TGIF, am I right? Thank GIF? Thaaaaaaaaank GIF. This week is a super special GIF week because we get to relive one of the brightest nights of our year: Academy Awards night! WHAT A BUNCH OF LUCKY DUCKS WE ARE! We also get to relive the memory of that guy who “dates” 16 inflatable animals or whatever! Wow wow wow! I’m so glad sinkholes didn’t open up underneath our bedrooms this morning, right? RIGHT! LET’S GET TO IT!

The Oscars aired and almost no one enjoyed it!

Jared Leto got a dope new back tattoo!

A man was in love with inflatable animals, apparently!

People got married dressed like Shrek!

Mark Wahlberg and P. Diddy announced the release of some water!

There was a Chris Brown and Rihanna episode of Law & Order: SVU!

And, finally, we all watched comedy!

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  1. Chris Brown is obviously horrible, but apparently we’ve all forgevin Mark Wahlberg for blinding a guy in one eye by attacking him with a meat hook and screaming “motherfucking gook” at him, and that other time he knocked a guy unconscious with a stick and called him “Vietnam fucking shit”?

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  2. And soon it’s the weekend:

  3. There’s a short story about a person who befriends an inflatable person, called “Pop Art” by Joe Hill. You can download it for 99 cents at Amazon. Joe Hill has written some duuuubious stuff but this one is worth a look. (It’s also in a short story collection called 20th Century Ghosts, which has some other bright spots if you dig semi-literary horror.)

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