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  1. I am very concerned for the woman’s face

    I know it’s not nice, but seriously, dude is just gonna spar with her lips and breasts and something is going to go awry, especially when significant plastic surgery has been involved.

    • I just can’t imagine being pleased with the results of all this plastic surgery. How do you see yourself and say “Yes. I look amazing now.”?

    • I’m super enjoying the guy’s face in this pic.

    • She’s dropping her right insanely almost to the floor which exposes herself to his left like crazy and really, she needs to close the distance much better to attempt that uppercut. If she does, she could take him, because his square and crouched stance seems devised entirely to put his chin right in uppercut knockout zone — Jesus, he might even end up dead. Neither of these people was well trained for this photo shoot fight. WHY ARE WE BOXING.

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