This looks like a very good movie. I am excited for this movie to be in theaters so that I can drive to the theaters and eat popcorn while the movie plays! When it is time to give my rating I will say “Four Stars. It’s really good!?!” If someone says, oh but hi, that movie was filmed on the set of a soft core porn movie set aren’t you nervous about the families, I will respond that you know what they say, all press is good press to have lol and we will laugh and laugh because we love to have fun at the movies!!!! (Thanks for the tip, Brad.)

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  1. What the fuck did I just watch?

  2. I was planning to watch On the Waterfront tonight, but I guess that will have to wait.

  3. The movie is beyond amazing. I use these 6 seconds to convince people to watch A Talking Cat!?!

  4. “Yes I’m a talking cat, but I can only talk to a person once.” – Cat cursed with life of wasting his one conversation with each person explaining his weird underwhelming magic power

  5. About five seconds into this I was ready to compare it to A Christmas Puppy. Then I looked it up and it is directed by the director of A Christmas Puppy! Pretty sure it was also filmed in the same house. This is probably a step forward though, because unlike A Christmas Puppy it seems like it actually delivers on the promise of its title.

  6. “I can only talk to a person once, and then only thing I will ever say is that I’m a talking cat.” – a very foolish talking cat

  7. What were those magical bandages the cat was wearing while it was rolling around on the bed at the beginning? Did it have a lobotomy and that’s why it can talk?

  8. I wonder how Dog With A Blog will react to this.

  9. Ahem. 1313 : UFO Invasion (and all of the other films in the series) are hardly “softcore porn.” They’re basically nudity-free, much to my disappointment. Maybe this cat film will deliver the goods.

  10. I just looked it up and yes it is on Netflix for us all to watch right now.

    “A Talking Cat? Very good, very good.” —our bosses

    • I would have sworn you were joking about this-

      The cat on the poster isn’t even that wry feline that I fell in love with the trailer.. Oh well, I will actually probably watch this.

  11. “A talking cat? That’s just stupid – that’s the best you could come up with?”

    why is everything always so self-aware? can’t they just be blissfully ignorant just once?

    no i actually love that they included that line.

  12. If ever there was a fear that the movies and/or the internet would kill community theater, instead it made it stronger than we could ever imagine…

  13. i don’t know why more movies aren’t titled after flabberghasted reactions to their premises.

  14. If only he could drive!

  15. I appreciate that the bar at the top of the video specifies that this movie is from 2013 and not from 90s like the storyline/title/cinematography would imply. It helps alleviate any confusion.

    -”Hey, you know that talking cat movie trailer??”

    -”Oh, yeah. I think I used watch that movie a lot when I was in third grade.”

    -”Well, actually…”

  16. The cat is voiced by this guy from The Dark Knight, apparently.

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