In the world of entertainment news right now, it seems like most of everyone is still stuck on the Oscars. The Internet (and probably omg NOW!?) seems to be specifically focused on anything to do with Jennifer Lawrence (no doy, though) (she’s great), whether or not Tina Fey will ever host an Academy Awards in the future even though she says she will not at every opportunity, and whether or not Seth MacFarlane will ever host again even though he Tweeted that he would not and we all know both late night interviews and Tweets are binding Entertainment Law agreements to which each of these entertainers will be held, no matter how much money is showered over them from an Oscars helicopter flying over their mansion 2x a day. So rather than focus on all of that NONSENSE (seriously, why are we all so focused on what these people are saying about next year’s Academy Awards? none of what they’re saying means anything at this point and also WE JUST GOT PAST THIS YEAR’S STUPID ACADEMY AWARDS! SHHHHH HUSH HUSH) do you guys just want to focus on this crazy video of a sun flare that NASA recently uploaded to YouTube? It’s very cool. (Or, it’s very HOT. Lol.) You’re gonna like it, I swear. More than that other garbage.

Yeah that’s crazy but BUT C’MON TINA, PLEEEEASE?! YOU AND AMY, 100 YEARS FROM NOW?! (Via TheAwesomer.)

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  1. Everything about the sun as a celestial body terrifies me. Isn’t it like, hot fire covering even hotter fire and so on until the middle of it is just impossible destructive energy? Seeing it imaged, all I think is “Oh GOD DON’T FALL IN!”

  2. Wow, can you imagine how hot it is there? Makes me dehydrated just thinking about it. Too bad I really do not like the taste of the majority of waters that are on the market.

  3. Sunshine was a good movie.

  4. Do I need to tell someone that I’m not hosting the Oscar’s next year or will it count if I just state it here in a public forum. I really don’t want to get stuck watching it either.

  5. Does anyone else always think of Copernicus and Galileo when they look/think of the sun?

  6. Wow, beautiful job NASA. But your videographer must have the worst sunburn.

  7. I know it’s probably too warm for this on the sun, but that looks like it would be SUPER FUN to put a trampoline in the middle of that flare and jump up and down on the trampoline in the flare like it was some sort of sexy cosmic gogo cage.

  8. Whose job is it at NASA to add sound effects to videos of OUTER SPACE? Because I bet they cry themselves to sleep at night.

  9. This made me cry real tears.

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  11. No Thanks!!! Panic induced from just the picture.

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