1. This looks very fake. What girl with a belly wider than she is can bend down like that?

  2. The blonde one’s kinda hot. God, I am SO kidding. It Friday.

  3. This is grosser than the cow cunnilingus.

  4. Every time one of my guy friends even considers marriage or having a child, I am going to show them this video. Thank you, Lindsay.

  5. “Listen up ya’ll, ’cause this is it/the beat that I’m bangin’ is delicious”
    “You could see me, you can’t squeeze me/I ain’t easy, I ain’t sleazy.”
    “I’m Fergalicious (so delicious)/my body stay vicious/I be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness.”
    “T to the A, to the S-T-E-Y – girl, you’re tasty,”

    I’m out, peace, two fingerz.

  6. wow dey are fat

  7. Dancing to this song led to them getting knocked up in the first place. How ironic!!

  8. there are babies in there.

  9. If you’re young enough to know the song “Fergalicious,” you’re too young to be a mother. Not to mention the retardation that your kids will have due to early methface exposure.

  10. The babies are gonna pop up singing Fergalicious.

  11. the belly-protrusions made me think of coneheads.

  12. That song provokes the same effect as the mozart effect but in reverse.

  13. There is a reason the person who posted this has the name “Babyshitter”.

  14. sass  |   Posted on May 10th, 2009 +2

    I bet they went to that “pregnancy pact” school.

  15. Oh I bet that blonde chick is going to be thinking this is still all fun and games when her vagina explodes in a few short weeks.

  16. Someone needs to tell them that the internet will still exist when their babies gain consciousness and a sense of shame.

  17. I like it. :) I’ll do the same thing when I’m preggers one day, except in a muumuu.

  18. Alexandra  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2009 0

    THIS IS MY VIDEO… and my story.
    So I was just informed that this video is ALLLLL over the internet. I’ll have you know, that I am the ‘blonde’ girl in this video. I am not ashamed of it, the only thing I’m ashamed of is the fact that EVERYONE has taken this video and blown it out of proportion. Both myself, and the other girl were in fact 18 years old. For those of you that don’t know, it is perfectly fine to dance when you are pregnant. No, your child will not have SBS. I had an 8lb 5oz baby, and the other girl had a 10 pounder. I am writing this because I want people to get their heads out of their asses and realize that everything is not what it seems! No, I don’t seriously ghetto dance to fergalicious! It’s quite obvious that we were just being silly. I am not a teen-pregnancy promoter either. In fact, I’m quite against it. What can I say, though? I was young and made a mistake. And now I am happier than I’ve ever been. I work and go to school full-time, and am the single mother of my beautiful son. I’ve probably accomplished more than most of you small-minded imbeciles. Hopefully you learned something from this today. Ciao.

  19. You tell them… no mother should ever be ashamed to show their baby bump. beautiful baby

  20. I have a FB so I don’t have to sign up and hell ya I did. I don’t see what the big deal was, they were having fun and really harmless fun. BTW there are classes just for pregnant women that have them dancing to ” back seat windows up that’s the way I like to_____.” or hell pregnant exotic dance classes i.e stripper dancing.

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