“This hurt a lot :( ,” the young woman said in the “about” section of her YouTube video. With those words their story was sealed in time, a memory of the birth of her fear of standing near a trampoline, making faces into a camera. The End.

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  1. This was listening to Dolly Parton play over A TX Chainsaw Massacre!

  2. I couldn’t hear her screams over the Charlie Daniels Band playing a barbeque next door.

  3. Some days you fall off the trampoline, some days the trampoline fall off of you.

  4. I mean, you stand there making stupid faces into the camera while a bro is trying to film his sweet trampoline moves, he’s GONNA plow into you. That’s just how it is on the streets.

  5. Soundtrack by Wesley Willis.

  6. As far as tramp-ax vids go, this is pedestrian.

  7. I feel like “this hurt a lot” is a good caption for 90% of videos on this site.

  8. Hmm. Young attractive girl, camera lingers a bit on her thigh-ish area. I think reading the YT comments on this one would require a Silkwood shower.

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