Before I start, let me say that I didn’t get a chance to watch a lot of comedy this week. There wasn’t even a lot of comedy ON this week (Community was our only Must See TV show, Bob’s Burgers didn’t have a new episode, etc. I’m sure), but even the comedy that was on was, for the most part, comedy that I missed. “All Apologies” – Nirvana. But I did see New Girl and Girls and Billy on the Street! One thing that I don’t want to admit but WILL is that, at first, I really did not like Billy on the Street. I’m very sensitive and, the first few times I saw it, it only made me uncomfortable and sad. Hahah. BUT I LOVE IT NOW! What a turnaround I made! It’s very charming! This week’s episode featured Pink who, with Billy, played “Pink, Meryl Streep, or Who Cares” and it was great, obviously. Show’s great. If it made you sad and uncomfortable when you watched it the first time, you should watch it again! (VERY GOOD pull-quote if BOTS ever needs one.) On New Girl, Nick and Schmidt celebrated their tenth year of living together in an episode that featured a lot of great Zooey Deschanel reaction shots. The scene where Jax, or whatever the football player was called, proposed to her onstage — and her reaction to it — was a dream. IS CECE REALLY GOING TO MARRY THAT GUY?! NOOOOO, CECE! (Last night some friends and I had a conversation about which New Girl characters we were, obviously, and I INSISTED that I was Cece, because that is a pretty good joke to make when you’re trying to figure out which New Girl characters you and your friends are. FYI.) CECE, NOOOOOO! It was a good ep., though. Doy. New Girl is great. Girls, on the other hand, wasn’t great. But it WAS fine. (And I did love when Jessa’s dad told her that he can’t depend on her, either, and she pointed out that she was the child and he shouldn’t have to. That was very good.) Jessa is my favorite character, though, and now she’s going to be AWAY? Where did she go?! JESSA, NOOOOOOO! Television’s most heartbreaking goodbye note since the last one (when Burger left Carrie). I do think Hannah’s mom’s reaction was a bit too extreme at the end — it was played for comedy but didn’t come of “funny” as much as it did sad and weird. Is her relationship with her parents that bad? Jesus! Work it out, dudes! WHAT DID YOU THINK OF COMEDY THIS WEEK?

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  1. This week all the shows were great but I missed Parks and Rec :(
    I was watching Suburgatory and that show has gotten really funny! Do you guys watch it? It has definitely improved a bunch since it started.
    Also do you guys watch The Middle? That’s also a great show.
    Also it just ended but do you guys watch Impractical Jokers? That show is also so funny!
    This has been a round up of shows I think are funny that aren’t usually mentioned in this feed.
    New Girl was great this week. As usual I laughed my ass off during Archer (coming back for season 5 wooo!!!!)

    • Unfortunately I missed Archer last night, but it is waiting patiently for me on my DVR.

      And its coming back for season 5???

      • w/o spoiling anything, last nights Archer was pretty good, not as good as the prior weeks episode but still very funny, your enjoyment might hinge on your appreciation of Anthony Bourdain(sp?) and cooking shows

        but it does feature ******SPOILERS****** the return of Cheryl’s rich countess accent ********END SPOILERS******* which is a plus

    • Yay! Someone else likes The Middle!!!

      • I like The Middle too!!! The two high school kids are so perfect.

        • The girl is like 23 in real life. Mind blown.

          • They each deserve an emmy. I think they get snubbed every year because of Patricia Heaton’s politics. A shame.

          • That makes sense. I remember not watching a couple of episodes at some point because of her stupid tweet mocking Sandra Fluke.

          • I’ve stopped watching The Middle completely because of Patricia Heaton’s awful tweet/beliefs, but feel like I’m not missing out on anything. Every episode was fine, but the exact same plotlines: 1) Family is poor and trying to make ends meet (haha, how ironic for a conservative star) 2) Mom wants to be a perfect family and things go terribly wrong. Hijinks ensue!

            WE GET IT – you’re a poor family that can’t get anything right!

