Hellooooo, nurses! How was everyone’s day today? Are you feeling a little down in the dumps, maybe? You aren’t having a great week so far, and work has been really stressful, and the few bright moments that you have experienced this week mainly came from Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars acceptance speech, and her post-Oscars press interview, and that interview she did that Jack Nicholson interrupted, and also arguing about whether or not she should be called J-Law? And you just wish you could have some sort of Jennifer Lawrence-related pick me up that will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of oh-my-goodness to A-WOOOOO-GA! Well then what are you doing here, GET ON OVER TO THE JENNIFER LAWRENCE DIRTY SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK CLOTHING AUCTION! Yes, the sports bra and t-shirt she wore while dancing with an oddly handsome Bradley Cooper (and handsome in a way that makes you nervous, because what if you find people with anger issues and other mental problems more handsome than men without?) in a movie COULD BE YOURS! IF YOU BID THE HIGHEST! WHICH WILL CERTAINLY BE SO MUCH MONEY! AND THEN MAYBE YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A BAD DAY AGAIN! Silver Linings Auction. J-Law aside, how was your day? Mine was fine, thank you for asking!

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  1. Man some rich pervert is going to be so happy (for a fleeting moment until the crippling loneliness that he’s tried to satiate with money and women and twisted kinks bears down on him again, maw agape, waiting for him to fill it with another helping).

  2. My day was fine until I realized it could have included a used hollywood bra. Now it sucks.*

    *obviously I am having the best day ever with the Swinton/Bowie goings on and the return of my old hilarious friend salad, and the better than expected chicken noodle soup I had for lunch today, and also the fact that my apartment is so clean you guys you have no idea, it is awesome. And also I made an appointment to get Gabe’s face tattooed on my face with Jared Leto as moral support, but that was a given.

  3. Ya know, every week this question is asked, and virtually every week my answer (usually unposted) is basically the same. Got up, went to work, turned on some music (been listening to Telekinesis a lot lately) ate some lunch, tried to avoid doing work, posted on Videogum, and so on. I am nothing if not a extremely boring creature of routine. I really need to start planning exciting adventures for Wednesday mornings with which I can regale you all. Though one week from today at this time I will be getting pretty excited about the Tame Impala concert later that night, even though it’s not exactly at one of my favorite venues, despite being a short walk from my apartment.

  4. I am ramping up the new job hunt and I’ve decided not to date for like 6 months, which I think are both very positive moves. I’m also going to look at some houses in a couple of weeks and I’m super excited to maybe buy a house and be a real adult??? I’m feeling feelings, you guyssss!!!

  5. My day was great! I had my “performance review” and it went really well! I had another meeting that also went really well! I ordered a new camera and it should arrive today! Also, I haven’t gotten to tell you guys this but remember how I wouldn’t shut up about how no one was coming to my 30th birthday party? Well, of course it turns out that Mr. Truck planned a surprise party and everyone was there including my parents (who live far away)! It was great! He had one of my favorite restaurants cater the party too! It was so fun! He’s really the greatest, you guys! Also I got free tickets to 6 baseball games this season through my work so that was an awesome thing! Pretty great all around! Things are going very well, thanks for asking!

    Also I hope that you are all doing so very well!!!!!

  6. You might as well give me an Oscar because I am doing an award-worthy job of being a GROUCH today (also I should get the award for making jokes that are a reallll stretch). I overslept and then got stuck on a train stuck behind another train that was, according to our conductor, “defective” so basically we sat on the tracks for 20 minutes waiting and now I have to stay late at work to make up the time. Did I mention that there were screaming babies in my car? It was awful.

    • That happened on the brown line today in Chicago, but fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on one view of their job) I was already at work by that time. But that does remind that the CTA is really having a bad winter when it comes to train car and track malfunctions. Also,FYI, the cure for screaming babies is headphones. For you, I mean, not the babies, as that would probably just make things worse.

      • I was on the brown line in Chicago! It really is having problems, and considering the fare increase and the upcoming closures in the loop I am very incensed about it all. My commute is already a little on the long side considering that I am only going from one part of the city to another part of the city, but it took me over an hour and a half to get to work today and that is just bonkers.

        • I’m normally 35 minutes or so door to door (Southport to Merch Mart), and it took about an hour and half a few weeks ago. Something about manually switching the tracks at Wabash/Van Buren. That’s happened twice now. I read about the stalled car at the Chicago stop when a co-worker alerted me to the fact that we were lucky to get in to work when we did. And next week will be even MORE fun when they stop Brown line at the Mart and run two of every three trains on the Red Line tracks due to the bridge construction on Wells. That’s gonna really suck.

