Dear Fox: Please make a third X-Files movie. David Duchovny wants to do it, I think. He said so on the Tonight Show. It could have just been mostly lighthearted, maybe he didn’t actually want me to write, idk, I figured I’d do it anyway. Love you, bye.

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  1. I think I speak for all of us when I say, “There were 2?”

  2. Whatever equation the universe must use to make more agent Scully and less Californication has my axe.

  3. Oh hell yes I will watch as many X Files movies as they can throw at me. More X Files episodes too, if they’re into it. Not the spin-offs though. Not into the side characters enough to watch, I need Mulder and Scully and their giant car battery-powered flashlights screaming each other’s names in dark rooms.

  4. The first X-Files movie basically ruined the whole series for me by finally “showing the aliens” instead of keeping things mysterious, so by all means, make a 3rd. We should also demand a 3rd Caddyshack, Meatballs, and Grease, what with the sequels for them being so strong.

  5. I remember the second one coming out and my sister and I (who were both weekly viewers of the show on Sundays and Fridays and where ever else FOX happened to shove the series during its long run) being very excited about it, but I was going to be out of town for opening weekend — so we planned on seeing it when I got back. By the time I got back it was playing in one theater in Jersey that neither of us really wanted to go to… but we said if it was no where else the next week we’d make the journey. The next week it was gone. Not playing within 50 miles of us. Basically – I’m not sure any amount of letters is going to get a third X-FIles movie made. Maybe a Kickstarter? Kickstarters seem to really work well when pushed by nostalgia. Just ask Double Fine.

  6. The second one was very very terrible. It was like a bad CSI show. But that’s implying that CSI is good. So maybe it’s more just like an outright terrible movie.

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