    • I once stayed at a friend’s house for like 3 extra hours because an Impractical Jokers marathon was on and I could not stop watching it. As someone who hates practical jokes in general, that show is really great!!! They seem to be really into just joking themselves and not strangers (plus) and they generally don’t force people to go out of their way to get joked (plus) and they actually do really funny and sometimes unobtrusive stuff (plus). Putting your nose on people at a restaurant??? I was actually dying. V. V. Good show.

    • I love Suburgatory so much. The ep where they learn whatsherface is actually a resident of East Chatswin still has me laughing. And Dalia is my favorite. Actually I love them all.

  2. Community was not very good. Was that one guy with the glasses supposed to be the Nick Kroll character from the foosball episode? Because nope. And whereas the German characters on the foosball episode were funny because they were just so absurd, this time the joke seemed to be “They like weird sausages and luftballons! LOL!” Not very funny.

    Cougar Town has improved though which is good. It was nice to have an episode with lots of Stan, because that kid is super cute. Still kind of weird that we haven’t seen Grayson’s daughter at all, and they have only mentioned her once. I will never get the Laurie/Travis thing, but the sequence of Jules breaking bad news to Travis over the years was very funny. And shockingly, my favorite joke of the night came from Tom!

    • I hear ya. I felt Community was very, I dunno, “Community”. It rehashed a lot of old themes (everyone hates the gang, the gang learns a lesson after being hated, Chang is probably up to another one of his schemes), without really adding anything new or interesting.

      Though to be honest, I have started using the term “Changnesia” because I’m a robot and will repeat anything I hear on TV.

    • I thought it was the best of the new season so far. Not one of the best episodes of the series or anything, but it could stand along with any of the “pretty good” episodes from seasons 1-3. The other ones so far this year all felt like those episodes of TGIF shows where they’d go to Disneyworld and the sound was weirdly mixed and the lighting was off because they weren’t on the normal set.

      It was a shame they couldn’t get Nick Kroll back, I assume they wrote the episode and then found out he was too busy with Kroll Show and also being on every other show, but they did explain that this guy was his cousin, so it wasn’t quite so bad as “Hey guys, it’s me, the same character you know from before.”

      • I agree. Not the greatest Community of all time, but definitely the best so far this year. Maybe things are looking up for our favorite study group! Or, maybe it will just keep being mediocre and fade away like so many Yodas.

    • I loved last week’s episode with everyone’s meet-cutes. It felt like the old season.

  3. I actually really liked Girls this week. It was nice to get some (albeit somewhat predictable) background into why Jessa is the way she is. But does anyone else feel like the show is shedding characters like crazy? First Donald Glover’s all too brief stint on the show, then Elijah, then Adam more or less, now Jessa? By season 4 its just going to be Hannah walking around Brooklyn complaining to herself.

  4. New Girl kind of made me sad this week because I lived with my old roommate for, like, six years or something. And we used to celebrate our “funniversary,” which was November 1st when we moved to Boston. And we used to compare ourselves to famous couples/roommates, just like Bert & Ernie (I was Bert). So New Girl made me miss those good times. Ug, Katie, if you’re reading this, you are wonderful!!! Roos 4 lyfe!

  5. “You guys are like Bert and Ernie.”
    “Dibs on Bert.”
    “Dibs on Ernie.”

    New Girl is just great.

  6. New Girl is such a good show and I never would have expected it to be? At first I wasn’t sure if it was just a “good show” as in “good enough because I only work 15 hours a week but am not in school or anything so I literally have way too much time on my hands” but now that I don’t have any goddamned time I still watch it so that means it’s good. But still, I am still surprised how good it is every week.

    • It was only ok for most of the first season. I think they toned down Jess a lot, which helps. And built up the other characters, even Cici.

      My roommate absolutely hates the Jess/Nick thing, but I love it. Also, they’ve been moving in that direction since day 1, so may as well just accept that it will happen. Hopefully it won’t be like Booth/Bones, where all the chemistry was sucked out of the relationship long before they got together.