          • I live pretty far north so it usually takes me about an hour. I’m going to have to switch to the red line when they do the bridge construction which will not be AWFUL or anything but will involve more walking and dealing with the delightful pee smell. Once I perfect my teleportation device life will be a lot simpler.

        • This is one of the few times I am happy to be on the Blue Line. It really is not that great of a line, but at least it isn’t brown!*

          *I’m sorry your commute is going to be terrible for a bit, I hope you gain the ability to fly so you don’t have to take the train.

  7. It was going ok, i met my work goals, signed up for a SF Rec and Parks fundraising bike ride, caught up on some emails… but then i picked a fight with flanny. Sorry flanny, you can have him.

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    • You win for best day, minorvon, for SURE. $8739! Tell us more!

      • how did he get his computer …to… give him money part-time?? i can’t even get mine to run itunes and photoshop at the same time!

        • Maybe it’s a rent-sharing agreement?

        • oh my god, father time! Isn’t that the WORST? Heaven forbid I have my web browser open, iTunes, Photoshop AND Illustrator. THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY

          • You guys need more RAM, that should help a lot.

            This being said, my personal laptop keeps writing ////////////////////////////////////// when I’m nowhere near it and it’s not overheating. I took it to the people twice and it wouldn’t do that. Now it won’t stop. It’s literally driving me insane.

        • Is this the computer complaint thread? Because good lord in heaven, I would love to roundhouse kick the everloving shit out of my work computer. If I can get my web browser and freakin’ Word to run at the same time without issue, it would be nothing short of a miracle. It’s gotten to the point where the damn Windows File Explorer will just crash whenever it feels like it!

          • I’m too scared to say anything about my computer, because I’m convinced it’s reading everything I type and whenever I type something bad about it, it gets its revenge by getting infected or exploding. I love you, computer!!!!

          • i typed my comment from my phone, but they probably don’t talk to each other behind my back, right??

        • i mean i have to copy and pazte my d on thiz computer and another key doezn’t work, can you guezz it???

  9. Not a bad day! Woke up very tired this morning… I’ve been trying to exercise more lately (using my wedding in a few months as motivation) and I feel like it’s making me super sluggish, although I’ve always heard it is supposed to make you feel more energetic… who knows. But my brand new copy of Luna’s “Bewitched” on vinyl and my bright green Buddha Machine 4 arrived in the mail today, so that’s exciting! Stuff! I’m close to finishing my paper on The Diamond Sutra, which has been tough but fun to write, so that feels good too.

  10. I think my winter funk is finally over, as I’ve been pretty productive this week. I’m going to write a scholarly paper on The Simpsons (fun!) and I found out that the Harpoon Brewery is doing an early St. Pat’s deal this weekend, so I think we’re going to go to that.

    On the flip side, I swear the professor for one of my classes in my age. It really freaks me out. If I hadn’t, ya know, had a life and a job and what not, I would be finished with school now too.

    • drink all the beers for me!

    • That’s the norm at my university.

    • Oh my gosh! What is the paper about? I wrote so many papers on the Simpsons in college, mostly because American Studies majors get to do stuff like that because it’s the best major in the world. I am legitimately jealous.

      • Am Studies! Ha! I’ve been splitting my time between the art history department and the am studies department because they are the only one’s doing a lot of 19th century stuff right now. Anyway, I’m writing on the 2 art heavy episodes of the Simpsons and how incorporating high art in a pop culture setting in my mind provides access to the more difficult aspects of the art world. I’m using Adorno’s theories as the against and Benjamin (and possible Barthes, although I haven’t gotten that far yet) as the pros. Basically, I hope to use my whole time as a presenter at the end of the semester just showing Simpsons clips and doing as little speaking as possible.

  11. Lousy, thanks for asking! Work drama, stress-related nosebleed, someone hit my (parked) car while I was at lunch, and then I read the comments on this article about the Quvenzhane Wallis/Onion debacle and I’ve lost the will to go on: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/columns/moviebob/10212-Calling-a-Kid-the-C-Word

    Like…seriously, this is the hill people want to die on? The “I have a god-given right to call children cunts” hill? That’s what it was all about, the tea-dumping, the massacre of native populations, the manifest destiny and red-scaring, it would all be irrevocably jeopardized if we don’t stand for what’s right in the cunty 9-year-old arena?

    • Also, IT’S STILL A GENDERED SLUR EVEN IF YOU DIRECT IT AT A DUDE. Apparently “I’m not saying it’s homosexual, I’m saying it’s gay” has mutated.

      • whatta buncha dicks!