  7. Psych open thread!

    I am going to confess that I watched after drinking a bunch of cocktails, so everything is a bit hazy. This wasn’t exactly a funny episode, though I laughed out loud a few times. The Cranberry! It blew up!

    I love how much Shawn and his dad’s relationship has evolved. They love each other, awwww.

    • It came back yesterday?!

    • Woody was sufficiently creepy enough to keep me happy. And Lassie’s fawning over the guns and ammo selection, taking photos for his decorator was fantastic. Plus the evolution of Lassie and Shawn as friends is almost as touching as Shawn and his dad. Lassie is such a fantastic weirdo. Plus in order to resolve the cliffhanger they needed a darker episode, but the side characters still make it Psych levels of rad. And to see everyone band together to help Henry was great.

      True story: I bumped into Corbin Bernsen at the grocery store a few years ago and kind of fangirled out, which basically means that I said “I love Psych. You are wonderful on that show and Shawn and Henry’s relationship progression is honestly touching” in a quiet and hushed tone because I oddly get super polite and respectful when I’m starstruck.

      Also my convection oven blew up exactly at the time the Cranberry did and was also maroon so that’s kind of weird. That’s what I get for making toast, I guess.

    • I liked this week, even thought it was not super funny. Woody easily had the best laughs, and Gus was in top form. The previews for next week look fantastic! The return of Smooth Gus!

  8. I re-watched Jess’s reaction to that weird guy proposing to her again and again. Heeeeelarious!

  9. Drag Race people! What did you think of this week? I don’t really understand why Alyssa (who I am actually starting to dislike very very much) was so adamant that America’s Next Top Drag Queen had to be a glamour girl. What? Did you even WATCH the last season, Alyssa? And also do you not realize that pretty much every fan favorite has been more of a goof than a glamour girl? Fuck that. I love Jinkx! I love that she’s narcoleptic and they haven’t made a big fucking deal of it yet. I also love that she did Little Edie and actually KILLED IT.

    Also I haven’t really been paying attention to Leneysha (RIP), but her line in Untucked of “Detox? More like Butt-tox!” was amazing and I will quote it for the rest of my life.

    • Jinkx quickly became my favorite this week. Her Little Edie was AMAZING, especially considering the tepid to terrible performances by a lot of the other queens. Really surprised that so many people didn’t know about Grey Gardens! I loved it when RuPaul didn’t humor Coco when she asked, “What’s Grey Gardens?” Did not like Michele giving Jinkx crap for her runway look. It was not my favorite, but it was fine! I agree with Santino (for maybe the first time) that Jinkx was a lot like Pandora Boxx in that she was awesome and hilarious. Her Carol Channing is quite possibly the best snatch game impersonation. I liked Alaska’s Lady Bunny too.

      Alyssa, Jade, and Coco are really getting on my nerves, and I am interested to see how long they will stay around. I think Alyssa and Coco will make it pretty far, but Jade is just so boring and whiny.

    • Yes to all of this!! Now that the boring girls are gone, let’s get rid of the trio of horribleness that is Coco, Alyssa, and Jade. They all just like to stir the pot, and they aren’t clever enough to pull it off very well. Also, Roxxxy dissing Jinkx for doing an obscure celebrity when she did Tamar Braxton, who I had to google? Good God Get a Grip Girl! Although right after the show, I went and watched clips of the real Little Edie because she is awesome.

    • Jinx killed it as Little Edie. And honestly, I don’t get how any self-respecting drag queen could not know about Grey Gardens. I watched and extended version of the game, and Alaska was very funny as Lady Bunny.

      I’m over the Alyssa/Coco feud. I’m still on team Alaska!

  10. I’m really sorry, but Billy’s intro to the Pink section was wayyyyy too long. It wasn’t funny and just dragged on forever. The Pink/Meryl Streep game was great, but my fave is still Full of Shame/Never Their Name. I learned so much from it!

    Billy on the Street is still fantastic, but the opening to the Pink section was a snooze-fest.

  11. no Bob’s Burgers :( L8Rz

  12. This thread’s a mess these days.

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