        (see what I did there? dIck is a gender slur too, but because men run the world they are not the disenfranchised minority! only when men and women are equal can we willy nilly call each other cocks and twats with impunity! I think, correct me if i’m wrong)

  12. so i recently finished doing the album art for a band i’m friends with, and i’m pretty excited about it, because they’re a much bigger and better band than my dumb band, so it’ll actually, like, get seen and stuff. but now it looks like they might not be paying me for it, which, on one hand, i’m sort of okay with, because they are my friends, and even if they were going to pay me i have literally NO IDEA how much to charge them. (as i think i mentioned in one of these threads a while back, i was unable to get into my “business practices for graphic designers” class for the second year in a row, and continue to have no idea how to practice graphic design business.) but, on the other hand, i like having comic book money.

    also, another friend-band who i thought were going to have me do the artwork for their new album apparently just want me to design a logo for them, which i’m kind of bummed about, because i had all these ideas, you guys. but still, work is work. (work is not “work,” as i am even less optimistic about getting paid for this one.)

    my own dumb band just started working with a publicist, and ugh, it is the worst. i mean, it is not the worst, it’s fine, but it’s just super weird. i just got off the phone with her for an interview about rewriting our press bio and i am far too awkward and self-deprecating for this sort of thing. the whole “business” side of music is just a real bologna sandwich.

    • Totally agree! I love making music, hate any of the business that goes with it!

    • The worst is when you are in a band trying to manage the business stuff on your own and all four members are equally weirded out by it (being musicians) and trying not to be involved as much as possible. Doesn’t really work too well. This may have happened to me.

      • the other two members are both pretty decent with stuff like that, but i guess we just felt like we’ve gotten as far as we’re going to get on our own? it’s frustrating always shouting into the void trying to get noticed. i dunno, as weird and gross as all the business stuff is, it’d be nice if people, you know, actually paid attention to our music. but still, yuck.

    • Hey father time, I listened to your album when you screened it for the How Was Everyone’s Year thread a couple months ago. I really enjoy your band’s album, and I think in your case all the business BS is worth it if more people get to hear your guys’ music! As a fellow San Jose resident (and molecular biologist), it’s pleasing to me that exciting music is coming from this sprawling town.

      • aw, thank you so much! we go over really well with scientists, apparently; our singer is a physics grad student, and we’re friends with a lot of people from other bands who are either chemists or molecular biologists.

  13. Whew, I’m glad there’s a thread where we’re definitely allowed to talk about ourselves. Rough week! Did not enjoy! But today it has turned around. Today has been a total delight. Just in a very floaty mood. You know how that happens? Possibly this will end later because I should do laundry. But for now! I’m even going to step outside momentarily, and if it’s sunny, I’m gonna keep walkin, get in my car, and go read on the beach for an hour. I’m just super excited about everything right now, like what will I have for dinner?? What will I read on the beach?? I am not kidding when I say the world sparkles with a dew of wonderful potential. I am giddy. I realize it is some form of dementia and it may end in tears, but I will go with it. You only get so many of these.

  14. Eh, I’m alright. I telecommute for my full time jobster and everyone in the office went bowling this afternoon and ate pizza and got paid for both these things, so for once I’m a little bummed to be in Manhattan and not Grand Rapids, Michigan. But I kind of rediscovered how wonderful all of you Videogum kiddos are today and that’s helpful, right? Also I’m about to finish Bowser’s Inside Story. Oh boy.

  15. 4 new pairs of jeans, 3 new comic books, 2 slices of pizza and a new mouse for my computer. Today was ok for me. If my current balance was my body weight I’d be tops. What a weird comment. Today’s been weird!

  16. Technically this was three days ago, but the ladyblog had an online take-home exam for one of her classes. One of the questions was as follows:

    5) Because gold is the only element that does not oxidize or tarnish when exposed to air

    a) Gold
    b) Diamond
    c) Platinum
    d) All of the above

    Anyway, it was obviously a misprint, but we found it to be the funniest thing ever. So, ever since then, we have formatted all of our questions to each other in that manner. e.g. Her: “Because we are having for dinner?” Me: “Gold.”

  17. I don’t know if this was a major part of anyone else’s childhood, but did anybody have a Digimon Vpet thingy as a kid? (they looked like this:

    ) They were part of the whole Tamagotchi craze but also you could battle them with your friends and there was the TV show and all that? Anyways I found out Monday that there are smartphone apps of them now! So now I’m raising a Digimon!!!! It’s already digivolved twice!! So precocious!!!!!!

    • Nano Pets were the big thing at my school, so much so that they were always sold out everywhere. I was thrilled the day that I went to the store and there was one last Nano Baby left (it was like a Nano Pet but instead it was a baby whose diaper you had to change and stuff). I named my baby “Java” which seemed really funny to me at the time for some reason, but one day I left it in my gym locker and when I went back for it, it was gone. The next day this awful girl Laura was showing off her brand new Nano Baby and I knew that it was mine but didn’t have the balls to call her out on it :(

    • yes, i had that exact one! i had a bunch of those and their ilk as a kid, including one of yoda that was my favorite.

  18. Psych comes back tonight, so I’m in a good mood.

  19. Managed to run a 10km in 50 minutes, when I’d originally set out to just do 8km. This was my goal time for a race in a couple months, so very happy/surprised I could do it already.

    Filled out a police vetting form after finding out that a couple stupid things I did years ago don’t actually count/matter, so hopefully another step closer to being a teacher. Good day!

    • I don’t know what a police vetting form is, but congrats on being one step closer to teaching!! Teacher who love to teach are fucking awesome. My mom is the best teacher ever, she seriously gets thank you letters from her high school students (multiple) every semester. I tried my hand at teaching and ho boy did I ever do a terrible job!

  20. I’ve been sick so i slept for a 100 hours and I’m feeling a little better. I really want to order take out but i spend all my money on take out, but who wants to cook ever?!

  21. It was pretty bad, in the morning one of my group members texted me that our project proposal that we thought we had finished late last night was no where near done and I had to skip one of my morning classes to meet up with them and finish it and it involved a lot of typing and citations and ugh. Then I went into work which wasn’t particularly bad but I was pretty busy and didn’t get to goof around on the internet like I like to. And as soon as I get off work I need to go home and study for exams and write a paper

  22. Nothing too exciting happened. Though I did go to Whole Foods, and a bunch of people shot me dirty looks. Like a vain asshole, I whipped out my phone and examined myself in the reflection, but everything looked okay. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t smell. Am I shopping at the wrong Whole Foods, or is this just business as usual at all of them?

    • No, I think that’s the norm at Whole Foods. Mr. ArtDork once asked a lady where the arugula was and she looked at him like he was a grizzly bear and would eat her. To be fair, he did need to shave and get a hair cut, but what kind of bear asks for arugula?

  23. This happened to me a couple of days ago, but it continues to delight me and has basically made my week bearable so far:

  24. This morning was stressful because they changed a policy at work, and the information I was getting was contradicting. It took forever to get a straight answer. I just want to know what to do! But no one really knows if what they think is right is really right, so everyone is in the same boat which is good, but it is not a very fun boat to be in. I am also trying to find a new book to read, but nothing is capturing my interest. The last two I read were SO GOOD, and it’s hard to not compare them.

    Yesterday was great because I got to do storytime, and it was lots of fun. This one boy said during the middle of the program, “This book is so cool!” I thought so too!

    • My favourite books are: Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins, Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Moor’s Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie, the White Boy Shuffle by Paul Beatty, and the Decameron by Boccaccio (but only really the first half, it gets super repetitive towards the end). Try reading one of those!

  25. I went to bed sad drunk last night, which was terrible. But two oddly nice things happened today:

    1. a lady on the train asked if I knit my scarf. When I replied yes, she shook my hand and congratulated me. It was an odd start to the morning, but a good encounter.

    2. I wish I could explain this clearly, but I don’t think I can. I work in a creative field with big clients. I did a project about 9 months ago for a client that was completely internal, something that the public would never see. A few days ago another company (in the same field, but not necessarily a direct competitor, if that makes any sense) released something that looks eerily similar to the thing that I did. It is either a massive coincidence or some sort of corporate espionage, no one is really sure. But anyway, as much as it sucks that my client may have been ripped off, I’m also mildly flattered that my work was replicated? It was work that wasn’t ever going to be seen by anyone, but now everyone is seeing it! And even if my name isn’t on it, I still feel strangely proud.

    I doubt I made any sense. Anyway, my roommate is gone to a conference and I am going to drink a bottle of wine alone. Huzzah

  26. My wife gave birth to our daughter and she’s so so rad. Regular sleep has been replaced with naps which is fine because I love naps.

  27. My dad had surgery yesterday so I took the day off from work today to go with my mom and pick him up from the hospital. We were told to come around noon to pick him up. They let him out around 8:30 PM. So seeing my dad in pain was scary. I felt pretty helpless because I really couldn’t do anything to actually make him feel physically better. Also when my mom and I went to grab some food from the cafeteria (because we waited all day long and were so so hungry) my dad said he saw a huge cockroach skitter around his room.

    I hate hospitals.

    Weird fact: the hospital we went to only sells diet versions of soda which is fantastic when you’re really jonesing for a regular Pepsi. I’m no fan of Diet Crush and when my blood sugar is low, I tend to get very judgmental and cranky, so I may or may not have ranted whilst standing in front of the soda case.

  28. Jude Law has a pretty substantial claim to the J-Law moniker.

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